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In Jackie's Cafe, the lady standing along the right-side wall of the cafe will say that she heard a loud noise outside. Go outside to find out what's going on.

Leave Jackie's Café

You'll see a crowd of people standing around none other than Everdred. He looks to be in pretty bad shape. To get a closer look, talk to the dirty kid on the right. He'll demand that you give him something. You can give him anything. It doesn't have to be food. For example, he'll accept a show ticket from the Topolla Theater.

Once he moves out of the way, go over and talk to Everdred. He'll explain that Monotoli stole the Mani-Mani statue from him, and then tried to kill him. He'll tell you to check behind the counter of Jackie's Cafe, and, after leaving you with a haiku, he'll stagger to his feet and wander off.

Check… Behind… the Counter…

Go on into the Cafe. Check on the wall behind the counter, next to the bartender. You'll discover something weird, and after a blinding flash, you'll find yourself in a dark, neon world where everything looks and sounds wrong. Welcome to Moonside!

Talking to some of the people here will teach you that in Moonside, yes means no and no means yes. So whenever anyone asks you a question that you have to respond to with yes or no, be sure to pick the answer that you DON'T want.

In the Moonside version of Jackie's Cafe, a flaming monster will attack you. It's a Robo-Pump, which you need to kill within three moves, or it will throw a bomb at you.

Go outside, where people will say seriously weird stuff to you. There will be some tough-looking beach guys in some parts of town. If you talk to them, they will warp you to different parts of town after saying "Hello... and, Goodbye!" This is the only way to access all of Moonside, so if you find yourself stuck, try talking to the beach guys to get sent to a different part of town.

Find the Sailor

When you find yourself next to the Moonside Monotoli building, talk to the sailor standing to the right of it. He'll say that he wants to meet up with a man who has connected eyebrows and a gold tooth. You have to talk to this sailor to be able to get out of here.

Find the Man with Connected Eyebrows and a Gold Tooth

Now, talk to the warp guys. Let the different guys warp you around town, until you end up in a room with no doors. There is a Mr. T guy here, but if you look closely, you'll also see a completely black, human-shaped figure walking around. Talk to it, and then talk to Mr. T, who will send you out of the room.

You'll end up in a room of the hotel. The shadowy figure from the Mr. T room is following you, but he's completely invisible now. However, he'll occasionally talk to you, bragging about his awesome gold tooth and his amazing connected eyebrows.

Meet up with the Sailor

Go back to the sailor standing next to the Monotoli building. He'll see the invisible man and go off to have some drinks with the guy. Now you can go to the front of the Monotoli Building, where you will find none other than Monotoli himself. Talk to him, and he'll claim not to be who he seems.

Fight the Mani-Mani

Monotoli disappears, leaving you face-to-face with the Mani-Mani statue. Be sure to heal your HP, and then talk to the statue to fight it. Find out how to defeat the Evil Mani Mani.

After it's gone, you'll find yourself in the store room of Jackie's Cafe, with the broken Mani-Mani statue at your feet. Apparently, Moonside was just an illusion that the Mani-Mani statue trapped you in. Now that you're free, you can leave the store room.

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