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When you get to Fourside, you'll start to hear whisperings from people around town about the Runaway Five's latest gig in the Topolla Theater. They're in trouble again? Go buy a ticket at theater and watch the show. Then visit the band backstage. They'll confess that they got swindled into another phony contract. You helped them out before. Let's see if you can help them out again.

Help the Runaway Five

Go talk to the theater manager, a certain Miss Fake. She'll tell you that she'll let the Runaway Five out of their contract for no less than a million bucks. That's not cool at all.

You might also learn, as you explore Fourside, that the town is controlled by a guy named Monotoli. You can go to the Monotoli building if you want, but you can't do anything there but get kicked out by none other than Pokey, who has apparently wormed his way into the heart of Monotoli's inner circle.

You'll also notice that the Department Store is closed, and the sign on the door ends with a scary growling sound. Creepy.

Well, there's not much to do here. Why not visit the desert miner to see if he has found anything? Maybe he can help you cover the cost of freeing the Runaway Five from their contract.

Back to the Miners' Shack

Go back to the miners' shack, and (if you spoke to Miss Fake at the Topolla Theater), you'll find that the miner has made a lot of progress in digging the mine. However, he'll tell you that he encountered a bunch of monsters and can't dig until they're gone. You should totally help this guy out.

This mine is really tough. You might want to bring an exit mouse with you, or just wait until you reach the part of the mine where some exit mice are hanging out. Bring plenty of food and status curing items with you. And don't be afraid to leave the mine if you are worn out.

Defeating the Guardian Diggers in the Mine

From the entrance, start by going all the way north until you reach a ladder. Go down it, and head left to find a little alcove where a Guardian Digger awaits. Defeat it, then move on to the left, where you'll find another ladder. Climb up, then go straight down until the path turns a curve. After passing the curve, take the next left. Here, you will find a group of Exit Mice. Take one with you if you wish.

From the Exit Mice, go south and follow the path until you reach a dead end where there is another Guardian Digger. When you're done with it, go back to the Exit Mice and go north to find yet another Guardian Digger.

Return to the Exit Mice once more, and this time, exit to the left. Where the path splits, go south. Soon you'll reach another Guardian Digger. Once you're done with that mole, go all the way north, climbing the ladder and going to the far right of the path to reach the final Guardian Digger.

Once all of the moles are defeated, the mine music will change from the ominous dungeon song to the Dusty Dunes Desert music. At this point, there aren't any monsters in the dungeon anymore, so you're free to go around collecting any gift box items that you might have passed up before.

Go outside and talk to the miner, who will start digging for the gold now that the moles are gone.

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