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If you went through the Magenta door then betrayed Luna, you will be asked to choose which of the three puzzle rooms to investigate. It doesn't matter which one you choose or which order you go in: you will have to investigate all three before continuing.

After that, you end up going through the Red door into the Pantry.

Collect Items

Go over to the dolly and remove the water tanks from the bottom. You will get four tanks: basic, basic, neutral, and acidic.

Open the dolly drawer to get the metal piece. The Waaaaaarm Drawer falls out.

Take the empty beaker from the table to the right of the dolly. This table also has a button part on it.

Go between the food shelves and press the red button on the locking wheels. Open the sliding cabinet and take the binder.

Unlock the other wheels and slide the cabinet over. Open it to find another binder and some pH test chemical.

Take the calendar off of the wall. The back says "the day the man was abducted."

Combine Items

Combine the button part and the metal piece to create a button. Use it on the ice cube table to the right of where you got the beaker.

Push the button and open the ice table. You have to slide the ice cube out to the hole. One way to solve the puzzle is:
right, down, left, down, right, down, left, right, down, left, down.

Open the ice table and take the cube that fell down. Combine this cube with the warm drawer and put the drawer back into the dolly. Then open the drawer and take the visitor ID out.

Get water with the required pH levels

Now you have to pour water with the correct pH levels into the water tanks that you found on the dolly. Go over to the water tank. To test the pH level, you can use the beaker on the faucet, then combine the water with the pH test chemical. One of the notes that you found in this room shows you how to figure out the pH level based on the color. Press a number button to the left of the faucet to change the pH level of the water that comes out.

When the number next to the faucet is 0, the pH is 6.

Press +3 and use the basic water tank on the faucet. Do this for the other basic tank as well.

Press +1 and use the neutral tank on the faucet.

Press -2 and use the acidic tank on the faucet.

Put all four of the water tanks back into the dolly.

Get Food Rations

The dolly has sticky notes with dates on them. The dates are:

There is a touchscreen to the right of the big wall with a bunch of drawers in it. Be sure to get the calendar to the left of this touchscreen if you haven't already. There is a note on the back that says "The day the man was abducted." The calendar itself shows boxes for each date. The calendars for January, Feburary, and March are all in one section, and so on.

The touchscreen has buttons 123, 456, 789, 101112. These are used for selecting a group of three months corresponding to the calendar in your Archive. Once you choose one of those, you can choose a letter, followed by a number. The letter represents the row of the calendar, where A is at the top, B is below that, and so on. The number represents the column. This chooses a specific date in the calendar.

Using the sticky note dates, the codes to get those dates on the touchscreen are:
1/13 = 123, E, 3
3/27 = 123, B, 14
5/7 = 456, A, 7
7/30 = 789, A, 6
11/11 = 101112, G, 6

When you have entered those dates, you can go over to the wall of drawers and get the boxes of food rations that were pushed out.

Get the Secret File Password

To get the secret file password, use the phrase on the back of the calendar as the clue. "The day the man was abducted." You were abducted on December 25th. Go to the touch screen and enter 101112, B, 13 to select December 25th. The screen will display the blue password.

Get the Escape Password

Take the five food ration boxes that came out in the previous step. Put them into the dolly.

Be sure to put the water tanks into the dolly as described in the "Get water with the required pH levels" section above.

Then put the Visitor ID card into the card slot below the dolly's screen. If you did everything correctly, the dolly's screen turns white. Tap it.

You will need to refer to the nutritional balance chart that you found in one of the binders in this room. It says:

meat ration =
1 orange
3 red
3 green

fish ration =
1 orange
3 red
2 green

salad ration =
2 orange
1 red
0 green

pasta ration =
3 orange
1 red
3 green

soup ration =
1 orange
2 red
1 green

Now take a look at the staff chart. You need to rearrange the rations in the columns to make the nutritional balance match the needs of each staff member. Column A is already correct (it says OK at the bottom), so compare it with the staff chart to see what its nutritional balance is. Use that as a template to figure out which rations to swap in the other columns.

The correct configuration is as follows. The order of the food rations within each column doesn't matter, as long as each column has the correct types of food.

A = Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow
B = Blue, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow
C = Red, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow
D = Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Purple
E = Red, Blue, Purple, Purple, Yellow

Once the nutritional balance is correct for all columns, the monitor displays the green password.

After the Escape

After escaping from the pantry, you must choose ally or betray.

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