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The Black Omen

The Black Omen is optional, but it's the only way you can get a New Game + (explained below).

New Game +

If you complete the game after defeating Zeal and the outer Lavos forms at the Black Omen, watch the ending and then reset the console. You will unlock a new option on the Load Game screen: "New Game +". If you select it, you are given the option to create a new game based on all the stats and items from a previous save slot. To make the best use of this, create a saved game just before fighting Lavos.

The New Game + feature allows you to reach all the possible ending scenes in the game. The endings depend on when and where you beat Lavos. Scattered throughout this walkthrough are various notes about when in the game you can get each ending. In some cases, the only way to reach certain endings is through a New Game + because you either don't have access to Lavos at that point in a normal game or because you would be too weak otherwise.

Back to the Black Omen

You can find and play through the Black Omen in 12,000 B.C., 600 A.D., and 1000 A.D. Remember, don't use Epoch to go to 1999 A.D. unless you want to fight Lavos right then and there.

If you try to go to the Black Omen in 2300 A.D., you can't get in because Lavos has already burst from the Earth. You can go there, but all that happens is Queen Zeal taunts you and you fight some Laser Guards, and that's it.

The time period in which you do the Black Omen doesn't affect which ending you get, but you should really visit it in 1000 A.D., because then it will still exist in the previous time periods and you can get all the same items all over again, twice.

Now onto the longest dungeon in the game. It's a completely straight path, fortunately, so all you have to do is fight. The enemies have excellent items that Ayla can Charm away from them. You can get infinite MegaElixirs in the Black Omen, which are very useful against Lavos. Additionally, you can get infinite Power Tabs here.

Be sure to equip Ayla with the Charm Top (DS Name: Alluring Top) to give her a better success rate with Charm.

Be sure to equip everyone with status-protecting gear, since almost every monster in the Black Omen can inflict status ailments.

Choose one of the above three time periods (I recommend 1000 A.D. so you can go back to the Black Omen in previous eras to get the items again), and fly Epoch under the Black Omen until the words "Black Omen" appear on screen. Press A, and you arrive there.

Black Omen

If you want to return to Epoch, check on the sparkle at the bottom of the screen.

Head on up, fight some Laser Guards and you can get in. You should be able to get rid of them all at once with Crono's Lighting2 or Luminaire.

Inside, Queen Zeal taunts you and disappears, summoning Mega Mutant.

Mega Mutant

Charm the bottom of the Mega Mutant for a Vigil Hat. Mega Mutant will inflict status ailments on your characters, but if you have status-protecting gear, this will not be a problem. Just use your strongest attacks against it.

Next you will encounter Incognitos. Charm them for MuscleRings. When they show their faces they become PeepingDooms and have much lower defense. The PeepingDooms don't have any items to Charm.

You will pass by some Martellos. Hug the left wall to avoid fighting them.

Next are some unavoidable Goons. Use Charm on them to get Nova Armor. They absorb lightning and shadow, so don't use those.

Next, you will fight Synchrites and a Martello. The Synchrites have Gold Erngs that you can Charm. If you go to the right and down, there is a save point.

Next you will fight some Panels. Be sure to Charm them, because they have Speed Tabs. After defeating the first set of panels, there will be more to fight.

In the next area there is a Boss Orb with Side Kicks. You can avoid the first group of them by walking to the right when the Side Kick is out of the way. When you fight Boss Orbs and Side Kicks, the first thing they do is cast Omnilock, which prevents you from using any techs. The Side Kicks give you 100 Tech Points each, but try to defeat them quickly or they will run away. You'll have to fight a bunch of these guys before you get to the next area.

You will encounter a couple of Metal Mutes. You can Charm Hyper Ethers from them.

Next, you will find two Metal Mutes and two Flyclopses. Charm the Flyclopses for a Gold Stud.

In the next room there is a teleporter. Step onto it to go to the next area. You will end up on a huge elevator. Check on the sparkle on the left and the elevator will descend. Monsters will attack. There will be a random selection of enemies that includes Goons, Ruminators (Charm them for MegaElixir) and Cybots (Charm for Power Meal).

In the next area, you can avoid all battles if you walk instead of running. Near the entrance, if you run, you will encounter a Boss Orb and Sidekicks, to the left you can encounter two Ruminators, to the right is another Boss Orb and Sidekicks. Just walk if you don't want to fight these guys.

In the upper area, go past the short flight of stairs to find a chest that contains a MegaElixir.

Up that short flight of stairs, if you run around you will encounter a Synchrite and two Flyclops. You can avoid them by walking. As you might recall, Synchrite can be Charmed for a Gold Erng. Flyclops has Gold Stud.

To the left, before going through the door, there is a chest with 30,000 G inside.

After going through the door, if you go to the left you encounter a couple of Ruminators. If you go to the right you encounter a couple of Flyclopses. Up above, two Side Kicks and a Boss Orb appear.

Go to the right and get the Magic Seal from the chest. Up above you will fight a Synchrite and a Martello. After fighting them, you can fight another Synchrite and Martello on the left side of the room. Then you can exit to the north.

There are two Nus in the room at the top. DON'T talk to the one on the right unless you want to go all the way back to the entrance. The one on the left has stuff to sell.

There is a chest on the left containing an Elixir and a chest on the right containing a Vigil Hat. Above that, you find a Nova Armor on the left and a Mega Elixir on the right. There is save point here as well. Above the Nus there is a Mega Elixir on the left and a Haste Helm on the right.

Check on the middle of the wall above the Nus to go through the door. Make your way along the path, staying close to the bottom wall to avoid a fight, and you will encounter a Tubster. You can Charm a Power Tab from it. Be careful, because it counterattacks every time you attack it, and it's very strong. It's weak to Fire. After defeating it, you can leave the room and come back, and the Tubster will reappear.

When you are ready to move on, go through the door in the back wall.

There are a couple of Cybots here. Beyond them, there is a monster behind a shield that will move side-to-side to try to block your path. You can avoid this monster if you walk carefully.

Beyond, there is an infinite stream of Ruminators going through the room. You can get infinite Megalixirs by Charming these enemies, defeating them, leaving the room, then going back. You can only hold up to 99 of any item, so be sure to stop after you have charmed 99 Megalixirs from these enemies. You probably won't need 99, but feel free to get that many if you want.

After you defeat the Ruminators here the first time, open the chest in the corner for a ZodiacCape. Remember to go back the way you came if you want to keep getting Megalixirs from the infinite Ruminators.

In the next room, you fight a Boss Orb and two Side Kicks, although you can avoid them if you walk past when the Side Kick's eye is closed. After that, you will fight two Goons and a Flyclops. Once they are gone, open up the treasure chest to get a Megalixir.

After that, there two sets of Boss Orbs and Side Kicks, although you can avoid them like before by walking past when the Boss Orb eye is closed. In the next room, open the treasure chest to get a Power Seal. Below, two Flyclopses and a Tubster will appear. Once you have gotten rid of them, there is a Martello and Cybot that will attack. After fighting them, open the chest in the bottom-right corner of the room to get a Speed Tab, then exit through the bottom-left exit.

Follow the wavy path here, then go past the door to find a treasure chest that contains a Speed Tab. Then go through the door.

Step on the tile on the center of the pedestal to be transported to another room. Go north, then walk to the left and go south of the statue to fight some Blobs (the smaller monsters) and Aliens (the bigger ones). The Aliens will do an instant death counterattack if you use physical attacks. You can charm Magic Rings from the Blobs and Magic Tabs from the Aliens.

Once you have gotten rid of those monsters, go left, then down to find a treasure chest that contains an Elixir. Go all the way north, then head east. You can avoid the monsters here by walking south until you bump into the statue on the left side, then walk straight east to pass the enemies and go down a short flight of stairs.

From here, walk north, then west. Open the chest to get a Speed Tab, then go up, where two Aliens will attack. The second chest down below contains a Megalixir. Now go left, all the way north, and through the door.

There is a save point here, so save and use a Shelter. Up above, you will fight Giga Mutant. Take a moment to plan your team. You can charm a Wall Ring and Hit Ring from Giga Mutant, but Giga Mutant is strong against physical attacks, including any dual or triple techs with a physical element, so you might want to leave Ayla behind for this battle in favor of your strongest magic users or the team that has the best magic-only dual and triple techs.

Giga Mutant

The upper half can drain your MP, so if you are using single-target attacks, focus on the upper half. If the lower half uses Life Shaver to bring someone's HP down to 1, heal that person right away.

After you defeat Giga Mutant, use the save point and a Shelter down below before continuing on.

In the room up above, there is a teleporting pad. Step on to get to the next area. You'll reach another elevator. Just like with the last elevator, there will be a random selection of enemies that includes Goons, Ruminators and Cybots.

After the elevator, you'll fight a couple of Synchrites. After that, you'll find a couple of bats blocking the way. If you touch the bats, two Goons will attack. After that, you'll encounter two Tubsters. To the north, there is a door. Walk up to it to open it, then go through.

There is a treasure chest to the left, but when you go up to it, some Panels will attack. Once you defeat them, a save point will appear, and you can go up and open the chest to get a Speed Tab. Use a Shelter and save at the save point.

When you try to get the treasure chests at the top of the room, Terra Mutant will attack. This creature is similar to the Giga Mutant, but a little bit tougher. You will want a team of strong magic users. You can charm a MuscleRing and Power Seal from it, but again, you might want to leave Ayla behind in order to have a team of strong magic users. Be sure to equip your team to be immune to Chaos.

Terra Mutant

Once you defeat the top half of Terra Mutant, the bottom half dies. The bottom half absorbs magic attacks, but one strategy is to just pound the top half with magic attacks until it dies, because you can deplete the top half's HP more quickly that it can absorb HP from the bottom half. However, when attacked, the bottom half will counter with Life Shaver, bringing someone's HP down to 1, so you need to heal after that.

Another strategy is to just attack the bottom half with physical attacks. The bottom half will then drain HP from the top half, and eventually it will kill the top half itself. It takes a long time, however.

After Terra Mutant is gone, open the two treasure chests, then go down to the save point and use a Shelter and save. Then go through the door at the top of the room.

Walk north up the path. You won't encounter any enemies here. Then open the door at the top and go through. A Lavos Spawn will appear. This one is tougher than those you encountered in the past. Be sure to bring someone who can heal the entire party. You can charm a Safe Helm from the shell and a Haste Helm from the mouth.

Lavos Spawn

As before, don't attack the shell. Only attack the mouth. Otherwise, the Lavos Spawn will do a counterattack. The Lavos Spawn's attacks tend to target all, so it's best to bring someone who can heal the entire party.

Once you defeat the Lavos Spawn, go through the door. In the next room, go to the top and you will fight five Panels. Once you defeat them, a save point will appear. Save and use a Shelter.

You are about to go through four battles in a row. You will want to bring someone who can heal all. There are some good items to Charm from the following bosses, so you might want to bring Ayla. If you bring Frog, he can absorb a small amount of HP in one of the battles when he attacks with the Masamune, and the Masamune also comes in handy in the fourth battle.

Go up to the top and Queen Zeal will appear and taunt you. Then you have to fight her.

Queen Zeal - First Battle

Zeal tends to cast Hallation, which takes everyone's HP down to 1. Just use your heal all character to recover from that. Then attack with your most powerful techs and you'll be done soon enough. Spells like Dino Tail and Frog Squash are a good choice if your HP is 1. Her HP is 12,000.

After you defeat Zeal, you are immediately brought before the Mammon Machine.

Mammon Machine

Mammon Machine's HP is 18,000. As mentioned above, Frog will recover some HP every time he attacks with the Masamune, although not very much. Every time you use a physical attack against Mammon Machine, it lowers its attack to increase its defense. Every time you use magic, it lowers its magic to increase its attack. It's best to use magic because its attacks really aren't that bad. Otherwise, using only physical techniques will get less and less effective as it increases its defense. When it releases stored energy, though, its defense goes back to normal.

Queen Zeal - Second Battle

Each hand has 20,0000 HP and the face has 28,000 HP. Any attacks on the hands will result in counterattacks. The left hand counterattacks with Life Shaver, bringing HP down to 1, and the right hand counterattacks with MP Buster, bringing MP down to 0. However, Ayla can charm a Prism Helm and Prism Dress from the hands. If you decide to get those, be prepared to deal with the counterattacks. Otherwise, this is a straightforward battle. Just attack the head, and don't get caught off guard if she casts Hallation. You can't do Frog Squash or Dino Tail without the hands counterattacking, so just keep everyone's HP up and focus on the head.

Lavos Shell

After defeating Zeal, Lavos will emerge. Lavos mimics the enemies that you encountered in the past, starting with Dragon Tank and ending with Giga Gaia. It even mimics the HP and defense of each boss, so it will be easy to defeat the earlier incarnations. You will be able to heal up and change your party and equipment before each mode.

Dragon Tank Mode

Since the Dragon Tank's HP is so low, you can just use normal attacks to quickly get rid of each part.

Guardian Mode

The side parts have 200 HP each, so you should be able to kill them in one hit with a normal physical attack. Then you can use a hard-hitting technique to quickly kill the center, which has 1,200 HP.

Heckran Mode

You have to use magic attacks here. Physical attacks don't cause very much damage at all. So switch to your best magic users and fire away.

Zombor Mode

The top half will use MP Buster when defeated. The top is weak to shadow and water, and the bottom is weak to lightning and fire, but each half absorbs the type of magic that the other one is weak to. That's not a problem here, so for a quick end to the battle, just use one type of magic to get rid of one half, then use one of the other types to get rid of the other half.

Masamune Mode

When it stores tornado energy, have Crono use Slash on it to neutralize the tornado. Otherwise just use your strongest techs to get rid of it quickly. It has 3,600 HP.

Nizbel Mode

It has 4,200 HP. It's vulnerable to lightning, so you can use one of Crono's low-level lightning spells to conserve MP, or just go all out with Luminaire.

Magus Mode

If Magus is with you, he is a good choice to bring into this battle because of his multiple magic types. Have someone other than Frog hit it first to make it change its barrier. If the barrier is set to a type of magic that your party members don't have, then hit with a physical attack again until its barrier is something that you have. Then if Frog is with you, hit it with the Masamune to lower its magic defense, and then attack with the type of magic that it's vulnerable to. When it stops changing barriers, just start hitting with your most powerful attacks.

Azala and Black Tyrano Mode

The part on the shoulder has 2,700 HP. You should defeat that part first, then wait for the center part to lower its defense before attacking. The center part has 10,500 HP. Just use your best techs. You can equip fire-absorbing armor for this battle if you wish, but BlackTyrano's attacks shouldn't be too damaging to you at your current levels.

Giga Gaia Mode

The side parts each have 2000. Get rid of the right one first, then the left, or just use Crono and Ayla's Falcon Hit to get rid of both at the same time. The center part has 9,500 HP. When the side parts reappear, get rid of them again before attacking the center.

Lavos Shell

After defeating all of the attack modes, you fight the actual Lavos Shell. It isn't as bad as the one that killed you in the Ocean Palace. This incarnation has 10,000 HP. There isn't much strategy necessary for this battle. Just use your most powerful attacks and keep your HP up.

Once you defeat the Lavos shell, you walk into the Lavos Core, where you find a gate to the End of Time and a save point. At this point, you are free to leave and prepare for the final battle.

Note that if you beat the Black Omen in 1000 A.D., you can go back to 600 A.D. and do it all over again, and then you can go to 12,000 B.C. and do it again a second time.

When you are ready, return to this place via the bucket in the End of Time.


For the strategy for defeating Lavos, go to the Lavos page.