After you obtain the Cross Bomb ability in Ghavoran, you can reach the shuttle to Hanubia, on ZDR's surface.


Get a Missile Tank

You can Speed Boost to the right as you shoot your beam to the right (or just go to the right at normal speed), and you will go past an Ammo Recharge Station, then reach a Save Room, where you will get a briefing and can save the game.

From the save room, go through the lower right door. Screw Attack through the creature, then roll into the small space on the right and place a Cross Bomb. Roll to the end of the tunnel and place another Cross Bomb to kill the ceiling creature.

Go to the bottom left of the room and use the Grapple Beam on the Grapple Beam Block, then freeze the ceiling creature at the upper left and roll through the tunnel on the left to reach the next room.

Use a bomb to open a tunnel on the left, then go to the left and use a Cross Bomb to open a tunnel above you. Use a Cross Bomb to kill the ceiling creature, then roll to the left to get a Missile Tank.

Go to Ferenia

Screw Attack upward to break through the ceiling, then use a Cross Bomb to kill the ceiling creature. Shoot the left wall to open a tunnel, then roll in and place a bomb to open the path, but before exiting the tunnel, go to the leftmost side of the tunnel and place a Cross Bomb, and the ceiling creature will pull it toward itself and die. Go to the left and place a bomb to destroy the floor beneath you, then kill or freeze the wall creature. Go down below and Screw Attack the robot until it dies, then go to the right and Screw Attack the creature that covers the door, then go through the door.

Use the elevator to go to Ferenia.