Infinite Tunnel

The Infinite Tunnel is in modern-day Harrisville, between Grandma's house and Fullface Rock. You can find rare Yo-kai inside.

Tunnel Location

The Infinite Tunnel is in present-day Harrisville. It is east of Mt. Middleton. You can enter it once per day. It reopens at 6AM on your 3DS clock.

Tunnel Information

Each time you go through the Infinite Tunnel, you reveal more of a story.

You can go forward in the tunnel, but not backward. The farther you go, the more likely you are to encounter rare Yo-kai.

However, each time you go through the tunnel, it can change in length. Certain actions can make the end of the tunnel get closer or farther away. In addition, going through a door will make you leave the tunnel.

Each day, the maximum distance that you can go in the tunnel is about 1000 yards more than the maximum distance that you went the day before. After you have gone 20,000 yards in the tunnel, the tunnel becomes truly infinite. At that point, the exit will only appear if you shorten the tunnel by pressing a switch or by answering a question incorrectly.


If a Yo-kai is standing in the middle of the tunnel without moving, it will attack when you try to go past. If a Yo-kai is walking toward you, you can talk to it and choose whether to battle it or not.

You can encounter rare Yo-kai the farther you go through the tunnel, such as:

  • Auntie Heart (favorite food: Veggies)
  • Count Cavity (favorite food: Ramen)
  • Cruncha (favorite food: Veggies)
  • Damona (favorite food: Candy)
  • Devourer (favorite food: Sweets)
  • Eterna (favorite food: Milk)
  • Eyellure (favorite food: Sweets)
  • Frostail (favorite food: Oden)
  • Hornaplety (favorite food: Veggies)
  • Kingmera (favorite food: Sushi)
  • Kyryn (favorite food: Chinese Food)
  • Mermother (favorite food: Sweets)
  • Shadow Venoct (favorite food: Seafood)
  • Statiking (favorite food: Oden)
  • Swelterrier (favorite food: Ramen)
  • Tengu (favorite food: Candy)
  • Tigappa (favorite food: Chinese Food)
  • Unikirin (favorite food: Soba)

The Tangler

The Tangler is a man with a dog who sometimes appears in the tunnel. He asks you a question, and based on your answer, the tunnel might get shorter or longer. The following table shows his questions, as well as the effects of each answer.

QuestionAnswers and Their Effects
Pretend I'm your English teacher. I put you in charge of assigning the homework. What do you choose?
  • One long paper: Fight a random Yo-kai battle, and the tunnel gets longer.
  • Three short papers: The tunnel gets shorter.
Imagine you're standing alone in a dark room, crying. What happened? Why is it that you're crying?
  • Because I'm happy: The tunnel gets longer.
  • Because I'm sad: The tunnel gets shorter.
You're a child who loves toys... But your mother is making you throw one out. Which do you choose?
  • An old, favorite toy: Get a random item, and the tunnel gets longer.
  • A new, exciting toy: Fight a random Yo-kai battle, and the tunnel gets longer.
Let's say you found a perfectly crisp, juicy apple sitting on the ground here. It's red, ripe, and delicious. What are you going to do about it?
  • I'd eat it: Receive a random item.
  • I'd leave it alone: The tunnel gets longer.
You're about to make a major move... A new place. A new life. Where would you set up shop?
  • Somewhere hot: Fight a random Yo-kai battle, and get a random rare item.
  • Somewhere cool: The tunnel gets shorter.
You've just died by accident. So sad! But on your deathbed, you're granted two choices. Which is it?
  • Return to life: The tunnel gets shorter.
  • Be reincarnated: The tunnel gets longer.
You're on your way to visit a friend who lives far away. How will you get there?
  • By bike: Tunnel gets longer.
  • By train: The tunnel does not change.
  • By plane: The tunnel gets shorter.
You've made a huge mistake, and your parents have caught you. What's your response?
  • Feign ignorance: The tunnel gets shorter.
  • Apologize: You get a random item.
  • Blame someone else: The tunnel gets longer.
The world is full of people... But who's the most important person in the world?
  • Me, of course: Fight a random Yo-kai battle, and the tunnel gets longer, and you get a random rare item.
  • No one person: Nothing happens.
There's a strong enemy in front of you... Are you going to stand up for yourself and fight? All answers are "yes". You will fight one of these enemy lineups:
  • Mama Aura, Nul, Papa Bolt.
  • Negasus, Contrarioni, Faux Kappa

Other Choices

The following table lists other choices you might face as you go through the tunnel.

Tunnel EncounterWhat to Do, and How it Affects the Tunnel
Train (Infinite Railroad)

Sometimes a train will stop in front of you. If you decide to ride the train, it will randomly take you either closer to or farther away from the exit. If it takes you closer, it increases the number of yards you have traveled. If it takes you farther, it decreases the number of yards you have traveled. If you don't take the train, it has no effect on the tunnel length.

I don't recommend taking the train, because even if it takes you farther through the tunnel than your previous record, you will miss opportunities to make the tunnel longer, so the exit might appear sooner than it would have if you had not taken the train.

Emergency Exit (door with a green sign over it) When you check on it, you can choose to go through it or not. If you go through, you will leave the tunnel, with a chance of having a Yo-kai battle first. If you hear radio static just before you go past an emergency exit, that emergency exit will have a Yo-Kai behind it. The radio static is not part of the background music. If you are running, your stamina gauge will also flicker when the radio static sound plays.
Emergency Exit #13 Check on each emergency exit that you pass. Each one has a number. If you go through Emergency Exit #13, you will fight the rare Yo-Kai, Neighfarious.
Door with no sign over it If you go through it, you leave the tunnel without fighting a Yo-Kai.
Wall switch Has a random chance of making the tunnel shorter or longer.
Vending Machine When you put money in, there is a random chance of fighting Yo-kai or getting an item. You are more likely to encounter rare Yo-kai or get rare items if you put in more money.
A boy with very short hair. He wears a white shirt. He walks toward you near the center of the tunnel.
  • Rock: The tunnel gets longer.
  • Paper: Nothing happens.
  • Scissors: The tunnel gets longer.
The Twins
Two girls with dark, pigtailed hair. They wear identical pink dresses.
  • Hurry Ahead: Get a random item.
  • Play along: Fight random Yo-kai
Random Doc
A male doctor who wears a white lab coat and stands on the left side of the tunnel.
  • This hurts: Get a random item.
  • That hurts: Fight random Yo-kai
Friendly Guy
A man who has dark hair and wears a yellow shirt and red tie. He stands at the right side of the tunnel.
Both boxes give a random item. One box might be more likely to give a rare item than the other, so if you get a common item, try the other box if you meet the Friendly Guy again.
Weary Girl
A girl who has light brown hair and wears a purple shirt. She stands at the right side of the tunnel.
  • No, I'm not tired: Fight a random Yo-kai battle, and the tunnel gets longer.
  • I'm a bit tired: Get a random item.
  • I'm really tired: Nothing happens.
Humble Bird
A chicken that walks toward you, near the left side of the tunnel.
  • It was delicious: The tunnel gets longer and you get one or more Chicken Thigh.
  • I don't remember: Get a random item.
Curious Lady
An old woman who wears a dark shirt and stands on the left side of the tunnel.
  • That's me: Fight random Yo-kai.
  • You're mistaken: Get a random item.
Worried Man
An old man who wears a hat. He stands at the left side of the tunnel.
  • OK, let's go: Fight random Yo-kai.
  • You're lying: Get a random item.
Smart Kid
A boy who wears glasses, has black hair, and wears a blue shirt. He walks toward you, slightly left of the center of the tunnel
  • It never ends: The tunnel gets shorter.
  • It must end: The tunnel gets longer.
Lost Boy
A boy on the right side of the tunnel. He has black hair and wears a yellow shirt.
  • That's right: Get a random item.
  • You're wrong: Battle random Yo-kai.
Tunnel Guy
A man who wears a yellow hard hat and a dark blue jumpsuit. He walks toward you, to the left of the center of the tunnel.
  • Make it shorter: The tunnel gets shorter.
  • Make it longer: The tunnel gets longer.

Dancing Masked Men

As you go through the tunnel, you might encounter three dancing men wearing hyottoko masks. You can go to the left side or the right side of the tunnel to go past them. After you go past, they might suddenly reappear and temporarily transform you into one of them, causing you to move very slowly until you return to normal. Note: this might only happen if you are running.

Here is a video of a traditional dance performance with some hyottoko masks.

Other Tunnel Encounters

Interacting with the following people has no effect on the tunnel: Ramen Guy, Oblivious Kid, Groovy Kid, Waiting Guy, Lonely Guy, Angry Gal, Annoying Gal, Visiting Girl, Acquaintance, Sensitive Girl, Tonkatsu Guy, Tunnel Bro, Bill, Shady Worker, Relaxed Cop.