Ending Rewards

Information about the rewards that you can get for completing Metroid Dread under a certain amount of time.


Ending Rewards

There are different ending rewards depending on how long it took you to complete the game. These can be viewed in the "Extras" option your save slot.

  • Under 4 hours: all three rewards
  • Under 8 hours: first and second reward
  • Longer than 8 hours: first reward

Expert Mode

The first time you complete the game, you unlock Expert Mode, which has the following differences from normal mode.

  • Enemies have twice as much health
  • Completing the game in Expert Mode unlocks a new ending reward for each completion time mentioned above, and if you unlock all six ending rewards, you unlock a bonus seventh reward.

100% Completion

Each area of the map displays the completion rate. This is based on the number of hidden Missile Tanks, Energy Tanks, and Power Bomb Tanks in that area that you have found. 100% completion of an area will unlock an image in the "Extras" option of your save slot. Getting 100% completion in all six areas unlocks a bonus seventh image in the gallery.