When you first create your character for London Life, you can choose one of the following traits for your character: Great Cook, Winning Smile, Stiff Upper Lip, Fashionissimo, Free Spirit, Sweet Tooth, Smooth Talker, and Child at Heart. These traits affect how things go for your character. Read more details below.

Great Cook

A great cook will never fail in cooking attempts. This is useful for making foods and learning recipes, which will make it easy for you to make mood-boosting foods. You can even sell them.

Winning Smile

This trait makes everyone automatically like you. Maybe even the Family thugs will be nice to you. This might keep people from saying mean things to you.

Stiff Upper Lip

This type of person is immune to things like bats, unfriendly cats, failed cooking, and so on. Normally, these sorts of things would reduce your Happiness, but not if you have the Stiff Upper Lip trait.


Your outfit rating will get a boost if you have this trait. Your formality score (and possibly the other scores) will be higher than normal if you have this trait.

Free Spirit

Your Happiness will increase very quickly when you are at home if you have this trait. Your Happiness might even automatically increase all the time if you have this trait.

Sweet Tooth

You can cook desserts without fail if you have this trait, and desserts will give you a larger mood boost than normal.

Smooth Talker

A smooth talker will get better rewards from the opposite sex than would normally be offered. Members of the opposite sex will be more likely to want to be your roommates.

Child at Heart

If you are a child at heart, you are likely to fail at cooking, picking flowers, and fishing, but people will like you a lot.