Mirapo and Miradox Locations

This page lists all of the locations where you can wake up a Mirapo and warp to and from there.

List of Mirapo Locations

Uptown Springdale

  • Adams/Forester House: In the bedroom of your house.
  • Everymart Uptown: In the bathroom of the Everymart.
  • Piggleston Bank: In the left side of the lobby.
  • Lambert Post Office: Upper-right corner of lobby.
  • Springdale Elementary: Front entryway, bottom-right corner.

Mt. Wildwood

  • Mt. Wildwood Shrine: Southwest of the shrine building.
  • Mt. Wildwood Summit: Near the stairs of the observation tower.

Blossom Heights

  • Wayfarer Manor: To the left of the Wayfarer Manor building.
  • Timers & More: To the right of Mr. Goodsight's counter.
  • Everymart Blossom Heights: In the bathroom of the Everymart.
  • Heights - Shoten Temple: Inside of the temple, to the left of Mr. Zen.
  • Infinite Inferno - 1st Circle: Near the ladder you climbed down to enter the Infinite Inferno. To access this Mirapo, you must complete the main game, then go to the Stone House in the northern part of Breezy Hills and talk to the people inside to get the Shack Key, then go through the tunnel west of Shoten Temple in Blossom Heights to find the shack. Unlock it and go down the ladder to find the Mirapo.

Downtown Springdale

  • Everymart Downtown: In the bathroom of the Everymart.
  • Springdale Sports Club: To the left of the front desk. To access this Mirapo, find the Baffle Board in the construction site in Downtown Springdale, and summon Mochismo to it. Mochismo can be found in Springdale Elementary at night. Then after summoning Mochismo to the Baffle Board, wait three real-time days for the Sports Club to be built.
  • Springdale Central Station: In the upper-right area of the station.

Shopper's Row

  • Shopper's Row: To the right of Flower Road (the covered shopping area).
  • Everymart Shopper's Row: In the bathroom of the Everymart.

Breezy Hills

  • Breezy Hills: In the courtyard of the Wisteria Gardens apartment building.:
  • Everymart Breezy Hills: In the bathroom of the Everymart.
  • Gourd Pond Museum - Vault: In the room of the museum that you can reach by going through the metal door in the upper part of the lobby.
  • Excellent Tower

    • Excellent Tower: To the left of the entrance of the tower.

    San Fantastico

    • San Fantastico Station Plaza: Outside of the train station.
    • San Fantastico - The Wharf: Next to the small shrine on a hill near the beach.


    • Harrisville - Temple of Virtue: Southeast of the shrine building.
    • Grandma's House: In the upper-right of the house.
    • Fullface Rock: In the southernmost part of the mountain area.
    • Harrisville Station Plaza: To the right of the train station.

    List of Miradox Locations

    • Mt. Wildwood Summit - Sacred Tree: Northwest of the sacred tree. This will Miradox will be revealed after you complete the main game.
    • Springdale Community Center: To the left of the community center building. This Miradox is revealed during the story.
    • Harrisville Station Plaza: To the left of the train station. This Miradox is revealed during the story.