The Vanishing Watch

Two mysterious Yo-kai make your Yo-kai Watch disappear! How will you befriend Yo-kai now...?

A Family Day Out

Your Mom wakes you up. Go downstairs to talk to her. She reminds you to use your Diary, so be sure to do that. Press X to go into the Main Menu, or just tap the Main Menu button in the touch screen, then tap Diary and tap Yes to save the game.

Next, go outside and talk to your Dad. After a cutscene, you will stop to get some donuts.

Two Doughnut Stores

You will receive some money to buy donuts, but you have to decide which donut shop to purchase them from. Both shops are selling eight donuts for $9.

After you buy the donuts, talk to your parents. They will send you home. On the way, you encounter Bear and Eddie. They invite you to join them at Triangle Park to catch bugs.

Let's Catch Some Bugs!

First, go home and get your bug net. If you are playing as Nate, you have to go into your house and out through the kitchen to reach it. If you are playing as Katie, you can just go straight into the side yard. The bug net is outside, leaning against the fence.

Next, go to Triangle Park and talk to Nate/Katie. You will get 3 Black Syrup. Now look for exclamation marks on trees, bushes and grass. Check on these spots. Drag the stylus on the touch screen and tap the screen when the lens is over a bug. A spinner will start. Try to press the button when the spinner is lined up with one of the yellow marks. The spinner will stop at or near where it was when you pressed the button. You can press Y to use a Black Syrup to add more yellow marks, improving your chances. If the spinner stops on a mark, you catch the bug.

After you catch three bugs, you will automatically end the bug-catching contest. You will also get the Critter Collection app, which keeps a record of the bugs that you have caught, and gives clues about where to catch bugs that you haven't found yet.

On the way home, you will get a strange feeling from an alley, so go to the end of the alley. Then go into the Memory Store.

Mysterious Memory Store

In the store, talk to the guy behind the counter. Then check on the sparkle on the counter. Nick Nack give you the "Curious Clock." Instead of charging a dollar for it, he tells you to go outside and use your dollar in the toy machine. Go outside and use the machine.

Reunited with Whisper

There will be a cutscene where you are reunited with Whisper. Afterward, go to The Fish Place. When you walk in front of the store, Whisper will explain how to use the Yo-kai Lens.

At this point, you can catch bugs in trees and grass. You can look under blue vending machines, under cars, and under houses. You can look at watery areas on the shore as well. There is a chance of finding sparkles in this areas that you can check on to get a random item. You can sell those items at Everymart, and then you can use the money to buy things at Everymart, or buy sodas from red vending machines.

When you get close to the Fish Place, Whisper will explain how to use the Yo-Kai Lens and Yo-Kai Radar. He also adds the Yo-kai Hot Spots app to the Yo-Kai Pad.

Walk around near the Fish Place until the Yo-kai Radar reaches the maximum level, then press Y. Use the Lens to find Jibanyan, who is standing at the corner.

After the Yo-kai Watch reveals Jibanyan, talk to him.

Three Friends Reconnect

After the cutscene, go back to the Memory Store. When you discover that it is gone, go back toward your house. Whisper will soon sense a Yo-kai nearby. Check on the nearby trash can.

When you are looking at the pile of trash, use the Yo-kai Lens to find the Yo-kai in this area. When the Yo-kai tries to run away, moving the lens around to follow it. After the gauge fills, talk to the Brushido.

Soon, you will have to battle Brushido. When the battle starts, tap the Fight button, and Jibanyan will automatically start fighting. You can tap Soultimate in the top-left, then tap Jibanyan, and follow the instructions on the screen to have Jibanyan use his Soultimate attack, Paws of Fury.

After the battle, you will befriend the Brushido that you fought, and you will get the Yo-kai Medallium to keep your medals in. This adds the Medallium app and the Medals app to the Yo-Kai Pad. The next chapter, Hi-Tech Hide-and-Seek, will begin.