Hi-Tech Hide-and-Seek

After you find the Yo-Kai Watch, you and Whisper regain your memories and reunite with Jibanyan.

The Sacred Tree

Whisper remembers something about the Crank-a-Kai and tells you to go to the Sacred Tree at Mt. Wildwood, so you should go there now.

When you step outside, Whisper gives you three Plum Rice Balls.


At this point, you won't be finding any random Yo-kai as you walk around. But you can find wandering Yo-kai in the Springdale Underground Waterway if you enter the pipe near the Florist. However, you are probably not strong enough to fight them now, and not only that, but some of your Watch features have not yet been unlocked, so it isn't really safe to fight these Yo-kai yet.

In addition, you can look for yellow chests and purple chests hidden around the neighborhood. There are some in the Springdale Underground Waterway, as well. There is an entrance via the pipe near the Florist, and there is another entrance on the east side of town, by the river.

Jungle Hunter is also open. It is in the southeast of town. You will get rewards the more insects you catch, and you can trade them in for Jungle Points, which you can use to get rare items. If you catch a rare bug (by making the spinner stop on a red segment) it is worth 5x as many points as the non-rare version.

You can go into the Gym in front of the elementary school to find a ball that is bouncing by itself. Use the Yo-Kai Lens to a Yo-kai. Talk to the Yo-kai to get an item.

There is another Yo-Kai Spot that you might find in a shaking tree that is west of the Florist.

Onward to the Sacred Tree

To find Mount Wildwood, go north past the school. When you get there, follow the path, and you will discover that you can't go farther. Try going north again, then use the Yo-kai Watch to look for a Yo-kai nearby. When the Yo-kai appears, talk to it, and you will fight it. After you defeat it, it will let you go past.

At the shrine, you can buy talismans from the man on the shrine. Each one is $10. You can use talismans in battle to temporarily boost a Yo-kai's stats.

You can also put $1 into the offering box on the shrine. If you do this each day, a rare Yo-kai will eventually come out. Go northeast to find the Sacred Tree.

When you approach the Crank-a-kai, Whisper will explain how it works. He will also give you a very rare Select-a-coin that lets you choose the specific Yo-kai that you want to come out of the machine.

Check on the Crank-a-kai and use the Select-a-coin (you will not be able to use other types of coins even if you have found some), then choose the Yo-kai that you want. Your choices are Roughraff, Manjimutt, and Tattletell. You can press X to see more details about each Yo-kai's moves.

Now that you have used the Select-a-coin, you will find Mister E south of the Sacred Tree. If you have Yo-Kai Watch 1, and if you have used its Yo-Kai Cam feature to take a picture and save it to your SD Card, Mister E will give you a Select-a-coin+. Your choices will be Komasan, Noko, and Buchinyan. You can get multiple Select-a-coin+s from Mister E (one per day), so be sure to choose a different Yo-kai each time.

Now that some quests are available, Favors are also available. These are marked on the map with orange flags. You will get money, EXP, and bonus scene prizes from Favors.

People Need Help!

A Cicada Professional

As you go back toward your house, you find someone who needs help. Before you can continue the main story, you will have to complete three Key Quests. These are shown in the Quest menu of the Yo-Kai Pad.

To start the first Key Quest, talk to the man with the blue speech bubble over his head. He says that he needs to find a cicada for his son's birthday. Say Yes to take on the request.

The man needs a Brown Cicada, which Whisper says can be found on trees in this area. There is a tree south of you that you can check, and there are other trees nearby. Catch a Brown Cicada, then talk to the man again. Tap Hand Over to give it to him. Afterward, Whisper adds the Trophies app to the Yo-Kai Pad.

After completing the quest, your Yo-kai will get some experience. Also, you can pick one of two rewards. Then there will be a Bonus Scene. Depending on which scene you get, you will either get "Bingo", which gives you an average prize, "Jackpot", which gives you a rare prize, or "Boo", which gives you no prize.

Matt, Don't Give Up!

You can check the Quest menu to find out where the next two Key Quests are. The next Key Quest is at the Springdale Elementary schoolyard. Go south to leave Mount Wildwood. The schoolyard is nearby. Look for the blue flag on the map to find the person to talk to for the quest.

Talk to Daniel to start the quest. You will need to search for the Yo-kai. Use the Yo-kai Lens to find it. It is next to the goal net. After you reveal the Yo-kai, talk to them to battle them. After you win, talk to Matt to complete the quest.

After this quest, you will be able to use Target pins and Items in Yo-kai battles. Target pins allow you to target a specific Yo-kai. Items allow you to use items on your own Yo-kai as well as on enemy Yo-kai. Give an enemy Yo-kai some food to make it more likely to befriend you. You can even use items before tapping "Fight" in the center of the touch screen in a battle.

Customer Attraction

This quest is in Everymart Uptown, which is south of the school. It is just labeled "Store" on the map.

Go inside and talk to the guy behind the counter to start the quest. Then go outside. Whisper will sense a strong Yo-kai nearby, so use the Yo-kai Lens to find it.

A Baffle Board will appear. Check on it to try the quiz. If you don't know the answer, just press Cancel, and Whisper will tell you the answer: Hungramps.

Go home and approach your kitchen. Then use the Yo-kai Lens near the refrigerator to find Hungramps. He wants a Rice Ball, so if you still have some, give him one. If not, go back to the convenience store and buy one, then bring it back home and give it to Hungramps.

Afterward, go back to the convenience store and check on the circle in the ground, then say Yes to call Hungramps. After that, go into the store and talk to the shopkeeper to complete the quest.

Time to Go Home

After this, you can befriend Yo-kai. When you go outside, the Yo-Kai Radar might react to nearby Yo-kai. Most of the time, they are hiding in trees, under cars, and in other hidden places.

You can also go into back alleys, such as The Catwalk north of the Everymart, Desolate Lane east of the school, the Shady Back Alley behind The Fish Place, and the Springdale Underground Waterway, which has multiple entrances in this area. There are wandering Yo-kai in these areas that you can befriend.

When you are ready, you should go back to your house.

To Gourd Pond Park!

The next day, go outside and go east to Breezy Hills. After the cutscene, go to Gourd Pond Park and talk to Eddie.

Hunting the Mega Watch

After the crow takes the watch, go west to find the crow. Talk to Eddie.

Then go south and find the stairs on the left. Go down those stairs and wait for Walkappa to wash up on the shore, then try to talk to him.

Next, use the Yo-kai Lens on the Mega Watch, and talk to the Yo-kai that you found.

Then follow Yoink. When he stops, talk to him. Then go to the park where the cat went, and approach the cat. Next, the cat goes west to Uptown Springdale, so go there and find the cat in the neighborhood. When Whisper says that you can climb the fence, climb up on the brick, then follow the cat. Get off the fence to follow the cat into the yard, and approach it.

When the cat runs away, go to the end of the alley next to the convenience store and follow the cat.

Go east through the Catwalk. You will encounter some Yo-kai on the way. You can give them food during the battle by tapping Items, then choosing a food and tapping Use on Foe. This will improve the chance that the Yo-kai will befriend you after the battle.

In the east side of the Catwalk, you will find the cat. Talk to it. Now you will have to fight Yoink. If one of your Yo-kai becomes Inspirited, rotate the wheel to move it out of the front row, then tap Purify and follow the instructions on screen to purify your Yo-kai. Then you can rotate the wheel to put the Yo-kai back into the battle if you wish.

After you defeat Yoink, go down into the sewer. Go across the stones to the left, then go south. Keep going south until the Yo-kai Watch gauge is full, then use the Yo-kai Lens to find the hidden Yo-kai. Talk to him, and you will have to battle.

After you win, you befriend Swelton and return the watch to Eddie. This ends the chapter and starts the next one: School is Strange.