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As you burst into Monotoli's office, he will back away in fear, apologizing profusely for kidnapping Paula, who is standing nearby, totally unharmed. Now that the evil Mani-Mani statue isn't influencing Monotoli's thoughts anymore, he has realized the error of his ways.

Learn about Summers from Monotoli

He'll tell you all about the secret messages that he heard while praying to the Mani-Mani. It seems clear that Giygas doesn't want you to go to Summers. Since Monotoli is a changed man, he wants to help you get to Summers since it will help in the fight against Giygas. He'll tell you to go through the passage and use his helicopter to get there.

Now with Paula back, go to the helicopter. Before you get in, it will turn on, and Pokey will pop his ugly head out of the window to taunt you before flying off to Summers in the helicopter.

Now what? Go back to Monotoli, who isn't sure what to do. Paula will have a brief vision, and she'll announce that in order to get to Summers, you need to head back to Threed.

Go with the Runaway Five to Threed

Exit Monotoli's office, where you'll find that the Runaway Five are still hanging around. They want to show their gratitude for all that you've done for them, so they tell you to join them in their tour bus and they'll drop you off in Threed.

Be sure to pick up any items that you didn't get on your way to Monotoli's office. The Sentry Robots aren't hanging around anymore.

When you're ready, go outside to board the Runaway Five's bus. Once you're back in Threed, the band will drop you off before heading on their way.

Find Transportation to Summers

Now, what do you suppose you should do here in Threed? Summers is across the ocean, so you need to fly there. And you can't use Teleport, because you've never been to Summers before. Could there be some sort of flying contraption here in Threed? Of course, I'm talking about the Sky Runner!

Go into the graveyard room where Ness and Paula were once imprisoned, and you'll find that some kind souls have patched up the damaged Sky Runner. It doesn't run, but Jeff quickly examines the machinery and discovers that it's easy for him to repair. However, he doesn't know how to make it go to Summers, so instead it will take you back to Dr. Andonuts's lab in Winters.

Fight Shrooom! while you Wait

Dr. Andonuts will agree to reprogram the Sky Runner to send you to Summers. However, it will take him a while. Surely you can think of something to do while you're here. Wasn't there something in the cave to the north that Jeff couldn't do anything about when he travelled south? There sure is: a Your Sanctuary boss.

The nice thing about this boss is that you don't have to go very far into the cave to reach it, so there's no dungeon crawl this time. Just walk right up to Shrooom! to engage it in battle. Find out how to defeat Shrooom!

Once you defeat it, go into the Rainy Circle to receive the next Sound Stone Melody. And by the way, there's a Pencil Statue over by Brick Road's maze. It's actually the only Pencil Statue that you haven't gotten rid of, so go get rid of it. Then you can give the Pencil Eraser to Escargo Express because you'll never need it again.

Fly to Summers

When you're ready, go talk to Dr. Andonuts to find out that he has finished upgrading the Sky Runner. Hop in to fly off to Summers.

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