Beginning the Game

This page walks you through the beginning of Yo-Kai Watch 2.

Start a New Game

After the game starts up, press any button to go to the game select screen. Tap the New Game button to start a new game. Then tap a Diary Entry slot to start your new game there.

Create Your Character

You can choose to play the game as Nate or Katie. Tap Boy to play as Nate, or tap Girl to play as Katie.

Next, name your character. The boy's official name is Nate, and the girl's official name is Katie, but you can give the character a different name if you wish. Tap Select to confirm the name.

The game will ask you to confirm your selections. If you want to change anything, tap No, and you can go back and make changes. Otherwise, tap Yes to start the game.

The Beginning

After you confirm your choices, there will be a cutscene. This starts the first chapter, The Vanishing Watch.