Back to Normal!

After defeating Dame Dedtime's underling Unfairy, you hurry to Old Springdale to stop the army of Wicked Yo-kai.

Old Springdale's in Peril!

Before you go to Old Springdale, explore Flatpot Plains to get some items. Then go northeast to the tunnel to exit Flatpot Plains. After you go east through the tunnel, there will be a cutscene.

Stop the Ded-Cloud!

You will have to battle a Wicked Yo-kai, Loiter.

Afterward, go into your house and talk to your parents. Then go outside.

If you wander around, Whisper will eventually tell you to go to the Community Center, which is north of your house. Go there, and Whisper says to use your Yo-Kai Lens around here. Go to the left of the Community Center building and use the Yo-Kai Lens to reveal a Baffle Board.

Check the Baffle Board and enter the correct answer: Miradox. Then summon Miradox to the Yo-kai Hot Spot, and then talk to Miradox to go back to Old Springdale.

After you arrive in Old Springdale, go to the left and talk to Nathaniel/Kenny.

Afterward, go southeast to Gourd Pond and go to the small island in the middle. Talk to the Wicked Yo-kai and you will battle Untidy. After you win, you will disable one of the machines.

Next, go west, then go heal up at the Eyepo north of the train station, then go north to the school. Talk to the Wicked Yo-kai next to the machine, and you will battle Unkaind.

After that, go south to the Eyepo at the train station to heal up again, then go west and south to Nocturne Hospital. Talk to the Wicked Yo-kai to battle Unpleasant.

After you have disabled the three machines, go to the Eyepo north of the station to save, then go south to the Ironworks. You will have to go west past the station, then south, then east to reach the inner part of the Ironworks area. Talk to the Wicked Yo-kai to battle Unkeen.

Stop Dame Dedtime!

Now go west, then check on the gate to the south. Go south and there will be a cutscene.

Go to the left and climb the wall, then go up the stairs to the left, go south past the ladder, and continue along the path to find a Large Exporb. Then go back north, and climb the ladder on the left. Go north to find an item, then go south, and go down the ladder at the end. Follow the path and then go east to the Industrial Zone.

There is an Eyepo here where you can heal up and save the game.

Go north into the factory. Keep going north and there will be a cutscene. Then go north and check on the door. Then, if you're ready, go north and talk to Dame Dedtime. If you're not ready, you can leave and come back when you are.

Dame Dedtime

Dame Dedtime doesn't have any separate targets on her, but she can summon Wicked Yo-kai to fight alongside her. She can also steal levels from your Yo-kai, which makes them weaker.

When her HP is about half full, the battle will be interrupted.

After that, go south, and when Whisper asks a question, say Yes.

Kin and Gin

After the cutscene, you will battle Kin and Gin. Remember to keep both of their HP the same as each other by alternating the target pin between attacks. Otherwise, if one of them dies, the other will be revived.

Before you start the fight, be sure to give Hovernyan some food to replenish his HP.

Both Pallysol and Mermaidyn's Soultimate attacks target both Kin and Gin, so don't use their Soultimate moves until both Kin and Gin's HP are both really low. Then you will have a chance to defeat both in one attack, ending the battle.

Dame Dedtime Again

Before going to talk to Dedtime, you can go south and use the Eyepo to heal up and save. Then go north into the factory and talk to Dame Dedtime. She uses the same strategy as before. She can also use a Soultimate attack that targets your front row Yo-kai and Inspirits all of them.

After you win, there will be a cutscene. Go south to go outside, and there will be another cutscene.

Everything's Normal…

After that, save at the Eyepo, then go west. The gate to this area is still locked, so you will have to go up the stairs, pipes, and ladders to go back the way you came.

Be sure to prepare for the next battle if you need to. You can even go back to the present time using the Miradox to the north.

When you are ready, approach the darkness in front of Old Springdale station.

Dame Demona

Dame Demona is very tough. She has two blue dragons coming out of her head that you can target, but I recommend putting the target pin on Demona and leaving it there. If your Yo-kai have multi-target Soultimate attacks, you can get rid of the blue dragons that way.

If Dame Demona uses the Soul Steal move, you need to tap Target and try to pin the floating blue things before Demona can attack you with them with her Fly Away Souls move.

Demona has dangerous abilities, particularly the Watch Steal move. This move will prevent you from Purifying your Inspirited Yo-kai for a while. She can Inspirit them using her Finders Keepers move.

Also, if you are charging up a Soultimate move, Demona can do Soultimate Steal to cancel your Yo-kai's Soultimate attack and charge up her own Soultimate attack: Finale.

Demona can also do Item Steal, which prevents you from using Items for a while.

She can also do Attack Steal, which prevents your Yo-kai from doing non-Soultimate attacks for a while, and she can even use those attacks against your Yo-kai.

After the Battle

After you defeat Dame Demona, be sure to watch the credits, because new quests will be unlocked afterward, and certain shops will add more items for you to purchase. You can go get the hose that you saw Master Nyada leave near the Everymart Uptown, and you can get your watch upgraded to Rank S.