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After the Elevator

After you and Phi escape your elevator, you meet other people who are also being forced to play the Nonary Game, and you learn what you must do to win.

Meet the Others

You are in a large warehouse room that says Floor A. You meet Alice, Luna, Dio, Tenmyouji, and Quark. Soon, a man wearing armor and a mask jumps out of the last elevator. He is carrying Clover. The armored man has amnesia, but calls himself K.

Check Your Bracelets

Everyone's bracelet says 3. Some of the bracelets say PAIR and some say SOLO. The color arrangement is:

  • Sigma & Phi, Alice = Red
  • Dio & Quark, Luna = Blue
  • K & Clover, Tenmyouji = Green

Learn How to Escape

Eventually Zero III shows up on the screen and says that the 3 on the bracelets is your bracelet points, or BP. If you earn 9 BP, you can open the escape door, which says 9 on it. The door stays open for nine seconds, and will only open once. After that, it closes forever. Anyone who tries to sneak out without 9 BP will be penalized.

To earn more BP, you must enter the Ambidex Rooms, and to do that, you must find the keycards in the rooms beyond the Chromatic Doors, which are the magenta, yellow, and cyan doors in this warehouse.

Zero III tells you to press both buttons on your bracelets at the same time. This displays a countdown of 10 minutes. When the countdown reaches 0, the Chromatic Doors will open. They will stay open for five minutes, then close.

Learn the Color Combinations

Zero says that exactly three colors must go through each Chromatic Door, and those colors must combine to create the door's color. Here are the possible combinations:

Magenta Door = Red + Blue Bracelets
Magenta Door = Green + Green + Green Bracelets

Cyan Door = Green + Blue Bracelets
Cyan Door = Red + Red + Red Bracelets

Yellow Door = Green + Red Bracelets
Yellow Door = Blue + Blue + Blue Bracelets

Zero says that Pairs are required to go through the same Chromatic Door together, but Solos can go wherever they want.

Learn About the Penalty

The doors open. Dio refuses to play along, but Zero says that for those who don't go through a Chromatic Door before it closes, the penalty is death. If a participant is penalized, the bracelet will inject that person with Soporil to make the person fall asleep, then it will inject the person with tubocurarine, a muscle relaxant that will stop the breathing, causing death.

Learn Your Options

Phi explains your options for going through the chromatic doors.

Option A

Option B

Option C

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