School is Strange

You forgot your summer homework at school, so you go there to get it.

I Forgot My Homework!

Go north from your house and go into Springdale Elementary. Then go east to the teacher's lounge and talk to Mr. Johnson to get the School Keys.

Then go west and go up the stairs. Then go east and enter the classroom. Check on the desk to look for your homework.

Afterward, Baku will appear and you will have to battle. Afterward, Baku will befriend you.

Next, go outside. There will be a cutscene.

A Giant Shadow At School

Afterward, you will be in your house. Your Mom asks you to wash your hands, so go to the left and check on the sink, then choose to wash your hands. Then talk to your Mom.

This will start a mini-game. Tap the correct plate (or press the matching button) when the yellow ring turns orange around the plate in the upper screen. You can get rewards if you have good timing and get a good score.

After this, you will automatically rest.

The next day, talk to Jibanyan to get a new app for your Yo-Kai Pad.

Go outside, and go southwest to the exit that leads to Blossom Heights.

In Blossom Heights, go to the Watch Shop. It's north of the Station. When you approach it, you will meet Detective Holdit, who will add the Yo-Criminals app to your Yo-Kai Pad. If you see a Yo-Kai in the street, run after it to try to catch it.

Now try to go into Timers & More. There will be a sign on the door that says "Be right back", and someone will tell you that the owner, Mr. Goodsight, was at Wayfarer Manor.

Go west to find Wayfarer Manor. Talk to the landlord to find out that Mr. Goodsight went to the Gourd Pond Museum. Before you go, the landlord asks you to become the manager of Wayfarer Manor, where Yo-kai can visit via StreetPass. The landlord adds the Friends app to your Yo-Kai Pad.

Now go east until you reach the Breezy Hills area. Go into the Gourd Pond Museum. Go to the back of the lobby and go up the stairs, then go into the room on the left. Mr. Goodsight is in the south side of the room. Talk to him. He says that he will help you after he goes back to his store.

The People of Springdale

There are some key quests to do before you can meet Mr. Goodsight at Timers & More, but before you start the key quests, go downstairs and you will meet Diana Gately, who says to meet her in the vault. Go to the right of the stairs and go through the door there. Talk to Diana Gately to start the Gates of Whimsy key quest.

The Gates of Whimsy

Diana asks you to go into the Gate of Whimsy on the outside wall of the museum and bring back a Gate Globe. When you leave the museum, go to the right. Whisper will say to use the Yo-Kai Lens to find the Gate of Whimsy, so do that. Afterward, check on it, and choose to enter.

Inside, walk up to the two Yo-Kai to battle them. Defeat them both and you will win the Gate Globe. Check on the Gate Globe to take it, then go out through the door.

You will be dropped next to Gourd Pond. Talk to Mister E to unlock the nearby door. You can go inside to look at your trophies.

Then go back to the museum and talk to Diana Gately in the vault. Give her the Gate Globe. She will ask you to look for other Gate Globes to try to open the gate in the vault.

Officially Official!

This quest takes place at the community center, which is near the Springdale Elementary school.

In the community center, talk to Mr. Stickler to start the quest. He will give you the Battle App.

Use the Battle App to create at least one Official Team, then talk to Mr. Stickler again. Battle him to complete the quest. He will also give you the Medal Swap app.

Bam-Boom! Fusing!

Go to the temple in Blossom Heights and talk to Mr. Zen. He will ask you to befriend Ake, who can be found around Blossom Heights. There is also a candy shop in Blossom Heights where you can get candy, which is Ake's favorite snack. Once you bring Ake, Mr. Zen gives you a Buff Weight.

After the quest is completed, you can fuse Ake with the Buff Weight to get Payn.

Timers & More

Now go back to Timers & More and talk to Mr. Goodsight. He asks you to go to Chloro-Phil Good to get some Ancient Herbs for him. The medicine shop is in the south part of Blossom Heights.

After you get the Ancient Herbs and give them to Mr. Goodsight, go back to your house and go upstairs and check on the bed, then choose Sleep Until Morning. Instead of sleeping until morning, Baku will make it possible for you to stay awake at night.

First, go west to Blossom Heights, then go south to Shopper's Row. To reach Whatta Find, you have to go into Flower Road (the covered shopping area in the center of Shopper's Row), then go through the east exit. Go east through they alley, then go into Whatta Find.

Talk to the guy behind the counter on the first floor to receive the Pro Screwdriver.

When you go outside and go through the gate to the right, Terror Time will start. Wander around until the exit appears, then go to the exit. Try not to let any Yo-Kai see you. When you get close to the door, there will be a cutscene. After that, you can use the Oni Crank-a-kai.

Afterward, you should go north to Blossom Heights, then go to Timers & More and talk to Mr. Goodsight. After a cutscene, your watch will be upgraded to Rank D.

Moving Up a Rank!

Go east to Uptown Springdale, then go to the Elementary School. Go through the door on the right to enter the school. After the cutscene, go to the left until another cutscene starts. After that, keep going left, but don't let the capsules hit you. Open the far left door and go up the stairs.

Go to the right, opening the treasure chest if you wish, and keep going to the right, hiding in classrooms to avoid the capsules. Then go up the stairs in the middle of the hallway.

On the third floor, go to the right, avoiding capsules. If you get locked in a classroom, follow the instructions to unlock the door. Continue going counter-clockwise around the third floor, then go up the stairs at the end.

Weird Goings-On at School

There is an Eyepo here, so use it to save the game and swap Yo-Kai if you wish. Then go through the door on the right, and walk to the right to start a cutscene.

Gutsy Bones

Now you will have to battle Gutsy Bones. Target the bandages on Gutsy Bones's chest until they come off, then target the heart. Gutsy Bones often Inspirits your Yo-Kai, so be sure to rotate them to the back row so you can purify them.

There will be a cutscene after the battle. This starts the next chapter, Let's Go to Harrisville!