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Magic Cake

After a short flight, the Sky Runner will crash land on the sunny beach of Summers. This time, it's blown to smithereens, beyond anything even Jeff can repair. Sure, you can teleport out of here, but where did Pokey go? Surely not to any place where you've already been. You'll have to find some transportation that will let you follow him.

By the way, being a resort town, everything in Summers is astronomically expensive. Lucky Coins are a good purchase, but you can get by without buying any of the other expensive weapons and armor here.

But anyway, you know that Giygas didn't want you to come to Summers. But why? If you visit the hotel, you'll discover that Pokey was clearly here before you. The only transportation out of here is by boat, so that's what you'll have to use to follow Pokey.

Talk to the Sailor in Toto

Go east to the port town of Toto. The sailor who could take you to your next destination refuses to go out on a boat, because he and his wife have drifted apart. She has been hanging out in a strange club, ignoring her Magic Cake business. So you're going to have to go talk to her.

Make a Reservation at the Stoic Club

The strange club, as you might have noticed in town earlier, is the Stoic Club. This club isn't open to outsiders. Fortunately, there is a guy in Toto who will give you the phone number of the club. After getting the number, call it to make a reservation to go into the club. If you want to save some money (as I'm sure you do in this expensive place,) use the museum's phone. It's the only phone in Summers that isn't a payphone.

By the way, at some point after visiting Toto (I think it's after you talk to the phone number guy,) Jeff's roommate Tony, from Snow Wood Boarding House, will give you a call. He'll ask you, the player, to enter your name. You can put whatever you want here. I recommend putting your first name, or whatever name you would want friends to call you.

Talk to the Sailor's Wife

After making the reservation, you can go on into the Stoic Club. There is a rock concert taking place, although the Stoic Club's idea of a rock concert is to put an actual rock on the stage for its patrons to contemplate. Talk to the people here and you'll learn that this is a place for philisophical intellectuals, although clearly, they're all just spouting a bunch of psychobabble and paying exorbitant prices for glasses of water.

If you ask around, someone will point out the Magic Cake lady. In fact, the person who points her out is so frustrated about the recent lack of Magic Cake that he won't even be able to concentrate on the nonsensical philosophy stuff. So go on over to the lady. She'll talk about how she's all self-actualized and has everything all figured out, but then when she understands that you want Magic Cake, she'll be so surprised that she'll leave the club right away to go make some for you.

Eat the Magic Cake

Go outside to the Magic Cake lady's cart. She is so touched by your interested in her Magic Cake business that she'll make very special Magic Cake for you, made with leftover ingredients.

In fact, the cake is so good that it's transcendent. It's out of this world. Or at least, out-of-body. Ness sees swirling colors and proceeds to have a very clear, very strange, dream.

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