Your Room

When you first begin London Life, you start in a room in Humble Homes. This room begins with sparse furnishings, so you will need to decorate it with furniture to improve it. You might even get roommates, and if they don't like your room, they will say bad things about it that decrease your Happiness.

Buying Furniture

You can buy furniture for your room at various places, including Chess Department Store. When you look at a furniture item at a store, it will show you D for Decor and A for Atmosphere.

Decorating your Room

You can decorate your room at any time by pressing X and choosing Room. Then you can select an item from the list at the bottom. Use the control pad to move the item around the room. If the border around the furniture is red, it means that you can't place the furniture there. If the border is yellow, you can put it there. Some furniture, like chairs, can be rotated. Look at the buttons at the bottom of the screen to see if the current furniture has a rotate option.

Furniture Styles

A piece of furniture can have a particular style. This is indicated by the colored dot to the left of the furniture item in your list when you are decorating your room. The colors indicate the following styles:

  • Red - Basic
  • Yellow - Childish
  • Green - Natural
  • Blue - New Wave
  • Pink - Cute
  • White - Elegant

Room Style

When you put furniture in your room, your entire room will have a style. This style is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the room decorating screen. The room's overall style is based on the combined Decor scores of the objects that you put into the room. For example, if you have both a Childish item and a Cute item in your room, but the Childish item has a Decor of 5 and the Cute item has a Decor of 8, your room will have the Cute style, because the Cute item's decor is higher.

Room's Overall Decor

Your room's overall Decor is based on the Decor of the items that you put into it. However, the only Decor scores that count toward your room's total are the Decor of the furniture items that match your room's style. For example, if your room's style is Cute, but you have a few Elegant and New Wave items in the room, your room's overall Decor score will ONLY be based on the Cute items, and the Elegant and New Wave Decor values will be ignored.


Tables can be used for cooking.


A bed is an important object to keep in a room. If you have a bed, you can choose to sleep. Doing so will make it become night if it is day, or day if it is night. If you go from night to day, the date in your game will go on to the next day.


Objects like Mini Chests and Closets have a much bigger capacity for objects than your pocket, so be sure to invest in one so you can store the many objects that you will acquire.