Forward to the Past

After the battle with Magus, you are pulled back into the past.

Crono and his friends wake up in Ayla's hut after the battle with Magus.

New Ending

Use the bucket (or telepod in New Game +) if you can beat the final boss now to see the ending "Dino Age".

Explore the Past

Now you can get new items at the trading hut.

The items for trade are as follows. You can trade the two items in any order.

Item 1Item 2Item Received
3 Petals3 FangsDream Gun
3 Petals3 HornsDream Bow
3 Petals3 FeathersMagma Hand
3 Fangs3 HornsAeon Blade
3 Fangs3 FeathersRuby Vest
3 Horns3 FeathersRock Helm

To get the new items (assuming you already have three Ruby Vests and Rock Helms), you need 9 Petals, 6 Fangs, 6 Horns, and 3 Feathers.

Laruba Ruins

Now go to the woods west of the Hunting Range and enter the Laruba Ruins. In the ruins, go north and a villager will talk to you. Go north again until you see Ayla and the Elder. After the cutscene, go south to go back outside.

Dactyl Nest

Go northwest of the Hunting Range and enter the Dactyl Nest.

The path here is straightforward. In battles with Shists and Cave Apes, kill the Shists first.

Go north and kill the two Avian Rexes, then climb the ladder and open the chest on the right to get a Mid Ether. Then go southwest. There is chest southeast of the Shists that contains a Mid Tonic. Avoid making contact with the Shists if you don't want to battle them. Go north from that chest and climb the ladder, then go east to the next area.

Defeat the Shist and Cave Apes guarding the ladder, then go north up the ladder. Climb a second ladder and go southwest. As beore, avoid making contact with the Shists if you don't want to battle them. Go east from the Shists to find a chest that contains a Meso Mail.

Climb the ladder next to the chest, and go north. When you approach the next ladder, Avian Rexes will attack. After you defeat them and go north to the next area, there will be a cutscene. Go north to Ayla and there will be another cutscene.

You will be prompted to choose the third character to go with you, but you can change this any time. Robo is a good choice.

With the Dactyls, you can fly wherever you wish. Your destination is in the lava field southeast of the Dactyl Nest. If you have trouble finding it, press Select to view the world map, then press B when you want to exit the map. Press A to land in front of the building in the lava field and enter Tyrano Lair.