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After going through the yellow door, you chose to ally with Tenmyouji and go through the red door.

Collect Items

As usual, the first step is to collect items around the room.

Look at the microscope and get the jar of seeds next to it.

To the left of the safe, there is a machine with two tubes on top. Look at it. There is a tray to the left. Take the two capsules and a jar of seeds from the tray. Take the two binders from behind the tray.

Behind the table, there are some cabinets along the walls. One of the cabinets has a device with a large cylinder in it. Take the jar of seeds and the binder from this cabinet.

To the left of that, there is a bookshelf. Find another jar of seeds on the bottom left of the bookshelf. Find a jar of roots on the bottom right. Get the saline solution from the top shelf of the bookshelf, and get the frog from behind that.

Look in the area to the left of the steel door. There is a drain in this cabinet. Get the jar of seeds from the bottom right.

Look in the area to the left of that. Get the scalpel from the lion tray.

Use the frog on the drain to get the ethanol out. Get the waste tank below the drain that is now full of ethanol.

Use the scalpel on the frog to get a blue capsule.

There is a pipe puzzle on the wall. You need to turn the levers so the correct amount of liquid goes into the colorful beakers. The solution is simple: just point all of the levers down. Then touch the switch to the right of the pipes to make the water go into the beakers.

Put the Seeds in the Beakers

Use a seed jar on the colorful beakers below the pipe puzzle after you solve it. Now you have to put the correct seeds into the correct beakers. Open up the Hyrdoponics Note #2. It contains clues that tell you which beakers to put each seed type in.
A = red, B = yellow, C = green, D = light blue, E = dark blue.

The correct arrangement is as follows:

A = round seeds with half marked
B = long striped seeds
C = round unmarked seeds
D = long unmarked seeds
E = round striped seeds

Tap CHECK when you have put the seeds in the correct places. A red capsule will drop down into the slot to the right of the pipe puzzle. Take it.

Get More Capsules

Go to the mixer to the left of the pipe puzzle. Use a seed jar on it, then use the saline solution on it. Finally, use the waste tank on it to pour in the ethanol. When the mixer has finished mixing, use an empty capsule on it to get a yellow capsule.

Now use the roots on the mixer. You found the roots on the bottom right of the bookshelf. When the roots are in the mixer, use the saline solution, then the ethanol, on the mixer. When it is done mixing, use the empty capsule on it to get a green capsule.

Get the Secret File Password

For the secret file password, you need the yellow capsule. Get it by using a seed jar on the mixer as described two paragraphs above. Then put the yellow capsule and two other capsules into the microscope. The monitor to the right of the microscope will light up and show you the blue password.

Get the Escape Password

Put the red, blue, and green capsules into the microscope. It's okay to put the yellow capsule into the microscope as well. Once you put the capsules into the microscope, a puzzle will appear on the monitor. You have to slide the base pairs until they all match up. A goes with T and C goes with G. Sliding one row might make another row move.

Moving the first row moves the fourth row, the second and third rows move together, the fourth and sixth rows move together, and the fifth row does not affect any other rows. Make the second row say GATGCT, make the fourth row say GTGTAC, then move the fifth row to match the sixth row.

Once all of the rows match up, the monitor displays the green password.

After the Escape

After escaping the laboratory, you must choose Ally or Betray.

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