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After escaping the elevator at the beginning of the game, if you go through the Magenta door, you reach the Lounge.

Collect Items

In one of the martini glasses on the bar, there are two needles. Take the needles, then take the martini glasses.

On the table across from the bar, take the mysterious disc and the northern hemi-hemisphere.

Below the safe on the shelf, open the panel on the right to find the southern hemi-hemisphere.

Open the shelf's left side panel to get a note about a mother, father, and son who ordered drinks.

In front of the couch, there is another northern hemi-hemisphere.

Behind the couch's left cushion, there is an astronomy magazine that talks about a lunar eclipse that will take place at 4:50PM UT on December 31, 2028.

Use the needles on the clock above the couch.

The final hemi-hemisphere is to the right of the drinks on the top shelf behind the bar. Take all ten bottles from the left side of the shelf. The top bottles are colors and the bottom ones are things.

Set the needles on the clock to 4:50. You can do this by rotating the needles clockwise until the short hand points to Green and the long hand points to Sun. Then tap CHECK.

This activates a beam of light that shines through the curved thing on the table.

In your inventory, combine the two northern hemi-hemispheres, then combine the two southern hemi-hemispheres. Next, combine the southern hemisphere with the mysterious disc. Finally, combine the northern hemisphere with the disc. You now have a globe.

Use the globe on the curved metal thing on the table. When you do, the light shining from the clock will shine through the globe and onto the wall. The red letters say LION and the black letters say RED MOON.

The planet now says BLUE PLANET.

The clock, which you set earlier, said GREEN SUN.

How to Mix Drinks

To mix drinks, first take the martini glasses off of the bar. Then get all ten of the bottles from the left side of the shelf behind the bar. Then look at the machine at the end of the bar. Use a bottle with a color name (i.e. red, blue, etc.) on the machine, then use a bottle with an item name (i.e. planet, island, etc.) Use an empty martini glass on the machine, then press the button to mix the drink. If you want to empty the martini glass, use it on the "Garbage" drain below the machine.

The Secret File Password

According to the note that you found from the bartender, the preferences are as follows:

According to father:
Mother color = Red
Mother item = ?
Father color = White
Father item = ?
Son color = ?
Son item = Ocean

According to mother:
Mother color = ?
Mother item = Planet
Father color = ?
Father item = Island
Son color = blue
Son item = ?

According to son:
Mother color = ?
Mother item = Moon
Father color = green
Father item = ?
Son color = ?
Son item = Moon

The bartender said that one of them was lying. The son has to be lying, because otherwise there will be conflicts if you combine what the son says with what either of the parents says.

That means:
Mother = Red Planet
Father = White Island
Son = Blue Ocean

The bartender says that the mother sat on the left, the father in the middle, and the son on the right. But that's from the BARTENDER'S perspective. In the game, we are looking at the seats from the opposite direction, so we need to put the son's drink on the left, the father's in the middle, and the mother's on the right.

Therefore, to get the secret file password, put Blue Ocean on the left, White Island in the middle, and Red Planet on the right.

The Escape Password

Getting the escape password is much more straightforward. It involves the phrases that you got by turning on the beam of light in the clock. The phrases are Green Sun, Blue Planet, Red Moon.

The planet is in the middle, so Blue Planet goes to the father. Put Red Moon on the left for the son (maybe because he was lyin' (sounds like "lion")) and put Green Sun on the right for the mother.

The Safe

In the safe, you find the Ambidex Room key cards and the escape key. You also find a Supplemental Rule note. It says that once you have escaped from a puzzle room, the Chromatic Door that led to it becomes permanently unlocked.

After the Escape

After the lounge, you eventually have to play the Ambidex Game. You and Phi go into an Ambidex Room together because you are a pair, and you have to vote against Luna, who is the solo who went with you.

You can choose Ally or Betray

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