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Dungeon 5: Palace of Winds

After finding a ghost in the Royal Crypt and making your way through Veil Falls, you reach the Palace of Winds.

Explore the Dungeon

From the entrance just follow the path into the next screen.

Hit the switch, cross two bridges, hit this switch, and cross this bridge. At the blocks, push the middle one up then just swing your sword to hit the switch and make the bridge. Go up it, then push the block between the torches down, and hit the switch with the boomerang or an arrow. First cross the bridge and beat the stalfos. Then go back and break the skulls, split into three, all directly next to each other, cross the bridge, and push the big block up to get to the way out.

Take the platform up, avoiding walls and enemies on the way. In the next area you can ignore the stalfos because as you try to fight it the ground will crumble beneath you. So just go up the stairs onto the walkway above. Head up and then exit left.

Head down and use the boomerang or an arrow to hit the red switch. Cross the bridge, follow the spiky thing left and run up to the now blue switch before the spiky thing comes back toward you. Hit the switch to make it red and create the next bridge. Now you want to cross the bridge, but you need to activate the now red switch once you're across, so you can either use a bomb (a remote bomb is handy if you have it) or you can try to use the magical boomerang if you have it (using the boomerang is much harder). So, cross the bridge and activate the switch however you like. Then break the skulls for hearts and items, then go up the new bridge to a new area, where a gate will appear behind you.

You have to first fight 2 Wizzrobes, then 4, then 6. When they're all beat, a big chest appears containing the Roc's Cape, an item that lets you jump, and, if you hold the button, glide for a few seconds. Equip it now and use it to jump over the gap to the right.

Now, get under the shadow of the cloud and jump straight up and hold the button to glide. You'll jump onto the cloud above. Keep doing this to get to the next level.

Watch out for the crows. Just stand on the cloud for a sec and let the two blue chuchus jump towards you and fall into the hole so you don't have to deal with them. Jump to the right off the cloud, walk right, and jump and glide over the gap. I know of no way to get rid of the bomb enemies here, but you can just jump and glide over them. Exit right.

With this block puzzle, push the one in front of you down. Then push the one above you up, and the next one above you up as well. Finally push the right-most one further right and you have access to the glowing tiles. Split into three on the bottom row of them, go through the gaps below, and stand your Links in the three gaps between the brown switches. Charge up your three swords, and do a spin attack to activate all four switches. Two spiked beetles will appear, equip your shield and bump them upside-down to make them vulnerable to attack. Once both are beat, the door opens. Go through.

The fans will push you below if you're not careful. Wait for it to stop, then run up past it. You'll have to pass several fans like this. At the third one, wait for it to stop and then drop into the hole in the floor. The fan will blow overhead but you'll be safe. When the fan stops again, make sure your Roc's Cape is equipped, get out of the hole and jump across the gap. Once you're safely on the other side, you need to wait for the fan to stop blowing so you can continue down. Keep avoiding getting blown away by the fans, and make your way south. When you reach the two fans down below, you have to use the Cane of Pacci on the hole near them. Your best bet is to wait for them to stop blowing, use the cane from a distance to create the spark in the hole, and go back up to wait for the fans to stop. When they do, roll quickly to the hole and drop in to get propelled to the ledge above. Continue west to the next area.

Now on the grating are special panels that flip if you jump on top of them or below them, sending you down below or up above respectively. Jump on this one to get down. There are rupees here and a Like Like, but you can ignore them. Jump up under the panel to get above again. For the next panel, wait for the moving platform to be below, then jump on the panel to land on it. Let it take you to yet another panel, and jump up to get above. Continue north, down the stairs, break the skulls if you feel like it, then jump from cloud to cloud to get to the next level.

You have to do this next part quickly and efficiently or you'll have to try all over again. Jump off the cloud and charge up on two of the three rightmost tiles so you don't split yet. Once you see the (very fast-moving) platform approach, split into three and step on. Stay to the left side, and at the end quickly walk down to get off. Go up the stairs together, avoiding skulls, and push the big block out of the way. Continue down to the next room.

Push the three rightmost blocks downward to get them out of the way. Make sure the Roc's Cape is equipped and get on the moving platform, and quickly jump to the other one, trying to avoid the crows. You will have to jump between the two platforms so you don't get pushed off, all while crows are attacking. You may want to start your jump from lower down on the platform so the other one doesn't move out of the way before you can get across. Once you're on the rightmost one at the end, QUICKLY jump south to solid ground. Jump up under the panel to get above, and exit right.

Make your way right by jumping down onto the platforms and up onto the gratings. Though the platform still moves east, you need to always jump up above whenever you can, then back down below when the platform is there. Once you're at the end, exit right.

The grey thing you might notice is a tiny arch that you can get through if you're Minish size. We'll come back to that later. Go north, avoid the spiky rolling thing, and use the Cane of Pacci on the rightmost hole. Use it to jump up to that ledge. On the other side are glowing tiles and three brown switches. Split on the corner tiles nearest the switches, and when the three Links do the spin attack after splitting, the three switches will be activated. A shrinking portal will appear. Use it and go through the south arch.

Push the pot in front of you down and off the edge. The next part can be tricky to figure out, but once you get the idea it's not so bad. Obviously, push the first one left. Push the one above up, then the next above one up. Push the bottom right one down. The middle of the three, left. The bottom one, down. The one left of that, down off the edge. The one left of that, up. The middle on the left, up. Go through the arch.

Go north now, and wait for the spiky thing to start going towards the right to go north, through the arch in this wall. Follow the path to the shrinking portal, and grow. From there exit south.

Use your boomerang or an arrow on the south switch to make a small key appear and the door open. Go through the door and equip the Roc's Cape to jump over the gap. Continue on until you reach the spiky rolling thing. Get past it (you can jump over it) and unlock the door at the other side and go through. From here just jump up the clouds to the next level.

Jump off the cloud, beat the moblins if you feel like it (it's probably best to avoid them) and exit west. Get a sense of the timing of the fans, and get past the first two carefully when they're both off about the same time. Safely at the other end of the piece of bridge, watch the timing of the second two fans and try to jump when they're both off. You're best off holding the jump button and gliding the whole way across, as it takes you past the bridge to the solid ground. If you get blown around by the last one, you may still be able to float to the other side.

Go up the stairs. You don't want to go down those stairs blocked by the blocks yet, instead you want to continue south, so push the top middle one left and the middle right one right. Jump over the spikes, careful of the blue chuchu that appears (use the boomerang to de-electrify it) then jump over the next set of spikes. This next part is annoying, you have wait for the fan to stop, get in its path, then jump left a few seconds after the fan has stopped so that it starts again while you're in mid-air and propels you all the way left to the other side. Once you've done that, exit north.

Jump from platform to platform. You can ignore the enemies or use the Cane of Pacci on them, but it's easier to ignore them. Make your way north to the next area. Jump to the top cloud (it doesn't take you to a new level this time), then jump to the right and glide to reach the other side. Before jumping to the platform with the clouds, go up and defeat the moblins and make your way to a chest containing a blue Kinstone piece. (You'll notice a piece of heart here, we'll get that later). Then go back and jump to that cloud platform. Jump up the clouds until you're at the top, then jump right and glide to get to the next ledge. At this next group of clouds, jump up to the next area. Exit south, avoiding or beating the stalfos.

In here are ball and chain soldiers. They're tough and their attacks hurt. You have to stand in the path of one, and when it stops spinning the ball and chain it's about to shoot it out at you. Get out of its way and then roll towards the enemy and attack it as best you can, running out of the way quickly to avoid getting hit when it starts spinning the ball and chain again. Each one leaves behind 50 rupees, and when they're both gone you get a small key. Use it on the door in here to proceed.

Beat the stalfos in here. Boomerang the spark to create a fairy, which you may need after those ball and chain soldiers. Then just continue west. Here there are four switches, but you can only split into three links. But there are pots here, and you can push a pot onto one switch, split into three in position to hit the other switches, and step on them. Do it and continue on.

Press the switch in the other corner to activate the fan. Stand near the fan but not in the stream, then jump and glide, gradually angling into the stream so that you are propelled across but stay within the stream. Once you're successfully across, approach the door and 2 spear moblins and 2 ice wizzrobes appear. The air is still blowing, so be careful as you fight. Once they're gone, the way is open. Jump across the gap and avoid the bones thrown by the red stalfos. Exit right.

Switch on the fan and carefully propel yourself across as before. Push the block out from in front of the chest to get a small key. Then push the rightmost accessible block right, and the one above you up to get out. Use your boomerang on the spark to create another fairy, which you may again need. Then unlock the door above and continue. Get the big key from the chest and exit (grab yet another fairy if you need it), then exit right, straight down to the big door, and unlock it and go through.

Drop down the edge where the arrow is pointing. Walk towards the top of the platform and defeat the darknut that appears (wait for it to swipe, then attack, or see if you can't knock it off the edge) to create a blue warp tile. If you need hearts, take the blue warp to the entrance and break the pots, using the warp repeatedly to get as many hearts as you need. Then back on the sky platform, exit north across the bridge that formed.

In the dark room, turn the lantern on and head right, then up to a platform on which sits a chest holding the compass. There are monsters around (red stalfos and mummies) so watch out. Back on ground level head down and left and up some stairs.

Make your way north, then exit east to a room with a hole in the center. Avoiding the enemies, fall down it to reach a small key in the dark room below. Drop down from the ledge and go up those stairs you just took, and exit south to a room with peahats and cracked floor. Use the gust jar on the peahats to get rid of them, trying not to make too many holes in the floor. You'll want to get rid of all of them so your path is clear. Break the jars at the top to reveal the tiles, then make three Links at the leftmost tile, the middle tile, and the rightmost tile. Maneuver around the pillars to the brown switches below, stand in the three gaps between them, charge up your swords and spin attack to activate them all. Go through the door, jump your way past the spiky things, grab the small key, and exit right. Drop down, unlock the door and go through.

Carefully jump and glide to the right to get into the nearest whirlwind (you may have to move around in the air to get positioned over the whirlwind). Continue right, avoiding the floating bombs, to the next vortex that will take you to the exit ledge. Go through.

Avoiding the mummies, walk north to the next area, then stand between the two switches, charge your sword, and do a spin attack to activate the two of them and open the door. Then go back down one screen, and up the stairs. Take the path leading up and go through to the next room. Watch out, fire wizzrobes are about to appear, AND there are holes in the corners of the floor, so get to the center of the room and watch your step. Beat the wizzrobes to make a chest appear containing the dungeon map. Continue west.

Beat the floormasters here and then pull the lever to make the door open (it stays open permanently). Go through and go up the stairs. Go left and up and push all the blocks into the hole, then jump across to the door. Go through and follow the path to get that piece of heart you saw earlier. Go back to the room you were in and fall into the hole. Exit south, then up the stairs. Getting rid of the monsters, head right. You need to hit the floating bomb with an arrow when it's near the cracked blocks, so get in position and do it. Then jump across. If you go straight up there's a place where you can send your boomerang up and activate a switch that opens a door. If you jump back across the gap and go up, you can go through to a chest containing 200 rupees. Back across the gap, ignore the locked door for the moment, get past the mummy, and go up to two unlit torches. Light them to create a red warp tile (go back and forth to the beginning if you need hearts), then go back to the locked door, unlock it and go up the stairs there.

Bomb the wall to the right, avoiding or beating the mummies. Go through. There are stalfos and wizzrobes aplenty out here, avoid them or beat them, but walk up towards the top edge and up to the left wall, where, if you tap it with your sword, you discover it can be bombed, so do it. Continue, and bomb the cracked blocks and go through the door.

Very carefully avoid the floating bombs (they're stationary). If you touch one, a chain reaction will start, activating a switch that closes the door. When you're near the end, you have to get pretty close to the bottom row of bombs so that when you walk left you don't hit the top bomb. Carefully get between the two bombs, push up the block between them, then push the other block to the left. Go through the door. Grab the small key then go back to the floating bomb room. From behind the blocks, hit the two nearest bombs to make them explode so you don't have to deal with them. Push the bottom middle tile down and the other one left to get by. Boomerang or arrow the bomb below to get them out of your way (the door will close but you won't need to go back up to that room anyway). Exit south to the room with a square of cracked tiles. Stand on any one of them to fall to the room below. Unlock the door and go through.

There are monsters everywhere in this maze, including wizzrobes that appear at random, so watch out. First head right and then up to two tiles next to two blocks. Push the top block to the right to reach the chest containing a blue Kinstone piece. Then backtrack to the entrance and take the path up. (You're pretty much guaranteed to get hurt along the way here.) Don't go up past the spikes unless you want a dead end with skulls that might have hearts. Continue until the path splits, and go down the left path. At the end there are two skulls over two tiles. Get rid of the skulls, then push the two tiles off the edge. Carefully jump from here to the ledge on the other side (if you glide too long you'll overshoot it). Continue up where the clouds are, but watch out for those bastard wizzrobes, who could still appear anywhere around you. Jump your way up the clouds to the next level.

Now you're at the final big door. Go through, break skulls if you need hearts, and then continue up to the giant whirlwind. When you take it, you'll end up standing on the dungeon boss.

Gyorg Pair

When the blue Gyorg you're standing on passes over the pink one, WALK onto the pink one (you shouldn't have to jump). Stand near the glowing tiles and wait for three of the eyes to open, then split into three in the proper position go up and hit the three eyes until they explode. When the blue Gyorg comes near, let its tail destroy your other clones (you can't jump while you're cloned) or wait for them to just disappear. The pink Gyorg won't fall, at least it didn't when I stood on it for a while after beating it. When the blue one passes again, carefully jump onto it (it helps if you can just jump straight up and let it pass under you). This blue one may swing its tail around, so be prepared to jump over it. When it opens an eye, hit it.

When you beat the blue Gyorg, jump onto the pink one when it comes near. A blue Gyorg will fly over trying to knock you off, so be careful when you try to split. When the three eyes open, split in the proper position and whack away at the eyes, pausing to avoid the fireballs the blue Gyorg will spit at you. You may have to split again, but keep working away at the eyes until they explode. Wait for your clones to be destroyed then jump onto the bagain and attack the eyes. Once they're gone, the battle is over.

You'll get the Wind Element finally, grab the heart container and take the green warp out of here.

Continue On

You now have all of the elements, so you can complete the Picori Sword.

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