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This is the final battle! There are many ways to reach this point. To get New Game +, you have to go through the Black Omen. You can go through the Black Omen by flying to it with Epoch in 12,000 B.C., 600 A.D., or 1000 A.D. The Black Omen appears after you escape from the Blackbird, talk to Magus at the North Cape, then get into Epoch.

Ways to Reach Lavos

  • Complete the Black Omen (the only way to get New Game +)
  • Fly Epoch to 1999 A.D.
  • Use the bucket in the End of Time
  • Defeat its outer shell in the Ocean Palace (only possible in a New Game + or with extreme level grinding)
  • In a New Game +, use the sparkle in the telepod at the beginning of the game

Inner Lavos

The right arm has 8000 HP, the left arm has 12,000 HP, and the head has 20,000 HP.

The head has very high defense until you destroy the arms. The right arm restores the head's HP, so kill it first, then go after the left arm. Once the arms are gone, wait for the message "Engaging Main Body." This means that the head has dropped its defense and you can start attacking it.

The arms can cast Protective Seal, which makes you vulnerable to status effects even if you are wearing status-protecting armor, so be careful.

Lavos Core

Although the creature in the center looks like it should be the focus of this fight, the right bit is actually the key to bringing Lavos down. Once the right bit is destroyed, the other parts will die and you will win the game. However, the other bits make things more complicated.

The left bit has 2000 HP, the creature in the center has 10,000 HP, and the right bit has 30,000 HP.

The right bit has very high defense until one or both of the other bits die. The right bit will then drop its defense and prepare to resurrect the dead bits.

The left bit heals all three bits, and it has fairly low HP, AND it can cast Protective Seal to make you vulnerable to status effects, so you should focus on killing it first. Just don't use magic on the left bit, because it absorbs all magic types.

Once the left bit is gone, attack the center bit until the right bit drops its defense. At that point, you can either use target-all attacks to try to kill the center bit while bringing the right bit closer to final defeat, or you can just focus all of your efforts only on the right bit.

You might want to attack both the center bit and the right bit, because to make things even more difficult, the center bit does time warps, giving it access to different attacks depending on the era. The Grand Stone physical attack in the 65,000,000 B.C. time warp and the Dreamless magic attack in the 2300 A.D. time warp are especially devastating: if you are unlucky, your entire party could be instantly killed even if they are at full HP.

If you kill the center bit, but the left and right bits are both still alive, they will counterattack your moves with an attack similar to X-Strike.

Eventually, the right bit will resurrect the bits that died. Its defense doesn't go back to maximum right away, so keep hitting it until its defense goes back up. At that point you'll have to repeat the strategy above, starting by killing the left bit.

To review, the general strategy is to kill the left bit, attack the center while you wait for the right bit to remove its defense, then use your most powerful attacks on the right bit (and the center at the same time, if you wish) until the other bit(s) are revived, while making sure that your party is healed up throughout the battle. Once the right bit has died, you have won the game! Congratulations! The ending that you get depends on when and how you reached Lavos. See the endings guide for more information.

The Ending on the DS Version

If you are playing the Nintendo DS version, there are some additional boss battles that you can do after beating the game. First, watch through the ending. Be sure to press a button if the ending seems to be over. Depending on which ending it was, you might see an animated ending sequence from the PlayStation version.

You will see some dimensional vortices appear in various places in various eras. You will later be able to fly to those vortices with Epoch and defeat some new bosses there.

Then you will be asked if you want to save your ending info to the current save slot. I recommend that you do this. The ending log will be added to the Extras for that save slot, and you will be able to keep track of all the endings that you have seen so far.