Starting the Game

To start a new game of Professor Layton's London Life, just tap London Life at the home screen of Professor Layton and the Last Specter. You can start a new game of London Life at any time.

Create Your Character

Your first step in starting Professor Layton's London Life is to create your character. You start by choosing the character's gender, then you choose your character's style. This includes facial expression, hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, and (clothing) style (this last one determines what clothes you start with.)

After that step, you choose your character's personality trait. The choices are Great Cook, Winning Smile, Stiff Upper Lip, Fashionissimo, Free Spirit, Sweet Tooth, Smooth Talker, and Child at Heart. Read more about these traits.

Next, you name your character, and finally you choose your birthday. It will have the birthday that you set in your DS settings, but you can change it to something else here if you want to.

Talk to Stachenscarfen

You will arrive in Central Plaza Station. TIP: If you hold the B button, you run! This will let you get around much more quickly.

Exit the station by going south, then talk to Stashenscarfen, who has an exclamation mark over his head. He will mention that you should talk to Ingrid about settling in to your new apartment in Humble Homes.


Requests are little missions that people with exclamation marks over their heads give you. When you get one of these missions, you can check on it by pressing X and choosing Happenings. This page will show you a list of uncompleted requests, Grapevine requests, as well as all of the requests that you have completed.

Completing requests will earn you plenty of Happiness and Wealth, and sometimes items, so be sure to help people out.

Talk to Ingrid

Now that you have talked to Stachenscarfen, go to the bottom-left corner of this area to find Ingrid standing next to Humble Homes. Talk to her She will tell you about various things. Afterward, she will have an exclamation mark over her head. Before you talk to her, though, you should report back to Stachenscarfen since he's the one who asked you to talk to Ingrid. You should always report back to the person who gave you a task, because that person will sometimes give you a reward.

Get Registered at City Hall

Then talk to Ingrid. She will tell you to go up to City Hall to register your address. City Hall is the brick building directly behind Humble Homes, so go in there. Talk to the guy on the right who wears glasses (Rodney). He will register your address. He will also mention the newspaper, but you don't have any newspapers yet, so don't worry about that right now.

Report Back to Ingrid

Now that you are registered, go back and talk to Ingrid. You will go to your new room, and Ingrid will have an exclamation mark over her head. Your room is very plain right now, but as you accumulate Wealth you can fix that by buying furniture.

Talk to Ingrid and she will suggest that you go to Chess Department Store and the university. Let's stop by the Department Store first.

Chess Department Store

You can find Chess Department Store by going north past Humble Homes and City Hall then turn right. You'll soon reach a building that says Chess.

There are three floors. The ground floor is the one that you start on, and the first floor is one level up (you can talk to Marjorie at the front desk about this.) They sell clothes on the first floor, accessories on the second floor, and furniture on the third.

After you go inside, you can go back and talk to Ingrid. She is in your room. After you do, you will be able to change your outfit from the X menu. Ingrid will suggest that you go find a job.

Get a Job

Head to City Hall and talk to Rodney. He will give you the job of Trash Picker. Go outside and look for the piece of trash on the ground. Once you pick it up, go back and talk to Rodney to complete the task. You will now be able to check your Livelihood in the X menu. Rodney will tell you to talk to Ingrid. She will be back in her own room.

Talk to Ingrid Again

Ingrid will say that she has a housewarming gift for you, but she sent it to Hank for repairs. Go back to Central Station and go to the top of the area above the train to find Hank. He has already delivered the item back to Humble Homes, so go back to Ingrid's room and talk to her.

You will receive a Simple Bed. You can put the bed in your room by pressing X and choosing Room. Then choose the bed from the list at the bottom, and then use the control pad to put the bed where you want it.

You will need a bed if you want to go from daytime to nighttime quickly. Different requests might appear at night, and also, you will receive a newspaper tomorrow, so you can speed that process along if you sleep in your bed. Speaking of time, time will only pass if you are outside. It passes pretty slowly, giving you plenty of time to take care of tasks during the day.

What's Next?

Now that you have received the bed, you are pretty much on your own. There probably won't be any more requests for the day, so you can go around and talk to people and get to know the locations in town. Here are a couple of key things to do now:

  • Do jobs. Jobs will bring you wealth, which you can use to become Happier.
  • Buy stuff. You will need to upgrade your clothing to get into some of the fancier locations in Little London, and you will eventually want to get more furniture for your room.
  • Complete requests to get items and progress through the story.