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After you rescue Paula, the Runaway Five takes you to the creepy city of Threed.

Be Seen by the Zombies in the Graveyard

Go west from where the Runaway Five dropped you off. Go into the drug store to upgrade your equipment.

Go into the tent in the center of town to learn that zombies are taking over. Near the hotel, there is a kid who says that a suspicious woman has been seen talking to the zombies.

Go to the graveyard in the northwest of town. Some of the trash cans are secretly monsters that will attack if you get too close. Go to the northwest corner of the graveyard, where you will find two zombies blocking the way to a ladder. Approach them until they look at you.

Follow the Suspicious Woman into the Hotel

Now go to the hotel in town. You see a suspicious woman go into the hotel. Be warned that the music in the hotel will be creepy. Go into the hotel and follow the woman into a hotel room.

It's a trap! You and Paula are ambushed by ghosts and zombies, then you wake up in a cave with a locked door. Paula sends a psychic message to Jeff.

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