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The Fortress of Winds

After making your way through the Castor Wilds, you finally reach the Fortress of Winds, where the next element is hidden.

Explore the Fortress

Go left and through the leftmost door, and go up the stairs. Continue north and you reach a room with a red eye. Shoot it with the bow to open the way.

In here, you have to defeat the four Stalfos to continue. Once that's done, move on to the next room.

Be careful of the rupees sitting out, there are Like Likes there. Hit the rupees with your sword to make the Like Likes appear, and remember to keep your distance. To get rid of the electrical ball moving around the edge, hit it with the boomerang. A fairy will appear. Make your way to the ladder and go up.

Go through the door in this room. Use the platform to get on the platform that's going left to right, and shoot the two eye switches to open the door. Go through.

Use the two leftmost tiles (walk around one of the statues) to split in two so you can step on the two switches. The statues will awaken, defeat them as before and a chest appears containing the compass. Get it and go back out.

Make your way to the platform all the way to the right, hit the eye switches and go through the door.

Get rid of all the ropes (snakes) and clear away the skulls to reveal the glowing tiles. Use the rightmost tiles to split in two so you can push the block all the way to the right. While you're still split in two, push the bottom block to the left. Now get rid of the clone (walk it into a wall) and now use the topmost glowing tiles to split in two. Push the far right block all the way up to reach a lever. Pull it all the way until a key drops down, all the way to the bottom floor. Drop down the hole to get it. Exit south.

Go right, past one door, and go through the one after it. Go upstairs. In this room, break the skulls and get rid of the Stalfos. Get the chest for a blue Kinstone piece. Now pull the right-hand lever to reveal another chest with another blue Kinstone piece. Finally, pull the left-hand lever to open the door and go through. Go up the ladder and defeat anything in your way to get to the next room.

Go through the open door here and clear away the skulls (some will fly at you) then beat the Armos. Charge your sword while standing on the tile that was under the Armos, then go to the rightmost tile. Carefully walk through the door to the right and go up and step on the switches to open the door. Go through. Shrink, and go back to the room with the glowing tiles. Climb into the Armos and activate it, then go through the crack to the left and grow. Push the block out of the way and defeat the Armos. Pull the lever to make a key fall. DON'T jump down right away, shrink first. Then drop.

Since you're Minish size you can go through the small arch. Grow at the portal then grab the piece of heart. The second block from the left can be pushed downward, so do it and exit the room (use the boomerang on the electric thing if you want it out of the way).

Go left and into the first door to grab that small key. Then go back out through the door in the south wall, and head left to the next door. Go up the stairs. Beat all the monsters in here (there are one-eyed statues above) then go up the stairs to the platform and get the map from the big chest. Go up past the traps, beat the Stalfos if you want, and enter the left-hand locked door.

Get on the platform and carefully avoid getting pushed off by the blocks in the way. In the next area, a wallmaster is lurking. Watch for shadows on the ground; if you see one, get out from under it! The wallmaster (a giant hand) will fall where its shadow is, and if you're standing there it'll grab you and take you back to the dungeon start. You can kill the wallmaster first if you want, then shoot the two eye switches to create a bridge. Cross it to the next room.

When you approach the south door a Darknut will appear. Beat it as before, wait for it to swing its sword, then strike. After it's beat, a blue warp will appear. Go through the south door.

Carefully enter this room so you don't get slashed by the traps. They move counter-clockwise, so continue counter-clockwise so as not to get hit by them, and get to the switch. Step on it, then go around again and finally go through the door you opened. Head right to the next area.

This may look like a plain corridor, but notice three tiles around the middle of the wall above. This is a hint to bomb the wall, so do it. Go through the hole and open the chest for this dungeon's treasure: the mole mitts. This is a really cool item that can dig through special walls, the likes of which you've seen in this dungeon (there are a bunch in this very room). It can also dig through the funky door-shaped walls around the world that look like you should be able to bomb them, but can't. I'll tell you where to find those later.

Now you can reach the chest in the corner that contains 100 rupees, just equip the mole mitts and dig a path there. Exit the room.

Head right to the next area and jump off the ledge to the area below. Before going through the other locked door, exit all the way south. Dig around the statue so you can push it up onto the switch. Grab the blue Kinstone piece from the chest. Don't go up the ladder, instead go back the way you came.

At the top of the room, unlock the right-hand door now and go through. Get your Pegasus boots ready to use. Pull the lever, then dash across the bridge you formed. Go up to the next area.

Defeat all the blue wallmasters to make a shrinking portal appear. Don't use it yet, instead, go right to the next area. Make your way down, getting rid of the skulls. To avoid the rolling spiky things, drop into the holes in the floor and get out when it's safe. Get to the area above and to the right.

This area is a bit of a puzzle: there are four switches, two statues that can be pulled onto the switches, and an arrangement of glowing tiles above. Notice that to get back to the switches after splitting into two Links at the glowing tiles, you only have a narrow path by which to get there. That means you have to be careful where you create your clone. The way to do it is to put one statue on the upper left switch, and the other on the bottom right switch. Then, stand on the bottom-most glowing tile, charge up your sword, and walk to the top-most tile. Walk one Link through the narrow path, then move carefully so the second Link doesn't disappear by hitting a wall. Maneuver around to get the two Links standing on the two switches that are left. Grab the key that falls.

Now you have to get past the rolling spiky things once again, so get into the holes and get yourself to the locked door below. Unlock it and go through. Follow the path. Before heading to the bottom area with the blue wallmasters, you want to continue left instead and drop down below, going up through the upper-right door. You'll have to pull the lever and dash across the bridge again so you can reach the room with the shrinking portal in it. Use it to shrink, exit right, go through the small arch and down to where the rolling spiky things are. Get between the two of them and follow them left to reach the door in the south wall. Go through and follow the path to the room with the blue wallmasters.

Go through the tiny arch in the wall above. Unshrink, step on the switch to make a key appear, then dig your way to it. There are electric orbs hidden in the funky walls, but you can avoid them, just be careful where you dig. There's nothing else hidden here, so shrink again and go out the tiny arch. Drop down below through the little gap, be careful of the wallmasters and grow with the portal. Carefully beat the wallmasters and continue east.

Continue on to reach a room with funky walls and trapped moldorms. Make your way to the ladder below, beating a moldorm on the way, and climb up. Continue on to a room with skulls. The two on the right will turn into stalfos, and three of the ones above will fly at you. Once they're all taken care of, go through the locked door above.

Drop down the RIGHT-HAND hole and you end up by a big chest that contains the big key. Push the block left and drop down. Exit left. Go up the stairs and continue left. Drop down from the ledge and go a bit south. Go down the stairs in the wall above. Exit south to the long starting corridor. If you need rupees (my wallet was full at this point) head all the way right and dig near the corner for 50 rupees. Otherwise, go through the first door to the right and head up the stairs.

Continue south and dig to the chest for a red Kinstone piece. Then get to the ladder and go up, and dig to this chest which also holds a red Kinstone piece (boomerang the orbs if necessary).

Go back down the ladder, and when you get to the room with the hole, drop down, then exit south to the long cooridor. Go all the way west and dig west through the funky walls. Before going through the door, dig to the corner where a chest is hidden, containing a blue Kinstone piece. Then go through the door.

Make your way into the room and the door will shut behind you, and two wizzrobes will appear. When they appear, they stay in one spot and shoot a fireball in the direction they're facing. Then they disappear and reappear in a random spot. Not only that, the torches in the corners shoot fireballs at you. Avoiding the fireballs, slash the wizzrobes with your sword when they appear until they're beat. A chest will appear containing 80 mysterious shells. Now go back out to the long cooridor.

Go through the middle door this time (the one above the dungeon entrance) and up the stairs. Continue south, then up the ladder. Dig your way to the door above. Push the block to the right (the one that's sticking out) to make a red warp tile appear. Now you can unlock the boss door. In the room you enter, you can boomerang the orbs to create fairies (catching them in your bottles if you can) and break all the skulls to replenish hearts and arrows. Then go up through the door to the boss room.


This boss is similar to Gohdan from Wind Waker, but with some differences. Keep moving to avoid letting the hands push you around or hit you. Shoot the eye in one of the hands to make it vulnerable, and hit it until the hand stops moving. Do the same for the other hand.

When the head falls and stops moving, shrink and climb into it. Keep hitting the pillar with the eye on it and you'll get pulled back out. Grow, beat the hands as before (your arrows get replenished each time you come out of the head). A hand may pound the ground, causing beetles to fall from the ceiling. Kill them and keep fighting. When the hands are beat, shrink and climb back into the head.

Now you have to dig to find the pillar with the eye. Once you find it, keep hitting it until it's gone you're pulled back out again. Grow, attack the hands, but beware: the head shoots a shrinking ray this time. Watch its eyes, and stay a little up and to the left or right to avoid getting hit. Once again climb into the head when it's down, dig to find the pillar, and hit it to destroy it for the last time. Once it's gone, the boss is beat.

Grab the heart container, then go up the stairs that opened.

Go straight up and read the tablet. Behind you a bird will drop an ocarina, get it. Unfortunately, the element you were seeking is not here. Bummer. You're taken back to the Wind Ruins.

Find the Next Element

Your next task is to figure out where the water element is hidden.

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