When you first start the game, you will try out a job as a Trash Picker. As you do more jobs, new vocations become available.

Better Happiness = Better Pay

The happier you are on the job, the higher your pay. Be sure to eat some food before going to work if your Happiness meter is not maxed out.

Trash Picker

To get a job as a Trash Picker, just talk to Rodney (the guy wearing glasses) in City Hall. This will be one of your first missions as a resident of Little London.

However, you should go back and do some more trash picking, because after a few times, your level will increase, and Rodney will have a new job for you.

To pick the trash, just walk around the area looking for crumpled bits of paper on the ground. Check on each one to pick it up. The pieces of trash will only be on the screen with City Hall. You won't find any in Sasha Park or near the University or Cruise Café.

The game will inform you once you have collected all of the trash. Once the game tells you that you are done, go talk to Rodney to receive your pay.

Taxi Driver

This job becomes available after you have leveled up as a Trash Picker. When you accept the job, walk outside to find the taxi. Drive it over to the taxi stand on the west side of town (just south of the train station). There will be an exclamation mark above the taxi when you are near the taxi stand. Choose to wait for a passenger.

The passenger will ask you to take him or her to a particular location in town. Do your best to remember the names of locations in town! Once you are in front of the correct building, press the button to drop off the passenger. Each passenger will give you some Wealth. Drive back to the taxi stand to pick up a new passenger. If you are ready to stop, press B, then go back to Rodney to receive your pay.

Bus Driver

After you have leveled up as a Taxi Driver, the Bus Driver job will become available to you. When you accept this job, go outside to find the bus. Drive it to any bus stop to pick up the passenger. Then drive to another bus stop to pick up that passenger. If an exclamation mark appears over the bus, it means that a passenger wants to be dropped off, so be sure to always do that. You can press B when you are ready to stop. Go back to Rodney to get your pay.

Ticket Agent

After you have leveled up in the City Hall jobs, you can talk to Beluga in the train station to become a Ticket Agent.

You will need to issue five tickets. The passenger will tell you a destination, and you need to select the images that spell out that name. For example, if someone asks you for a ticket to Piebald Road, you need to choose the picture of a pie, then the picture of a bald man, then the picture of a road.

Each one is harder than the last, and you only have a limited amount of time in which to choose the correct pictures. You will receive your pay from Beluga when the time is up.


When you wear an outfit with high enough formality, you can enter Crumpet Hotel. If you talk to Matthew, he will ask you to carry some luggage for him. There will be six pieces of luggage to deliver. There are two floors in the hotel: first and second. Matthew will tell you a room number to deliver the luggage to. If the room number begins with 1, it's on the first floor. If the room number begins with 2, it's on the second floor.

The room ending in 01 is closest to the elevator, the room ending in 02 is in the middle, and the room ending in 03 is the farthest from the elevator.

When you are done, Matthew will give you your pay.


If you talk to Lili, the blonde girl in Sasha Park, she will ask you to Juggle for her. You will have 60 seconds to juggle. Lili will throw a ball to you. To catch something with your left hand, press left on the control pad or press the L button. To catch something with your right hand, press A or press R.

You have to do it with the proper timing. Press the button when the ball is next to your face. If you don't time it correctly, you will drop the ball.

You get points for each successful throw, and you also get points for doing tricks. You do not lose points if you drop a ball.

The longer you hold down the button, the higher you throw the ball. It can be good to throw the balls as high as possible to give yourself time for tricks, but you will also have fewer throws, which means fewer points for throws, so there is a trade-off.

If you press right on the control pad and Y at the same time, you will spin around. You get 100 points for each ball that is in the air when you spin. Be careful, though, because you cannot catch a ball when you are spinning.

Sometimes Lili will throw apples and oranges. These are harder to catch and you can't throw them as high as normal balls. It might be best to just drop these.

You will receive Wealth based on the number of points that you accumulate in your 60 seconds of juggling. As you earn points, new people might arrive to watch you juggle. First, Subject 3 will appear, then Puzzlette, then some birds.