Shops and Restaurants

The following is a list of shops and restaurants in Professor Layton's London Life, along with lists of the things that you can buy there.

Balsam Grill
Item Cost
Mineral Water6
Mint Tea14
Chamomile Tea14
Cream Tea16
Orange Juice16
Garden Salad96
Penne Gratin112
Steak Pie400
Lamp Chop1,980
Rhubarb Crisp600
Lemon Tart800
King Cake2,400
Proper Apple Pie3,600
Peach Melba8,000

Chess Department Store, Floor 1
Item Cost
Trench Coat1,200
Cleric Shirt880
Black T-Shirt40
White T-Shirt40
Red T-Shirt40
Green T-Shirt40
Yellow T-Shirt40
Blue T-Shirt40
Black Dress120
White Dress120
Red Dress120
Green Dress120
Yellow Dress120
Blue Dress120
Navy-Blue Jacket720
White Jacket720
Red Jacket720
Green Jacket720
Yellow Jacket720
Blue Jacket720
Black Jacket800
Striped T-Shirt900
Plaid Shirt1,300
Black Vest2,000
Sports Jersey1,000
Knit Cardigan1,000
Scholarly Vest600
Black Parka130
White Parka130
Red Parka130
Green Parka130
Yellow Parka130
Blue Parka130
Black Skirt50
White Skirt50
Red Skirt50
Green Skirt50
Yellow Skirt50
Blue Skirt50
Black Pants120
White Pants100
Red Pants100
Green Pants100
Yellow Pants100
Blue Pants100
Striped PJ Pants300
Polka PJ Pants300
Striped Pants1,200
Tartan Pants980
Black Culottes120
White Culottes120
Red Culottes120
Green Culottes120
Yellow Culottes120
Blue Culottes120

Chess Department Store, Floor 2
Item Cost
Lovely Mesh Hat24
Camo Bandana10
Polka Bandana8
Straw Hat80
Black Cap12
White Cap12
Red Cap12
Green Cap12
Yellow Cap12
Blue Cap12
Tartan Scarf370
Short Scarf320
Black Gloves40
White Gloves40
Red Gloves40
Green Gloves40
Yellow Gloves40
Blue Gloves40
Cute Clogs1,000
Ankle Boots100
Sky-High Heels1,500
Black Heels70
White Heels70
Red Heels70
Green Heels70
Yellow Heels70
Blue Heels70
Black Sandals70
White Sandals70
Red Sandals70
Green Sandals70
Yellow Sandals70
Blue Sandals70

Chess Department Store, Floor 3
Item Cost
White Carpet500
Black Carpet500
Hardwood Floor2500
Rose Carpet8,600
Linoleum Floor2,200
Pinewood Floor3,800
White Wallpaper500
Black Wallpaper500
Rose Wallpaper2,700
Pinewood Walls4,300
Frilly Drapes200
Pleated Drapes450
White Chair50
Black Chair50
Red Chair50
Blue Chair50
Yellow Chair50
Green Chair50
Velvet Chair9,200
Simple Desk150
White Dresser180
White Table300
Cafe Table1,500
Oval Table6,800
Pine Table2,100
Berry Dresser5,200
Simple Bed1,000
Country Bed3,200
Floor Lamp170
Antique Lights200,000
Heart Cushion75
Grand Piano300,000

Clements Boutique
Item Cost
Snazzy Top Hat3,000
Golden Crown1,000,000
Classy Necktie1,200
Trench Coat1,200
Duffle Coat800
White Tuxedo6,900
Snazzy Jacket12,000
Prince Jacket44,000
Princess Bodice37,000
Wedding Dress500,000
Cleric Shirt880
Snazzy Trousers9,800
Prince Pants37,500
Princess Skirt28,800
Designer Gloves28,000
Golden Gloves99,999,999
Prince Gloves13,500
Designer Shoes22,000
Prince Shoes19,000
Princess Heels13,000
Princess Drapes60,000
Royal Drapes11,000
Princess Chair45,000
Royal Chair8,200
Princess Sofa88,000
Royal Sofa14,000
Princess Desk100,000
Royal Desk19,000
Princess Table50,000
Royal Table9,770
Princess Dresser105,000
Royal Dresser20,000
Ornate Bed800,000
Princess Bed230,000
Royal Bed43,500
Princess Lamp21,000
Royal Lamp4,200
Princess Clock15,000
Royal Clock2,770
Princess Lights140,000
Royal Lights27,000

Cruise Cafe
Item Cost
Mineral Water 3
Jersey Milk 5
Ginger Ale 10
Cupid Cola 15
Root-Beer Float 20
Coffee 5
Cappuccino 5
Cafe au Lait 10
Mint Tea 7
Chamomile Tea 7
Green Tea 10
Cream Tea 8
Quality Banana 20
Strawberry Cake 20
Lovely Bouquet 88
Zebra Hat 60
Striped Scarf 560
British Cardigan 2,200
British T-shirt 670
British Parka 1,400
Dress Shirt 600
Black Coat 2,200
White Coat 2,200
Red Coat 2,200
Green Coat 2,200
Yellow Coat 2,200
Blue Coat 2,200
Black Tube Top 90
White Tube Top 90
Red Tube Top 90
Green Tube Top 90
Yellow Tube Top 90
Blue Tube Top 90
Star T-shirt 900
Denim Jeans 60
Distressed Jeans 120
Punk-Rock Skirt 190
Punk-Rock Jeans 120
Acid-Wash Jeans 120
Denim Skirt 90
Black Shorts 40
White Shorts 40
Red Shorts 40
Green Shorts 40
Yellow Shorts 40
Blue Shorts 40
Sports Shorts 2,200
Denim Shorts 200
British Pants 1,500
Camo Pants 1,500
Long Shorts 1,000
Baggy Jeans 1,000
Vintage Pants 5,000
Overalls 3,000
Knickerbockers 1,600
Striped Shorts 600
Hot-Pink Gloves 1,800
Punk-Rock Boots 1,000
Black Boots 240
White Boots 240
Red Boots 240
Green Boots 240
Yellow Boots 240
Blue Boots 240
Checkered Drapes 8,500
Modern Chair 1,099
Modern Table 6,200
Modern Bed 50,000
Flowers 33

The Old Olive
Item Cost
Mint Ice Cream10
Green Tea10
New Fishing Rod20
Simple Toy10
Plant Food33
Energy Drink230
Beautiful Poem15
Huge Dustpan68
Downy Pillow33
Tea Candy8
Adhesive Bandage10
Tropical Plant30
Spiky Plant80
Banana Tree90
Picnic Basket40
Mini Chest500

Oxshire Gifts
Item Cost
Scary Mask30
Glass Orb100
Archaeo Log15
School Hat24
Rimmed Glasses60
Samurai Sandals15,000
Duffle Coat800
Turtle Shell5,000
Turtle Shorts3,300
One-Armed Bandit100,000
Duck Watering Can26
Stack of Books30

Rare Collectibles
Item Cost
Loaded Dice500
Fancy Vase2,000
White Elephant1,900
Popular Record15
London Rain1,000
Wine Cork10
Bottled Boat1,500
Broken Compass10,000
Purr Jury20
Luxuriant Toupee500
Family Photo10
Membership Card50
Angler Vest80
Angler Shorts80
Angler Boots20
Baby Ben120
Chess Set2,200
Rubbish Bin20
Strawberry Art1,200
Toy Robot50
Strange Cog 1400
Strange Cog 2400
Strange Cog 3400
Strange Cog 4400

Vinegar Grill
Item Cost
Mineral Water3
Jersey Milk5
Cafe au Lait10
Root-Beer Float20
Fish and Chips30
Smoked Salmon40
Garden Salad48
Scotch Egg32
Microwave Pizza220
Seafood Pasta230
Berry Custard1,300
Black Tea Cake320