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When you wake up, you meet a mysterious girl named Phi. A rabbit tells you that you must escape the elevator before it crashes.

Collect Items

First you need to collect items around the room.

Find the fire extinguisher in the corner. Take the pin to get a key.

Use the fire extingisher key on the fire extinguisher box in the other corner.

Take the socket wrench tips from inside the fire extinguisher box.

There are two railings on each side of the room. The railings have colorful handles on each end. Take all four of these colorful handles.

Combine Items

There is a grating in the panel to the right of the elevator door. The grating has four screws in it, each a different color and shape. Make a note of which shapes go with which colors.

Go into your inventory and combine the socket wrench tips with the colorful handles. Make sure to match them up according to the colors and shapes of the screws in the grating.

Use the combined tips and handles to remove each screw in the grating.

Pull off the grating to find a tilting puzzle inside. Tilt the puzzle to make the green square slide onto the blue square. You can also use the directional pad to tilt. One way to solve it is:
right, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, right
You get the green memory card.

Remove the poster from the wall. You can view it in the Archive. Make a note of how many old people are in the picture, and how many babies. Don't count the children or middle-aged people.

There are 7 old people, 4 babies.

Go to the baby panel and press 4.

Go to the old person panel and press 7.

Get the Secret File Password

Go to the rabbit panel and press 0. You get a blue memory card. Go to the red machine and touch the memory card slots to the right of the screen. You will put the memory cards in. The screen will show you the blue safe password. Enter this code in the safe to get the gold file (if you are playing in hard mode) or the silver file (if you are playing in easy mode).

Get the Escape Password

Go back to the rabbit panel and press 3 (for Zero III). This gives you the red memory card. Go back to the red machine and put the red memory card in. You get the green safe password. Enter this code in the safe to get a key.

Use the key in the hole above the rabbit icon. Press the button to open the hatch of the elevator.

After the Escape

Find out what happens after the elevator.

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