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Virtue's Last Reward FAQ

What is the Nonary Game?

The Nonary Game is a game where nine people are trapped against their will, and their only escape is through a door marked 9. In this version of the Nonary Game, the 9 door can be opened with a bracelet that has earned 9 bracelet points. Anyone with a bracelet has earned 9 bracelet points is allowed to go through the 9 door when it opens, but anyone who tries to escape without earning 9 BP will be penalized.

Zero calls this the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. What does that mean?

This Nonary Game includes a "minigame" called the Ambidex Game. The Ambidex Game is how the players can earn Bracelet Points.

How do I access the Ambidex Game?

The Ambidex Game is played in the Ambidex Rooms, which are in the elevators that you started the game in. To unlock the Ambidex Rooms and play the Ambidex Game, the players must obtain electronic key cards. The key cards are held in safes in the puzzle rooms beyond the Chromatic Doors. The players must solve the puzzles to unlock the safes and retrieve the key cards.

What are the Chromatic Doors? How do the participants use them?

The Chromatic Doors are a set of three doors, each with a specific color. They remain locked until a certain time. The countdown until the next set of doors opens can be displayed on the bracelets. After countdown reaches zero, the Chromatic Doors open. They stay open for five minutes. Anyone who does not go through before the doors close again will be penalized.

Three bracelets must pass through each door, and the colors displayed on the bracelets must be the correct combination to create the door color. Players who attempt to go through in an invalid color combination will be penalized.

What are the color combinations?

The color combinations are based on the color chart that Zero shows you near the beginning of the game. There are multiple ways to create the door colors.

To create the primary or secondary colors, you either have to combine two different colors, or all three bracelets must be the opposite of the door color.

To create white, you either have to have three different colored bracelets that combine to create white, or have two different colors, each on the opposite side of the color diagram.

Magenta = Red + Blue
Magenta = Green + Green + Green

Cyan = Green + Blue
Cyan = Red + Red + Red

Yellow = Green + Red
Yellow = Blue + Blue + Blue

Red = Yellow + Magenta 
Red = Cyan + Cyan + Cyan

Green = Cyan + Yellow
Green = Magenta + Magenta + Magenta

Blue = Cyan + Magenta
Blue = Yellow + Yellow + Yellow

White = Red + Magenta + Yellow
White = Magenta + Blue + Cyan
White = Cyan + Green + Yellow
White = Blue + Yellow
White = Green + Magenta
White = Red + Cyan

What is the purpose of the puzzles beyond the Chromatic Doors?

The puzzles are where the players obtain the key cards to unlock the Ambidex Rooms. In addition, the Chromatic Doors that led to the puzzles will be permanently unlocked after those puzzles are solved.

When do the Chromatic Doors close and open? Can the Chromatic Doors be permanently unlocked?

The Chromatic Doors are unlocked on a schedule. The bracelets can show the countdown until the next set of Chromatic Doors will open. They stay open for five minutes, during which time the players decide which three bracelets should go through each door. After five minutes, the Chromatic Doors close and lock again. Any player who hasn't gone through before then will be penalized.

Once the players are on the other side of the Chromatic Door, that door stays locked until they escape from the puzzle room beyond that door. After that puzzle is solved, the Chromatic Door is permanently unlocked, and anyone can open it and go through.

What does SOLO and PAIR mean on the bracelets?

There are always three sets of pair bracelets. Each pair consists of two bracelets that show the same color. The characters wearing the same color pair bracelets must go through the same Chromatic Door together, and they must go into the same AB room together when voting.

Characters wearing the solo bracelets can go through any Chromatic Door as long as they are part of a valid color combination. Solo characters must go into the AB room alone when voting.

Solo and pair bracelets do not determine who votes against whom.

Who votes against whom in the AB game?

After a group of three goes through a Chromatic Door together, the pair from that group votes against the solo they went with.

How is the Ambidex Game played?

As mentioned above, after a group of three goes through a Chromatic Door together, the pair from that group goes into one AB room, and the solo from that group goes into a different AB room.

Each AB room contains a voting machine. The character or characters in the AB room must choose either Ally or Betray. Each pair votes against the solo they went with, and the solo votes against the pair he or she went with.

Depending on the result of the vote, the bracelets will either gain BP, lose BP, or stay the same.

How does the scoring work?

The following table explains how the votes affect the BP.

Solo chooses AllySolo chooses Betray
Pair chooses Ally Solo gains 2 BP
Pair gains 2 BP
Solo gains 3 BP
Pair loses 2 BP
Pair chooses Betray Solo loses 2 BP
Pair gains 3 BP
Solo's BP don't change
Pair's BP don't change

Is it better to choose Ally or Betray?

It is safest to choose Betray. When you choose Betray, you can't lose points. You will either gain 3 points, or your points will not change. However, choosing Betray puts your opponent at risk of losing points.

Choosing Ally is best for your opponent, because the opponent can't lose points if you do. The opponent will either gain 3 points or gain 2 points if you choose Ally. However, choosing Ally puts you at risk of losing points.

In terms of plot, however, there are a few places where you have to pick betray in order to proceed, but otherwise I recommend choosing ally, because then you won't feel guilty and you'll learn a lot about the other characters.

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