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Tenda Village

The Tenda people are small, forest green, and painfully shy. Most of them will barely say anything to you.

After you get into the village, go south from the entrance and rummage through the trash can to get a Death Ray. There is also a phone here.

You can heal up for free in the sleeping room (which the Tenda is at least not too shy to let you sleep in.) The Tenda village chief has horns, and will tell you that he heard about a book on how to overcome shyness, but he doesn't know where to find it.

Use the hot springs here to heal any status ailments that you couldn't fix with PSI or resting.

In one part of the village, you'll find the only Tenda who is not shy. He'll tell you that the Tenda standing near the boulder is strong enough to lift the boulder out of the way for you to proceed to the underground passages, but the strong Tenda is too shy to do so.

You're going to have to find the book. Maybe the library has it?

Go outside and you'll get a call from Apple Kid. He's in Winters, working on an Eraser Eraser, but he can't find Dr. Andonuts. Suddenly, you'll hear that Apple Kid is getting attacked! And then the phone will hang up. And then, Orange Kid will call, saying that Apple Kid borrowed the "Overcoming Shyness" book from the library.

Time to go to Winters!

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