We're Back!

After you return to Leene's Square, you should go back to Guardia Castle.

Crono returns to Leene's Square with help from Lucca.

Back in Leene's Square

You will be back in Leene's Square at the Telepods, and there will be a Gate that you can check on if you want to go back to the past.

If you're playing a New Game+, you can check the sparkle in the right-hand telepod to go directly to to the final boss. If you win, you get the ending "The Successor of Guardia".

Go to Guardia Castle

You can rest for free in Crono's bed if you want to. You can optionally introduce Marle to Crono's mother. When you meet new characters later, you can introduce them to Crono's mother, too. Now take Marle back to Guardia castle.

There will be a cutscene. When asked, say that you started everything, and say that you weren't tempted by her fortune. Eventually, you will see the results of the inquiry.