Guide to Tabs and Stat Growth

This page explains how to use tabs during the game instead of saving them until just before fighting the final boss.

Crono finds a Power Tab in Guardia Forest.

Speed Tabs

You can use Speed Tabs freely in this game, because Speed does not change based on a character's level, and it maxes out at 16. Use Speed Tabs on the slower characters, i.e. Robo, Lucca, and Marle.

Power Tabs and Magic Tabs

Do NOT use Power Tabs on Marle or Lucca. The Power stat does not increase their strength at all.

The Power and Magic stats grow according to patterns specific to each character in the game, as shown below.

Power: approx. +1 +1 +2, maxes at level 70.
Magic: +1 approx. every 3 levels, up to 46 at level **

Magic: +1 approx. every level, up to 96 at level **

Magic: +1 every level, maxes at level 91

Power: +1 or +2 per level, maxes at level 59
Magic: +1 every 2 levels, up to 53 at level **

Power: +1 or +2 every level, maxes at level 75
Magic: +1 every 2 levels, up to 56 at level **

Power: +1 +2 every level, maxes at level 61
Magic: +1 every 2 or 3 levels, up to 32 at level **

Power: +1 every level, +2 6th level, maxes at level 77
Magic: +1 every level, +2 9th level, maxes at level 80