The Time Egg

After you escape from Dalton, you are advised to seek out a certain someone.

You board the newly upgraded Epoch after you are advised to seek out a certain someone.

Return to the End of Time

Check on Epoch to board. There will be a cutscene. The new place that appeared is the final dungeon, and you are probably not a high enough level to go there yet. If you do want to go there, you can fly west from the Last Village. However, it is recommended to do the many sidequests that are now available.

While in Epoch, press Y to go to the time gauge. Remember not to go to 1999 A.D. unless you are ready to fight the final boss. Instead, go to the End of Time.

If you defeat the final boss now, you will see the ending "Reunion".

Talk to the Old Man

At the End of Time, talk to the old man. He does not say much, but try to leave and he will call you back. Talk to him again for more information.

You can use the dock in the southeast of the End of Time to board Epoch. Use it to go to 2300 A.D. Fly to the Keeper's Dome (near the Black Omen) and go through the door in the back. There will be a Magic Tab on the floor near the end of the passage. Talk to the Nu there.

If you already got the Crono clone earlier in the game, you can skip the next few paragraphs.

Next, go to 1000 A.D. and fly to Leene's Square. You have to earn 40 Silver Points, which you can do by playing games at the fair. One easy way is to battle Gato the robot, who is to the west of Leene's Bell. At your level, you can defeat him in one hit, and you get 15 Silver Points each time you defeat him, so you only need to defeat him three times.

You can check how many Silver Points you have by talking to the man at the tent to the left of Leene's Bell. When you have 40, go outside and save the game, then go back into Leene Square, and go into the tent in the southeast part of the area. The tent opening is shaped like a skull with horns. Inside, talk to the floating head. This is Norstein Bekkler. If you lose his game, you will have to pay gold for the clone, but the price will go down the longer you stay in the game, and if you make it all the way through his game, the clone will be free. If you saved the game outside beforehand, you can just reload your save and try again until you get the clone for free.

Once you win Norstein Bekkler's game, you can go to Crono's house, go upstairs, talk to Crono's mother, and check on the clone to take it.

Now go back to 2300 A.D., go to the back room of the Keeper's Dome, and talk to the Nu again. Watch the cutscene. Now you are ready to challenge Death Peak.You can check on the Nu to switch him off.

Death Peak

Death Peak is to the north of the Keeper's Dome. Go into Death Peak when you are ready.

Run north, and you will see one of the dolls. Talk to it before the wind blows you away (if it does, just come back), and the doll will turn into a tree. Stand directly south of the tree, and don't push any buttons, to avoid being blown away. When the wind dies down, go east and take the Power Tab. Try to run back to the tree to hide behind it before the wind picks up again.

As soon as the wind dies down again, run north to reach the next tree, center yourself under it, and walk north toward it so you stay behind it. Then when the wind dies down once more, run north to reach the next area.

Go west and defeat the Krakkers. Afterward, go west and open the chest to get a Magic Ring, then go east and go up the ladder. Go southeast down the slope, then go east and defeat the Krakkers, then go northeast and up the ladder. Go east to the next area.

You can avoid the Krakkers nearby, or just battle them. If you battle them, they are joined by a Macabre. These enemies are weak to magic. Go north from there, and when the path splits, go southeast. To the south, there is a difficult-to-see save point between two trees, and a chest northeast of the save point that contains a Wall Ring. Go northwest up the slope that you came down, stay near the west wall if you want to avoid a battle with two Macabres, and go north into the cave.

Lavos Spawn

Go north to fight a Lavos Spawn. Do not hit the shell. If you do, you will be hit with a high-damage needle attack. The Lavos Spawn will sometimes use the needle attack even without anyone hitting the shell, so be prepared to heal everyone quickly when this happens. Otherwise, just use physical attacks on the head, and if anyone gets inflicted with the Chaos status, Heal them quickly to prevent them from hitting the shell. You might want to equip your fastest party member with the Amulet to protect them from getting the Chaos status, so they can use Heals on anyone with Chaos.

Death Peak, Part 2

After you defeat the Lavos Spawn, go east and open the chest to get a Giga Arm. Then go north to the next area. Follow the path, defeat the Macabres that attack, and go east to the next area.

Open the chest on the right to get a BraveSword. It is recommended not to sell the BraveSword. If you stay near the east wall as you go south, you can avoid a battle with some Krakkers. Go south to the next area.

Go northwest and check on the sparkle to open a cave. Then go north into the cave, north along the east wall if you want to avoid the Krakkers again, north through the cave opening, west along the mountain ledge, south through the cave where you fought a Lavos Spawn, and south to go back outside. Go southeast down the slope, south to the save point between the two trees, then go north into the cave that you opened up.

Walk north slowly, and sneak eastward, if you want to avoid a battle a Krakker. Open the chest to get a StarScythe. Then go north and you will battle another Lavos Spawn. After you defeat it, go west to the next area.

Talk to the doll. You need to go west without letting the wind push you off of the ledge. You can walk upward to avoid being pushed downward, then when you do need to go downward, stop walking upward. Run upward if you need to go farther up. When you reach the west side, go west to the next area.

There are Krakkers falling continuously from above. Go west past them to reach the chest. It contains a VedicBlade. Go south from there to the next area.

Follow the path and talk to the last doll, then go west, then climb down the ladder, follow the path, and fight the Lavos Spawn as before. Afterward, push the shell north by pushing against the part of the shell just to the left of where its head was, then push it east to the piece of ladder that you can't reach. After the shell is in place, face the part of the shell that you pushed, and press A to climb up. Go the rest of the way up the ladder, then go east and open the chest to get a Memory Cap.

The Cutscene at Death Peak

You may wish to change your party members now, to change which cutscene you will see when you go north. The four possible cutscenes are Marle's cutscene, Lucca's cutscene, Frog's cutscene, and Robo's cutscene. If more than one of those characters is in your party, the order of precedence is Marle, Lucca, Frog, then Robo.

When you are ready, go north. There are no more monsters on the way. At the top of the mountain, watch the cutscene. During the cutscene, check on .

Afterward, you will be back at the End of Time. There are several sidequests that you can do to get powerful weapons and armor before you face the final boss.