After you gain the bomb ability in Dairon, you make it through the E.M.M.I. Zone to reach the shuttle to Burenia.

Get a Briefing

Go to the left and go through the door to leave the shuttle area. Go down to the bottom and a creature on the wall will pull you toward it. Kill it, then slide through the tunnel on the left. There is an Energy Part on the left, but you can't get it because of the powerful fan pushing you away.

For now, shoot the floor on the right to open a path. Go downward, kill another wall creature, then go to the left and jump over the gap so you can reach the blue wall up above. Kill more creatures on the walls and ceiling as you go. Make your way upward and you will reach a door. Go through.

Go to the left and kill the ceiling creature that shoots a beam, then go left and kill the creature that shoots spikes. Jump up the ledge at the left and go through the tunnel to the right. Then jump up onto the platform on the left, go left to reach a door, and go through it.

Stand on the glowing platform to get a briefing and save the game. Then go through the door on the left.

Get a Missile Tank

Go to the left and down. Make your way downward through the room (you can shoot the red thing in the ceiling if you wish, but it doesn't lead to anything useful right now). When you reach the area with the blue ceiling, jump up to grab it, then climb across it. Go through the door on the right.

Climb along the blue ceiling until you are as far to the right on the blue ceiling as you can go. Shoot your beam to the right to break some off-screen blocks, then quickly roll into the tunnel on the upper right and go to the end to get a Missile Tank.

Get a Missile+ Tank

Go back into the tunnel, roll to the left, and press Y to drop a bomb, giving you a path out of the tunnel. Go to the left to reach the bottom of this room, then go to the right to reach a tunnel. Roll through it while avoiding the creatures in it. At the end of the tunnel, go left until you reach another tunnel. Go through it, then at the end, drop down below.

Go to the right, and go downward. There is an Energy Tank to the right, but you can't get it right now because of the Pitfall Blocks in the floor beneath it, so just ignore it for now. Go to the left side of the room, then go downward, and you can go through the door on the left to reach a Save Room.

Leave the Save Room and go to the right and downward to land in the water below. Go to the left from there and make your way downward. When there is a blue wall to the right, jump up to grab it and reach the ledge above it. Go to the right, then move toward the left as you fall, to land on a ledge with a Missile+ Tank.

Get an Item Cube

From there, go to the bottom right corner of the room and make your way up the ledges there, killing the floating creatures in the way. Go through the tunnel in upper right.

Go upward and shoot a charged shot at the door on the left to give yourself a shortcut. Then go farther up and shoot the red thing in the wall. Roll through the tunnel that is revealed.

Grab the blue wall above you, and jump from it to the ledge on the left. Keep going upward, avoiding the creatures that come out of the walls. At the top, shoot a missile at the Missile Cover on the door, then shoot the door and go through. There will be a cutscene and you will get the Flash Shift ability. This allows you to quickly move forward or backward. You can either hold A and tilt the left control stick left or right, or you can press A while moving left or right. You can use it in midair as well. You can do up to two more Flash Shifts if they are performed in rapid succession.

Get an Energy Tank

Go up to the upper left ledge, then use Flash Shift to go past the pressure plate without activating it.

In the next room, go left and jump up onto the ledge on the left. You can go through the door on the left to save your game if you wish. Then leave the Save Room and go upward, then go right and onto the ledge to the right. There are Pitfall Blocks to the right, so use Flash Shift to go to the right and grab the blue wall, then climb up it to get the Energy Tank on the ledge.

Return to Dairon

Drop down from the ledge and go to the left through the tunnel, then jump onto the platform on the right, and jump up onto the platform on the left. Turn right and use three Flash Shifts in rapid succession to go to the right, past the pressure plate, to go through to the next room.

Make your way through the water to the door at the upper right, and go through. Go to the right, then go down into the water. Make your way down to the bottom of the room, and look for the red thing in the ceiling to the left. Roll through the tunnel, then shoot the red thing. This will change the water level.

Then go to the right, roll into the small tunnel, and use a bomb to open it. Roll through, kill the floating creatures, then shoot the red thing on the right to change the water level further.

Go left and bomb the tunnel open, roll through, then go upward through the room until you reach the tunnel at the upper left. Roll through it and go upward until you can go to the right. There is a red thing in the wall to the right. Go to it and shoot it with a charged shot to open a path. Jump up and go through the door on the right. You find another shuttle station. Step on the glowing panel to take the shuttle to Dairon.