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B. Garden

After going through the cyan door with Alice, you choose to ally with her.

Collect Items

Since the Garden is so large, you have to tap the hovering arrows to move around the area.

Get the metal rod from the bench.

Go to the shed and get the shovel and the bronze key.

Go to the tree and use the shovel on the mushroom. You will get a box with a silver lid.

Go to the bend in the river and dig at the mound of grass (across from the shed). You get a bronze box.

Check the flower pot to find the silver key.

Check the yellow pepper on the ground next to the vegetable garden to get a yellow coin.

In the next area, dig in the white flowers to get a gold box.

There is a gravestone past the lion pond. Go to it and take the metal detector.

Find the scale. Take the gold key, and the small knife.

Open the drawer of the scale to get a piece of metal.

Go back to the vegetable garden and use the metal detector on the different sections of vegetables. You will get the vegetable that reacted to the metal detector. Combine it with the small knife to get a coin from inside. Do this on each section of the vegetable garden. You should end up with a yellow coin (from the pepper on the ground), a red coin, a green coin, and a white coin.

Combine Items

You have all three boxes and keys. Combine the bronze key with the bronze box, the gold key with the gold box, and the silver key with the silver box. Then combine the three pieces of paper.

Go over to the button panel near the waterfall and press the buttons in the order indicated on the piece of paper (left, right, right, left, middle, middle, right). The waterfall will stop. On the wall behind where the waterfall was, there is a panel with four round spots, with less than signs between them.

Now combine the piece of metal and the metal rod. Go over to near the safe and the exit door. Use the metal handle on the indentation in the wall above the safe. It will turn the garden into night time mode. The water has stars in it. Make a note of the color and relative size of the stars.

If you look at them in order from the entrance to the lion pond, it's: small purple star, big blue star, medium yellow star, small green star, big red star. Be sure to turn the sun back on before you continue. You can't do anything else in the room if it's too dark.

Now go over to the scale and use a coin on it. You have to weigh the coins. Each coin has a different weight. You have to put the coins into the waterfall panel in order from lightest to heaviest. Be warned, though, that if you are only allowed to use the scale a limited number of times. Each time you use the scale, it shakes after you have used it about four times. If you keep using it over and over, eventually this puzzle room will be switched to easy mode and Alice and Luna will do it for you.

To do this in the fewest steps, try finding the lightest coin, making a note of the weight relationships as you go along. The weight stays the same no matter how many times you use the scale.

The correct order is R < W < Y < G.

Get the Secret File Password

Putting the coins into the panel in the correct order opens a panel where you have to tap the stars in the proper order. For the secret file, you have to tap the stars in order from largest to smallest: red, blue, yellow, purple, green.

Get the Escape Password

Tap the stars in order from the entrance to the lion pond: purple, blue, yellow, green, red.

After the Escape

After escaping from the B. Garden, you will encounter a lock situation. See the lock guide for more information. After that, you must choose whether to ally or betray.

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