Kick the Can Goal Locations

This page lists the locations that you can kick soda cans into to score a goal.


If you see a soda can on the ground, you can kick it into an open recycle bin or into an open door that has cans or trash in it. If you do, you score a goal and get an item, such as Exporbs and food. This page lists the locations of that you can kick cans into. You will get a trophy if you kick a can into all of the goals!

Locations of Kick the Can Goals

This is a list of the locations of open recycle bins and trash rooms that you can kick a soda can into to score a goal.

AreaLocation of Recycle Bin
Uptown Springdale Between the school gym and the Florist, the open trash room on the south side of the apartment building.
Mt. Wildwood In the northwest area of Mt. Wildwood Shrine, to the right of the bridge leading to the Abandoned Tunnel.
Blossom Heights The open trash room to the left of the Everymart.
Downtown Springdale In the southeast beach area, on the left side of the walkway overlooking the beach.
Shopper's Row North of the eastern bridge that goes over the train tracks.
Breezy Hills To the right of the Boathouse south of Gourd Pond.
Excellent Tower In the middle of the bridge between the train station and the tower.
San Fantastico In the shed of the house between the dock and the Seaside Cave.
Harrisville In the open shed southwest of the vegetable stand.