Footsteps! Follow!

After the red rock is stolen, you explore the prehistoric world to find it.

Crono and his friends wake up after a night of partying with Ayla and her people.


There is a trading hut east of the Chief's Hut. To get items there, you will need Petals, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers. You can get them by defeating enemies in this era, and there is a Hunting Range in the woods northeast of the huts where you can battle monsters.

Hunting Range

In the Hunting Range, you can fight Nus when it rains. The Nu will either show up on the southeast ledge, in the northeast of the area, or in the northwest of the area. The Nu can't kill you; it can only take your HP down to 1. You get a Third Eye when you beat it for the first time, and every time you beat it, you get 3 each of Petals, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers.

To get all the items in the trading hut, you'll need 9 petals, 15 fangs, 15 horns, and 21 feathers. This gets you all of the weapons, as well as three Ruby Vests and three Rock Helms. Ayla has those already equipped, but she doesn't stay with you permanently. Alternatively, you can wait until you reach the Reptite Lair, where you'll get another Ruby Vest and Rock Helm. If you choose to do that, you just need 9 petals, 12 fangs, 12 horns, and 15 feathers.

The items for trade are as follows. (The items can be given in any order.)

Item 1Item 2Item Received
3 Petals3 FangsRuby Gun
3 Petals3 HornsSage Bow
3 Petals3 FeathersStone Arm
3 Fangs3 HornsFlint Edge
3 Fangs3 FeathersRuby Vest
3 Horns3 FeathersRock Helm

Get a Tonic

The guy in the southeast hut will give you a Tonic.

Forest Maze

Go south from the village and go to the north edge of the forest that has a cave in the middle, and enter the Forest Maze. Go east and approach Kino. There will be a cutscene.

Then go east and open the chest to the south (Mid Tonic). Go east and climb down the vine, stay near the west wall if you want to avoid battle, and go southwest and open the chest (Revive).

From there, go east, then south. When you have gone as far south as you can go, you will find a chest (Shelter). Go east from that chest to go up a ramp. If you stay near the east wall as you go north, and again as you go south, you can avoid some battles. When the path splits, go west and stay on the southern path to find a chest (Mid Tonic), then go to the nearest split in the path and go north. You can stay near the north edge, then go counterclockwise against the edge until you reach a chest (Heal). Go east from there and climb down the vine.

Go east from there to find a chest just under a ramp (Mid Ether). Then go west until you can see the vine that you just climbed down, and go south from there to exit the Forest Maze.

Use a Shelter and save the game if you wish, then go to the cave entrance and enter the Reptite Lair.

Reptite Lair

From the entrance, go east through the door to reach the next room.

There are monsters in this room that drill holes into the floor. You can check on these holes to reach the next rooms. Which room you end up in depends on where the hole is (see below). You can return to the room with the holes later. If you don't like where a monster is digging, you can bump into it to make it stop. If you go down a hole in the southeast of the room, you can get a Full Tonic. If you go down a hole in the northwest, you won't get any treasure and will battle two Evilweevils. The other two corners lead to a Mid Ether and some monsters.

| 2 Evilweevils | 1 Mid Ether   |
|               | 2 Evilweevils |
|               | 2 Fly Traps   |
| 1 Mid Ether   | 1 Full Tonic  |
| 1 EvilWeevil  | 1 Evilweevil  |
| 1 Fly Trap    | 1 Fly Trap    |

If you end up in the northeast room and let an Evilweevil dig near the east wall, you can reach an Elixir. If you reach the southeast room and let an Evilweevil dig near the east wall, you can reach a Full Ether. However, it can take a long time for an Evilweevil to start digging a hole. Otherwise, if you ended up in the southeast or northeast room, you can go down the hole that is already there to get a Ruby Vest. If you ended up in the northwest room, the hole there just leads to a monster.

| 1 Megasaur    |               | 1 Elixir      |
|               | 1 Ruby Vest   |               |
+---------------+ 2 Evilweevils +---------------+
| 1 Full Tonic  | 1 Fly Trap    | 1 Full Ether  |
| 1 Evilweevil  |               | 1 Fly Trap    |
| 1 Fly Trap    |               | 2 Evilweevils |
|               |               | 1 Megasaur    |

Go down a hole to reach a new area. In this big room, there are Reptites running everywhere. You can just avoid them if you don't want to fight. There are a couple of Reptites just standing there. Look behind them to find chests (top: Full Ether; left: Rock Helm).

Go east through the door in the Reptite room. If you run quickly north, you can avoid a battle with the enemies to the south. If you want to try to get more treasure by going down different holes from before, go north behind the Winged Ape and go through the door on the left.

Otherwise, keep going north. When a save point appears, you can use a Shelter and save the game there if you wish, then go up the stairs.

Go north and there will be a cutscene. You can respond to his question however you wish; it won't change the outcome.


Use Lightning to lower his defense, then use your best physical attacks. Volt Bite works well after you have used Lightning. Eventually Nizbel will release the electric energy, dealing a lot of damage. If Robo doesn't know Heal Beam yet, have everyone use a Mid Tonic right after Nizbel releases the energy. After that Nizbel releases the electric energy, you have to use Lightning on him again to lower his defense. Keep HP above 200.

Mystic Mountain

After the cutscene, you will be back in the village. When you are done in the village, go to the south part of the village, then go west and enter Mystic Mountain. Go north to reach the ledge with the Gate. Fall off of the ledge to use the Gate. Now that you have the Dreamstone, you can use the northeast light pillar in the End of Time to go to Medina Village in 1000 A.D., then visit Melchior.