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Dark Hyrule Castle

After you obtain all of the elements, you discover that Hyrule Castle has become Dark Hyrule Castle.

Explore the Castle

Did you switch back to regular bombs? You probably should do that before continuing.

Ready for the final dungeon? Here we go....

After walking into the castle, go straight up and through the door to the next room.

Take a left, then exit north.

Listen to Ezlo, then carefully split on the four tiles so you don't get hit as you're splitting or after you've split. Then swing your sword when the statues shoot the orbs so they deflect back at them and hit them so they disappear and the gate opens. Go up and through.

Defeat the wallmasters here and either stay away from the pots along the left or go up and break them before they hit you, then exit east.

To solve this room, you need to step on all of the blue tiles and turn them red by stepping on each one once in the proper order. If you do it wrong, step on the switch to reset the tiles. Here's how you should do it.

16 17 20 21
15 18 19 22 23
14 13 12 11
   04 05 10
   03 06 09
01 02 07 08

Go to the next room. Beat or ignore the monsters and continue south.

Below are four switches you need to step on. You have to split at the tiles when the trap is at the very top, so step on three tiles and wait for the trap to reach the top before splitting. Once that's done, walk right a little to avoid that first wall, then go down carefully, avoiding the walls and the trap. Once you've stepped on the four switches a chest appears containing a small key. Once you have it, drop down below and continue on the path.

Follow the path to the entrance hall of the dungeon and use the key on the door up the stairs to the right. Go down. You'll be on a path with a Stalfos and Wizzrobes, follow it avoiding or beating the monsters and continue north. In this screen just go north again.

Kill the Stalfos in this room first. Then when you're ready, go up. You need to split at the glowing tiles in a certain pattern in order to defeat the shooting statues. You want to split at the top left and bottom right corner tiles as well as the tile above the bottom left corner and the tile below the top left corner. Like this:

|  o
o  |
Once you've done it correctly, quickly charge your sword, walk up into position by the statues and do a spin attack when the statues shoot the orbs. If you did it right the statues will be destroyed and the gate will open. Go through.

There are a lot of Keatons in this room, get rid of them. Bomb the western wall near the bottom left corner and go through. Continue on then go up the stairs and follow the path to the next room.

Walk towards the throne, then kill the red Darknut. You'll see the throne move, but first go through the right door to get the compass. Then come back and push the throne to the right to reveal stairs. Go down.

Avoid the monsters around and continue along the path. There's only one way to go for a while.

When you're outside the castle and there are whirlwinds, take them southeast first then southwest to the ledge leading south, avoiding the orbs from the statues. You can land on the ledge behind the shooting statues if you want, but you'll need to kill the moblin and use the Roc's Cape to jump into the next whirlwind. Once you're on the south ledge, continue south.

Beat the moblins here if you want and exit through the door.

Watch out for the line of fire here. After the line of fire is pointing up, you want to split into four (starting from the right tile and ending on the left), so you can run past it as four. Once you're past the fire, run into the west wall and stay there until the line of fire passes. Then push the big block all the way down to reach the door to the right. Go through.

Continue south. You're outside the castle again with more whirlwinds. It's a pretty straightforward path, use the whirlwinds towards the right and avoid the orbs going south to the next ledge. Continue on and ignore the door.

Continue until you see a switch and piece of bridge across the way. Use the boomerang to activate the switch, then get through the moblins and go through the door across the way.

Not a hard room, just go up to the top to see the position of the switches and split in the appropriate positions to hit them. Do it like this:

|   |
|   |
Go through the door that opens.

There are two ball and chain soldiers, carefully beat them to open the doors. A red warp tile will appear. Exit left and continue through the open door.

Here you have to make a bomb explode at the cracked blocks. If you're using the remote bombs this can be a problem. It is possible to blow up the bomb when it reaches the blocks, but it's very tricky and you have to be in the right position. The bombs will fall off the moving platform so it's no use putting one on there. Keep trying and eventually you get it. If you're using regular bombs you'll have an easier time, you can just pick it up and wait for it to start flashing fast and throw it so it explodes at the blocks.

Once the blocks are out of the way, get on the platform, equip the Roc's Cape, and jump up through one of the panels. Hit the two switches up top to open the door, then jump back down and exit.

Continue on the path, using the boomerang to create fairies out of the sparks and replenish your health or catch some fairies in your bottles. Then exit north.

Beat the black Darknut in this room to create a blue warp tile.

Six more Darknuts will appear in separate rooms, some in pairs. You have to beat them all. Argh. Exit south, then west to a red Darknut. Beat it. When done, exit north.

You want to kill every last monster in this room before you continue. Be very careful, there are two Wallmasters that will fall from the ceiling and you don't want to get grabbed by one. If you do, just take the blue warp and go south, west, and north back to this room. Once the monsters are all gone, equip the bow. You have to quickly shoot the eyes in the north wall without getting hit by the flames. The eyes will reopen gradually so you can't waste time. Once all four eyes are closed, the door opens. Go through.

Push the middle block left and the bottom block down, and jump down the hole. Go up the stairs here, then step on the switch to open the door. Take the stairs going up. Grab the key, and go back down. The door you opened just leads to an area outside, with a couple pots with hearts in them. Get them if you want, go back inside and push the middle block right, the bottom block down, and exit.

Continue south until you reach a room with two Darknuts. Beat them both to open the way. Exit south.

Another blue tile puzzle, the solution is as follows:

02 13 14 15    29 30
03 12 11 16 27 28 31
04    10 17 26 25 32 33
05 08 09 18    24 23
06 07    19 20 21 22

Go through the door that opens when you solve it.

In here, kill all the Ghinis. One of them is the main Ghini, the way to tell is to see which one remains solid when you hit it; the others will sort of disappear a second when you hit them. If you beat the main one, they all disappear. Continue on outside the castle to the next door.

Go up the stairs for a small key. If you return and go down the stairs there are a bunch of bombs and arrows in pots. Go outside and return to the inside of the castle.

Go north twice, then east twice to a room with a red Darknut. Beat it to open the path. Exit south.

The only way I've ever been able to beat this room is to go down to the switches below, beyond the flames, stand in the very center, charge up my sword carefully so as not to hit any of the switches, and do a spin attack to hit all the switches at once. It's not that hard. I think technically you're supposed to split into four to do it, but I have no idea now you're supposed to get inside the array of switches in a + configuration. Once have it, exit.

There are fire Wizzrobes in here, so try to deal with them before doing anything else. Step on the switch to reveal stairs going up, go up them for a small key then return below. All that's downstairs are a bunch of mummies, so don't bother. Exit west.

Continue north twice, then west twice, north twice, and east twice until you reach two Darknuts. Defeat them and the path opens. Exit north.

Get out your lantern, light it, and go around the room lighting the lanterns here. Just walk along out of the way of the flames and get them all lit. Try to be quick or they'll start going out. The door will open, go through.

Beat all the Ghinis (or find the main one again) and the door will open. Go through.

Go up the stairs for a small key, then return below. Exit west, south twice, west, and all the way north.

Get rid of all the lock blocks with your four keys. Break the pots to the right to find the glowing tiles, use them and push the big block to one side to reach the big key.

Go south twice (if you need fairies, boomerang the sparks. Fill any empty bottles you have with them). After the spark room go west, south twice, and east. This is it, time to go through the big door and face Vaati. Make sure you have fairies in bottles from the spark room, and go through.

After you go forward and Vaati speaks. Go north. You have to fight the ball and chain soldier on a narrow walkway, so carefully get in front of it so it shoots out the ball but roll back towards the entrance when it's about to shoot out the ball, then roll back in and hit it as much as you can. When it's beat, go north up the stairs.

The bell will toll once. Split into four and beat any monsters on the way, careful not to let any of your clones get hit, then step on the four switches to open the way. Go through.

The bell tolls again. Now for a tough battle against THREE Darknuts. Try not to sustain too much damage and beat them, then go up the stairs.

Now it's time to beat Vaati once and for all. Get ready for a series of final battles.

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