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After Ness and Paula are trapped, Paula sends a message to Jeff in Winters.

Wake Up

Jeff wakes up after hearing Paula's psychic message, which asks him to go south.

Get the Bad Key Machine from Maxwell

Try to exit the room. Tony will leap out of bed to ask you where you are going. Tony says to go to the locker room to pick up some supplies for the journey, and then he will join you. Exit the room.

If you talk to the boys outside of your room, you will learn about Tessie, Cave Boys, and Stonehenge. Go into the other room. There are a bunch of cookies in here, but don't get them yet.

Go downstairs, then go into the room here. Talk to Maxwell to hear about Jeff's father, Dr. Andonuts. Maxwell will give you a locker key, but he warns that it is bent. Go into the locker room and try to use the key on a locker. The key is too bent to work. Talk to Maxwell, who quickly invented a Bad Key Machine just now.

Get Equipped, and Leave the Boarding School

Use the Bad Key Machine to open all of the lockers. Equip the things that you find here. If you didn't get any of the cookies from the room upstairs, get them now.

Now you are ready to leave the Snow Wood Boarding School. Go outside and talk to Tony to climb over the gate.

Befriend Bubble Monkey

Go east and enter the drug store. Talk to the woman who has the monkey. Buy a pak of bubble gum from her and then talk to the monkey, who will join you after taking some gum. If you use the phone, you can call Maxwell to save the game.

Talk to the Tessie Watchers and Stay Overnight

Go south from the drug store, then follow the path southward. Go can go into the tent and talk to the boys to heal your HP.

Keep going south until you find a camp site of Tessie watchers. You can heal up in the tent on the left. While sleeping, you might repair the broken item(s) that you have with you. Also, you might hear messages from Paula.

Ride Tessie

When you are ready to continue, talk to the Tessie watchers, then rest in the tent on the left. It will be windy outside. Go southeast from the tent with the phone in it. There is a strip of land sticking out into the water. Walk onto the dirt on that strip of land. The Bubble Monkey will chew some gum and float over the water, and Tessie will emerge. She will carry you and Bubble Monkey to a distant shore.

Go through Brick Road's Maze

Follow the path and you will discover a cave entrance and a pencil statue. In the cave, there is a small maze. There are a few monsters and gifts inside. The north path goes to a Bread Roll. The middle path goes to an Insecticide Spray. The lower path leads to a split, where you can go to the right to get a Broken Iron, which Jeff can turn into a Slime Generator if his IQ is at least 10. The Slime Generator temporarily immobilizes enemies when used in battle.

After getting the Broken Iron, go back to the split in the path, and go west. When the path splits again, go north. You can check on the sign to the north to have your picture taken by the photographer. Then go southwest until the path splits, and go west until you reach another split. Go south there to get a Croissant. Then go northwest until the path splits again. Go southwest to get a Stun Gun. Then go back to the split and go southeast. From there, the path is straightforward. You will reach a phone, where you can call Maxwell if you want to save the game.

Exit the maze. Mr. Brick Road will tell you about the maze and will heal your HP.

Get Bubble Monkey's Help through the Cave

Continue on the path, and you will find another cave. Inside, go west and you will find a Hamburger. Go through the door on the left. When you see some ropes, go up the first rope to find a Cheap Bracelet. Then go back down the ropes. Go west to find a Bottle Rocket. Then check on the coil of rope and use the pak of bubble gum to make Bubble Monkey throw the rope down to you. Climb up. You can't fight the shining thing, so just go west to leave the cave.

Ride the Sky Runner

Go outside to find Stonehenge. Bubble Monkey will leave. Avoid the Cave Boys and go south to find a lab. Inside, you meet Jeff's father, Dr. Andonuts. After some awkward chit-chat, he eventually tells you about the Phase Distorter and the Sky Runner.

After this, you can use the machine in the back to heal up. You can go upstairs to get an item from the gift box. Then go downstairs and go to the left. You will find the Sky Runner. Get in and press a button to make it lift off.

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