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Help Pokey Find Picky

After trying to investigate the meteorite, Pokey tells you to go home.

Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Ness will wake up again, this time because of an annoying knock on the door. Go downstairs and approach the door and Pokey will force it open. He can't find his brother Picky and he demands that you help find him. You have to say yes. After that, go talk to your Mom and you will automatically go change out of your jammies.

By the way: don't forget to equip the Cracked Bat.

When you go back downstairs, be sure to talk to Tracy because she will give you a Cookie. Then talk to your dog, King, to get him to join you. Finally, talk to Pokey, and he'll join you. Now try to leave.

Talk to Dad

The phone rings. Answer it, and your Dad will tell you how to use your ATM card. He will automatically deposit cash in your account whenever you defeat an enemy.

After the phone call, you can call Dad again to have him save the game. Choose "continue" if you want to keep playing for now.

Go to the Meteorite

Go outside. There are enemies in the area now, so be careful. You can see them moving around in the overworld, so you can try to avoid them, but you will miss out on earning EXP if you do.

If you and the enemy are facing each other when the enemy touches you, a black swirl will appear on screen, and then the first turn is done by whoever has the highest speed. If you are facing away from the enemy when it touches you, a red swirl will appear on screen, and the enemy goes first. If the enemy is facing away from you when it touches you, a green swirl will appear on screen, and you go first. In some cases you will be able to quickly change direction after an enemy touches you, but this isn't always possible.

The Spiteful Crows in the area drop Cookies. It is helpful to stock up on Cookies by killing the crows. If you run out of room in your bag, you can toss your Cookies to make room for items in gift boxes. Be warned: Spiteful Crows can steal from you.

By the way, you will soon receive an item that you can't refuse, and this can be annoying because it permanently takes up a space in Ness's inventory that could otherwise be used for a useful item. However, you can avoid this if Ness's backpack is full. If you want to fill up his backpack, just go around fighting crows now until your inventory is full of cookies.

Find Picky Near the Meteor

Go up the hill. You can talk to Lier X. Agerate, who says he heard a kid's voice on the top of the hill. Go toward the meteor and King will get scared and run back home (but he will be OK). Walk past the smoldering meteor and you will find Picky sleeping by a bush. Wake him up and he will join you.

Meet Buzz Buzz

Walk back toward the right and Pokey will stop you, asking if you hear the sound of an bee buzzing around. It doesn't matter what you answer. After you answer, a beam of light will shine down on the meteorite, and a bee will fly out of it. It will fly over your head and tell you that he is not really a bee, and his name is Buzz Buzz, and he has come from 10 years in the future, where the world has been all but destroyed by an evil entity called Giygas. He says that there is a prophecy that states three boys and a girl are destined to save the world. Buzz Buzz believes that Ness is the chosen one who will lead the group and save the world.

Go down the hill and go toward your house. You won't encounter any enemies on the way. However, just before you get to Pokey and Picky's house, you encounter Starman Jr. who seems to know Buzz Buzz.

Fight Starman Jr.

There is no way to lose the battle with Starman Jr. Buzz Buzz will put a psychic shield around all of you, so you will never be in danger of getting hit. Just have Ness attack on each turn. King will attack automatically. Buzz Buzz has very powerful attacks, so he will probably deal the final blow.

After that battle is over, go into Pokey and Picky's house. Their dad will chase them upstairs and scold them, and their mother will smash Buzz Buzz's guts out. With his dying breaths, Buzz Buzz tells you that to defeat Giygas, you must channel the Earth's power by visiting eight Your Sanctuary locations. The first Your Sanctuary is in Onett, and is called Giant Step. Each place will have a special song, and Buzz Buzz gives you the Sound Stone, which will record those songs. However, as mentioned earlier, if your backpack is full, you won't get the Sound Stone. This will free up a spot in Ness's inventory, and it won't have a detrimental effect on the gameplay at all (Ness can still record the songs at the Your Sanctuary locations without the Sound Stone). Just don't ever talk to Tracy in person again unless your inventory is full, because otherwise she will give you the Sound Stone.

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