Break the Seal!

The Gate to the Kingdom of Zeal has been sealed, and you must find an alternate route.

Crono and his friends emerge from a Gate that seals shut behind them.

Go Through Time to Return to Zeal

If you can beat the final boss now, you can do so to see the ending "What the Prophet Seeks".

Go south to go outside. Go southeast and check on the Dactyls to fly, then go west and land near the Mystic Mountains, which are southwest of the village. Go north through the Mystic Mountains until you reach the Gate. Jump off of the ledge to enter the Gate.

End of Time

Go east and check on the sparkle above the save point to heal up, then save at the save point. Ayla can't learn magic, so there is no need to take her to Spekkio. Then go west to the pillars of light, and use the middle pillar to go to Proto Dome.

Proto Dome

Go outside and go west through Lab 32. You can race Johnny if you don't want to fight monsters in the lab. If you decide to race Johnny, make sure Boost Mode is on if you want an easier time. You can do this if you have the Race Log, which you can get by going west or east from Johnny. The Race Log is in a chest in the middle of the lab area. Then talk to Johnny, then talk to the robot and you can activate Boost Mode.

If you wish, you can travel through Lab 16 all the way to Bangor Dome and use the Gate there. This opens the pillar to Guardia Forest 1000 A.D. at the End of Time. If you don't want to do this now, be sure to do it later.

From the west exit of Lab 32, go south and into the dome at the base of the mountain.

Sewer Access

The enemies here have a low level because you can go through this area the first time you reach the future, so it will be easy to get through now.

Put Ayla and Robo into your party.

Go down the ladder, then go east. Go east past the monsters and open the chest to get 600G.

Go west and defeat the monsters that attack as you cross the bridge. Keep going west to see a cutscene, then go south and approach the ladder. After some dialogue, go down the ladder.

Go east. You can read the diary to the west. To avoid getting attacked, don't run, don't touch any object in your path, and don't use the save point. At the end of the path, go up the ladder. You no longer need to avoid making a sound.

Go north past the bridge, then when you see a gap in the east wall, go east through it. Check on the switch on the wall, then go west through the passage.

Go north, then you can go northeast behind the wall and go south through the door that you just opened with the switch. There will be a cutscene.

Continue along the path and open the chest on the way to get a Rage Band. Then go east and you will battle "Sir Krawlie".


Just use physical attacks. He has an attack that takes your HP down to 1, so be sure to heal if he hits you with that.

Sewer Access, Part 2

Go south, cross the bridge, go south again, and cross the second bridge.

Go west past the ladder, open the chest to get a Bolt Sword, then go to the left and flip the wall switch to raise the bridge.

Then go east to the ladder and go up. From there, go south and enter the dome.

Keeper's Dome

Go to the north end of the room, and check on the sealed door to open it. Go through. Check on each sparkle to continue on the path. Open the door at the end and go through.

Go all the way to the north end of the room. Then, when you try to leave, the Nu comes in and tells you how to use this contraption. (When it falls asleep, just try to move, and it continues). (Default name: Epoch).

Afterward, check on the seats that the Nu pushed into the room, and you will be raised into the machine.

Epoch Controls

  • Y - Time Gauge
  • directional pad or L&R - Select an era
  • A - Time travel to selected era
  • B - Quit

Don't go to 1999 unless you want to fight the final boss right now.

Open the Sealed Chests

Now that you can go to any era at will, and now that you have the powered-up pendant, you have a way of unsealing the sealed doors and sealed chests that you have seen in various places. It's time to hunt for treasure!

Sealed Chests in 600 A.D.

First, go to 600 A.D. and go west into the Magic Cave, which is near where you land. Just east of where you enter, you will see a sealed chest. Open it to get a Magic Ring. Then go west to exit the cave.

Now go southwest to Porre (if you see a swirling hole in the ground near Fiona's place, just ignore it for now) and visit the Elder's House. Check on, but don't open, the two chests to the east. By checking on them without opening them, you cause the contents to be upgraded when you get them in 1000 A.D.

Note: You will find some sealed chests in 600 A.D. that just open when you check them, which means that they aren't upgradeable.

Next, go north to Guardia Forest. There is a sealed chest in the northeast corner of the forest that contains a Speed Tab.

Now go into Guardia Castle. Remember to leave normal chests alone in here. The sealed chest (just check, don't open) is up the stairway to the left of the King and Queen's thrones.

Finally, leave the castle, go south through the forest, and go east to Truce. Go into the Truce Inn, go upstairs, and check but don't open the sealed chest.

Now go west until you can go south across Zenan Bridge, and from there go east to return to Epoch, and use it to go to 1000 A.D.

Sealed Chests in 1000 A.D.

Go south to Porre to the Mayor's Manor (formerly Elder's House), and open the two chests upstairs for the White Mail (absorbs lightning) and Black Mail (absorbs shadow).

Put Marle in your party and go into Guardia Castle. After the Chancellor finishes his story, go north to the throne room, and go northwest up the stairs. The sealed chest here contains the Red Mail (absorbs fire). You can also go around and open the normal chests here, because the items have now been upgraded if you didn't open them in 600 A.D.

Now go to the Truce Inn. The sealed chest is in the room to the north. It contains the Blue Mail (absorbs water).

Next, go to Lucca's house and talk to Taban for some new items. If he is not in the front room, go north and use the northeast stairs, and wait for Taban to appear. After he leaves the room, go south and talk to him to get new items for Lucca.

Then walk around the northeast part of the island where Lucca's house is to find Vortex Pt. (there are a couple of trees next to each other there). Use it to go to Heckran Cave.

Go south down the stairs, then all the way west, then south through the door below, and continue on the path. You will find a sealed chest, which contains a Wall Ring and Dash Ring.

Go back the way you came. Go up the stairs from where you first landed in the water, and continue on the path. When you leave the cave, you will be near Melchior's Hut.

Go east to Medina Village, and go to the forest to the north. Check on the pyramid to enter the Forest Ruins. Open the chest to get a Mid Ether, then go north to find a weird pyramid. The pendant will open it. The Nu inside offers you a choice between a Safe Helm, or a Swallow (sword for Crono). The Swallow is not the best weapon for Crono, so you may wish to take the Safe Helm (the one on the left). If you aren't sure, you can come back later. Just don't forget.

Go south to Medina Village and use the gate in the cupboard in the imps' house to return to the End of Time.

At the End of Time, the old man may have something to say, so talk to him. Then use the middle pillar to go to Proto Dome.

Sealed Chests and Doors in 2300 A.D.

Go west through Lab 32, then go into Arris Dome. Go north to where the people are, then go down the ladder. Go through the door to the right. Go up the stairs on the left, and follow the path to reach the door. Go through. When you can, go up the stairs behind the robot. When you reach another robot, go north past it, and keep going north, then go east and you will find a terminal that you can use to open the door by pressing L&R&A while facing the terminal. After that, open the sealed door and open the chests inside to get a Lumin Robe, an Elixir, a Hit Ring, and a Gold Erng. There's also a Power Tab in the center of the room.

Now leave Arris Dome and go west through Lab 16. Open the sealed door in Bangor Dome and go through. Open the chests to get a Charm Top, a Full Ether, and a Wallet.

Use the Gate in Bangor Dome to go to the End of Time, then use the northeast pillar of light to go to Guardia Forest in 1000 A.D. Open the sealed chest there to get a Power Ring. Then use the Gate, and use the southwest pillar to return to Bangor Dome.

Finally, go south to Trann Dome and open the sealed door. Go through and open the chests to get a Gold Stud and a Full Ether. Be sure to pick up the Magic Tab to the left of the chests.

If you didn't get the Power Tab in Proto Dome before, go north to Bangor Dome, use the Gate, then use the middle pillar of light to go to Proto Dome. In Proto Dome, walk around in front of the Gate until you hear a noise, and the Power Tab will appear (if you didn't get it before.)

Vests in 600 A.D.

Go back to the End of Time. Now that you've collected the upgraded Mails from the sealed chests in 1000 A.D., you can go back to 600 A.D. and collect the non-upgraded Vests from those chests. (The Mails won't disappear when you remove their Vest counterparts from the sealed chests in the past.) Use the northwest pillar to go to Truce Canyon in 600 A.D. The Sealed Chests are in Truce Inn, Guardia Castle (which also has normal chests that you can open now that you got the upgraded items in 1000 A.D., but the non-upgraded contents are not very powerful), and the Elder's House in Porre. After you get all of those items, go back to Truce Canyon and use the Gate to return to the End of Time.

Return to Epoch

If you followed the instructions in the previous sections, you have gotten all of the items from the sealed chests, so it is time to go back to Epoch. Use the southeast pillar to go to Leene Square in 1000 A.D., which is where you left Epoch if you followed the above instructions. Go outside and go west, then south across the bridge, then go east past Magic Cave to find Epoch. Use it to go to 12,000 B.C.

The Skyway is locked now, and the cave to the north still has nothing but a sealed Gate in it, so go northwest and enter the hut to arrive in Terra Cave.

Terra Cave & Algetty

Climb up the ladder, then go through the opening on the left. Go north through the opening and talk to the man there, and you can purchase new equipment from him, but it is expensive. You can sell old equipment, but don't sell your Ruby Vests, or if you have the Red Mail and Red Vest (see the previous sections for how to get them), you can sell all but one Ruby Vest.

Leave the room, then go south. Go into the opening where a child is walking around, and you will find an inn. You can talk to the man there to stay the night.

Go to the south part of the village to find a save point.

If Ayla knows the Charm tech, you can equip her with the Charm Top accessory (which can be obtained from a chest in Bangor Dome in 2300 A.D.), and she can use Charm to get R'Bow Helms from the Beast enemies that you will battle in the next area. These rare helms have high defense, and also provide some protection from Lightning. However, Ayla may be a long way away from learning Charm at this point. You can check in the Tech menu. You can put Ayla in your party and fight Nus in the Hunting Range in 65,000,000 B.C. to get 30 skill points each time (she won't earn Skill Points if she is not in the active party).

Beast's Nest

From the save point in the southern part of Algetty village, you can go east through the opening to enter the Beast's Nest.

In the southeast corner of the Beast's Nest, there is a Power Tab.

As mentioned above, if Ayla has learned Charm, equip her with the Charm Top accessory and have her use Charm on the Beasts whenever you fight them, to get get R'bow Helms from them.

Go north and you will encounter some Beasts. Their attack power increases each time they are hit, so try to finish them off quickly. After you defeat them, go northwest. Kill the Beasts here, then switch your party to Crono, Lucca, and Marle.

After you defeat the upcoming boss, you won't be able to battle Beasts anymore, so if you want Ayla to Charm R'bow Helms from Beasts, go south to return to Algetty, then re-enter the Beast's Nest and battle Beasts to get R'bow Helms before you proceed.

Otherwise, go north and a battle will begin.

Mud Imp, Red Beast, Blue Beast

Focus your attacks on the Beasts, using Ice Sword on Red Beast, and Fire Sword on Blue Beast. Attack one Beast at a time, then switch to the other Beast when the first one is gone. When both Beasts are gone, use Ice Sword on the Mud Imp. It might run away on its own.

After the battle, you may wish to go back the way you came and heal up in the Inn in Algetty village, then come back here. You won't encounter Beasts in the Beast's Nest anymore, now that you have defeated the Red Beast, Blue Beast, and Mud Imp.

Then when you are ready, come back here, walk onto the chain, and walk up it to reach a new area.