Before you can fish, you have to purchase fishing equipment and then wait for Barton to give you a request to join the fishing club.

Look below the list of fish for information on how to fish.

List of Fish

There are five places that you can fish from in Little London: From the north side of the bridge in the park, from the south side, from the east side, and from the west side, as well as from the café dock. The types of fish available from these locations depends on the time of day and can also be influenced by your happiness level.

NameLocationTime of DaySell PriceSide-Effects
ArowanaBridge EastDay600Happiness +2
BlackgillBridge WestNight13
BritfishBridge NorthDay2000
ClamfishBridge EastNight15
CrawdadBridge SouthDay and Night10
Creek CatCafé DockDay110
FootfishBridge WestDay5Happiness increases
Freshwater GuppyBridge SouthDay150
FrogfishBridge NorthDay and Night6
Ghost FishBridge WestNight60Happiness decreases
Harrows SalmonBridge EastDay6
King CarpCafé DockNight400Happiness increases
London FrogCafé DockNight2
London NewtCafé DockNight4
NightfishBridge SouthNight400Happiness increases
NotfishAll locationsDay and Night1Happiness decreases
Pixie TroutBridge EastDay600
Rare DiamondfinBridge WestDay10000Happiness +10
Roly-Poly FishBridge NorthNight5
SandskinBridge EastNight80
ScissorfishCafé DockDay10
SilktailBridge EastNight750Happiness +2
SkullfishBridge NorthDay300
Soho EelCafé DockDay60
StingerCafé DockDay10
SwinefishBridge SouthDay15
Thames OctofishBridge WestNight10
Thames TroutBridge North, Bridge EastDay and Night4
TurtlefishBridge WestDay60Happiness increases

Buy Fishing Equipment

Before you can fish, you must purchase a New Fishing Rod, Angler's Vest, Angler's Boots, Angler's Pants, and a fishing Membership Card from the junk shop next to Cruise Café.

Wait for Barton's Request

Barton hangs out on the bridge in Sasha Park during the day. One day, he will give you a request to join his fishing club. Once you have the equipment mentioned above, you can complete Barton's request. After that, you will be able to fish.

How to Fish

To fish, wear your fishing outfit, and remove any articles of clothing like scarves or suspenders because they could get caught on the line. Then face a body of water and press A to drop a fishing line. When an exclamation mark appears above your head, press A to pull up the line. Be warned: some types of fish will reduce your Happiness!