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List of Clothing

The following is a list of clothing in Professor Layton's London Life, showing the coolness, impression, and formality for each.

NameTypeCoolness ImpressionFormality
A-line DressTops01010
Acid-Wash JeansBottoms2921
Aloha ShirtTops5102
Angel TogaTops02014
Angler BootsShoes330
Angler ShortsBottoms452
Angler VestTops052
Ankle BootsShoes581
Baggy JeansBottoms1062
Berry CostumeHeadwear0100
Black BootsShoes783
Black CapHeadwear250
Black CoatTops5127
Black CulottesBottoms582
Black DressTops01012
Black GlovesGloves522
Black HeelsShoes644
Black JacketTops01020
Black PantsBottoms5812
Black ParkaTops1041
Black SandalsShoes553
Black ShortsBottoms982
Black SkirtBottoms01010
Black T-shirtTops513
Black Tube TopTops482
Black VestTops853
Blue BootsShoes782
Blue CapHeadwear250
Blue CoatTops5127
Blue CulottesBottoms582
Blue DressTops01010
Blue GlovesGloves520
Blue HeelsShoes644
Blue JacketTops588
Blue PantsBottoms685
Blue ParkaTops1041
Blue SandalsShoes553
Blue ShortsBottoms982
Blue SkirtBottoms01010
Blue T-shirtTops513
Blue Tube TopTops482
Bow TieFace/Neck0412
British CardiganTops986
British PantsBottoms14125
British ParkaTops16101
British T-shirtTops20104
Bubble SkirtBottoms81211
Camo BandanaHeadwear520
Camo PantsBottoms1552
Checkered ShortsBottoms1282
Classy NecktieFace/Neck0148
Cleric ShirtTops01010
Cool ShadesFace/Neck800
Cute ClogsShoes583
Denim JeansBottoms1053
Denim ShortsBottoms1432
Denim SkirtBottoms1243
Designer GlovesGloves885
Designer ShoesShoes776
Detective CapHeadwear0166
Detective CoatTops01520
Detective PantsBottoms151520
Distressed JeansBottoms2731
Dress ShirtTops01110
Duffle CoatTops01015
Eye PatchFace/Neck800
Flounce SkirtBottoms81015
Flower ShortsBottoms8102
Gentleman CoatTops202026
Gentleman HatHeadwear02024
Gentleman PantsBottoms202020
Goalie GlovesGloves341
Golden CrownHeadwear01222
Gothic DressTops12016
Green BootsShoes782
Green CapHeadwear250
Green CoatTops5127
Green CulottesBottoms582
Green DressTops01010
Green GlovesGloves520
Green HeelsShoes644
Green JacketTops588
Green PantsBottoms685
Green ParkaTops1041
Green SandalsShoes553
Green ShortsBottoms982
Green SkirtBottoms01010
Green T-shirtTops513
Green Tube TopTops482
Hot-Pink GlovesGloves981
Hula TopTops10142
Knit CardiganTops0105
Layered T-shirtTops5102
Long ShortsBottoms1082
Lovely Mesh HatHeadwear160
Melon HatHeadwear220
Melon ShortsBottoms822
Melon T-shirtTops5100
Navy-Blue JacketTops5815
Noble MustacheFace/Neck446
Pa'u Hula SkirtBottoms1055
Pinstripe SuitTops141015
Plaid ShirtTops5102
Pleated SkirtBottoms10912
Police HatHeadwear743
Police ShoesShoes673
Police TrousersBottoms101112
Police UniformTops2216
Polka BandanaHeadwear250
Polka PJ PantsBottoms2112
Polka PJ TopTops081
Prince GlovesGloves101010
Prince JacketTops02040
Prince PantsBottoms51835
Prince ShoesShoes9910
Princess BodiceTops02040
Princess HeelsShoes989
Princess SkirtBottoms152035
Punk-Rock BootsShoes860
Punk-Rock JeansBottoms2912
Punk-Rock SkirtBottoms2151
Punk-Rock VestTops1552
Rebel ShortsBottoms33610
Red BootsShoes782
Red BowFace/Neck028
Red CapHeadwear250
Red CoatTops5127
Red CulottesBottoms582
Red DressTops01010
Red GlovesGloves520
Red HeelsShoes644
Red JacketTops588
Red PantsBottoms685
Red ParkaTops1041
Red PumpsShoes868
Red SandalsShoes553
Red ShortsBottoms982
Red SkirtBottoms01010
Red T-shirtTops513
Red Tube TopTops482
Retro JacketTops01520
Rimmed GlassesFace/Neck551
Running ShoesShoes671
Saddle ShoesShoes755
Sailor SkirtBottoms9810
Sailor SuitTops4122
Samurai ArmorTops2004
Samurai GlovesGloves1051
Samurai GreavesBottoms8104
Samurai HelmetHeadwear020
Samurai SandalsShoes640
Scholarly VestTops4410
School HatHeadwear022
School TrousersBottoms81010
School UniformTops1242
Short ScarfFace/Neck050
Skull DressTops151010
Skull T-shirtTops1511
Sky-High HeelsShoes757
Slanted SkirtBottoms12310
Snazzy JacketTops03524
Snazzy Top HatHeadwear01816
Snazzy TrousersBottoms121828
Soccer CleatsShoes561
Spooky HatHeadwear1433
Sports JerseyTops1152
Sports ShortsBottoms14102
Star T-shirtTops4102
Straw HatHeadwear0162
Striped PantsBottoms1883
Striped PJ PantsBottoms2102
Striped PJ TopTops081
Striped ScarfFace/Neck080
Striped ShortsBottoms5101
Striped T-shirtTops552
Surgical MaskFace/Neck050
Tartan PantsBottoms15103
Tartan ScarfFace/Neck060
Trench CoatTops15515
Turtle FeetShoes450
Turtle HatHeadwear0100
Turtle ShellTops0101
Turtle ShortsBottoms821
Vintage PantsBottoms20102
Watermelon DressTops81010
Wedding DressTops02628
White BootsShoes783
White CapHeadwear250
White CoatTops5127
White CulottesBottoms582
White DressTops01012
White GlovesGloves522
White HeelsShoes644
White JacketTops5812
White PantsBottoms4810
White ParkaTops1041
White SandalsShoes553
White ShortsBottoms982
White SkirtBottoms01010
White T-ShirtTops513
White Tube TopTops482
White TuxedoTops51526
Witch DressTops0106
Yellow BootsShoes782
Yellow CapHeadwear250
Yellow CoatTops5127
Yellow CulottesBottoms582
Yellow DressTops01010
Yellow GlovesGloves520
Yellow HeelsShoes644
Yellow JacketTops588
Yellow PantsBottoms685
Yellow ParkaTops1041
Yellow SandalsShoes553
Yellow ShortsBottoms982
Yellow SkirtBottoms01010
Yellow T-shirtTops513
Yellow Tube TopTops482
Zebra GlovesGloves750
Zebra HatHeadwear590
Zebra PantsBottoms5100
Zebra ShoesShoes680
Zebra T-shirtTops580

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