Let's Go to Harrisville!

After defeating Gutsy Bones on top of the school, a giant cat-like Yo-Kai wants you to go to Harrisville.

Heading to Harrisville

Go downstairs and talk to your Mom. Then go outside, go west to Blossom Heights, then go south to Shopper's Row. Talk to one of the donut sellers and buy donuts. Then go back home. You will automatically rest.

The next day, talk to both of your parents. Then go outside.

Go south to Downtown Springdale, then go to Springdale Central Station. Go to the left side turnstiles and check on them to buy a Day Pass. The next train is going to Fortune Place, so check on the open door of the train to board the train. After the train ride, you will automatically get off the train. The sign will say that the next train is going to Harrisville, so get on the next train.

During the train ride, you will be asked if you want to get off of the train. Say No each time. You will automatically get off of the train at the correct station.

In Harrisville, you can explore the area to find some hidden treasure chests and search for new Yo-Kai.

Otherwise, check on the bus schedule in front of the station, and choose to wait for the bus. When it arrives, choose to ride the bus.

When you arrive, your Grandma will meet you. Follow her. She will stop at a cart. Talk to your Grandma when she stops. Then she will stop again, so talk to her. Check on the door of the store that she goes into, then talk to her. Talk to her again when she is standing next to the shop lady.

Then follow your Grandma out of the store, and follow her to the house. When she stops, talk to her.

Afterward, go into Grandma's house and check on the shrine to the left. After paying your respects, it is time to do some Key Quests.

True Hide-and-Seek

To start this quest, talk to the kid in the rice fields near Grandma's house. Then run around the rice paddies looking for the kids. When you are close enough, talk to the kid to catch him/her. One kid is hiding behind a statue in the southwest part of the fields.

Find six kids within two minutes to complete the quest.

Secrets of Soulcery

Go to the temple in the western part of Harrisville to start this quest. Give the Grand Monk a Bamboo Shoot. If you don't have one, buy one from the Mountain Market store east of the temple.

After you give him the Bamboo Shoot, you will learn how to create Soul Gems. After the quest is complete, you can talk to the Grand Monk to create Soul Gems if you wish.

Go to the northwest part of Harrisville and talk to Walkappa to start the quest.

To complete the quest, you need to defeat three Fidgephants. They are rank D, so use the Yo-Kai Watch to look for Rank D Yo-Kai in watery areas.

After you defeat three Fidgephants, talk to Walkappa and he will give you a Fishing Rod.

Go south along the west side of the river and look for a place to fish. Tap a non-sparkling fish, then spin the reel to keep the status bar in the middle of the gauge. Then when the gauge turns yellow, spin it as quickly as you can to catch the fish. After you catch three Carp, talk to Walkappa to complete the quest.

A Cry for Help

Go to the northwest of Harrisville and go north to Mount Middleton.

Go to the right of Eyepo and go north, then climb up the vine. Go northwest from there and climb the vine. Then go south and open the treasure chest, then talk to the mirror to the left. Mirapo will befriend you, and you can talk to any Mirapo to warp to another Mirapo that you have talked to.

Climbing Mt. Middleton

Go up to the top of Mount Middleton. After the cutscene, use the Yo-Kai Watch to find the Yo-Kai that is blocking the rain, then move to the side and talk to it.

Let's Go to Grandma's

Talk to Mirapo at the base of the mountain to warp to Grandma's house. Talk to Grandma to start the dinner minigame. Tap the appropriate screen or press the appropriate button when the outline turns orange around the food dish.

After the cutscene, go outside and run to the right, then north, toward the bathroom.

Afterward, go to the front of the house and talk to the Yo-Kai with the red speech bubble over its head. You will have to battle Snobetty.

After you defeat Snobetty, you learn about the rivalry between Fleshies and Bonies among Yo-Kai.

Go back into Grandma's house and check on your bed, and go to sleep.

The next day, go down and talk to Grandma. Then go outside, and then go into the shed where the giant donut disappeared. Afterward, use the Yo-Kai Watch on the door of the shed to make a Yo-Kai appear. Talk to that Yo-kai. Then you will have to battle.

Meganyan and Hovernyan

After you defeat Meganyan, it becomes Hovernyan and explains its situation. This ends the chapter, and starts the next chapter.