List of Requests

The following is a list of requests in Professor Layton's London Life, including the solution and reward for each.

NameRequestorSolution RewardType
New Town, New LifeStachenscarfenTalk to Ingrid, who is standing outside of Humble Homes.story
Register Your AddressIngridSpeak to Rodney in City Hall.story
Chess Department StoreIngridGo into Chess Department Store.story
Find Your Calling!RodneyGo outside and find the one piece of trash on the ground. When the game tells you that you are done, go back and talk to Rodney.story
HousewarmingIngridTalk to Hank at Central Station, then talk to Ingrid.Simple Bedstory
The Angler AllianceBartonBuy a Membership Card from Bruno, then talk to Barton.important
A Blossoming FriendshipPuzzletteBuy a Permit from Bruno and show it to Puzzlette.important
Seeking a Generous SoulAntonGive Anton 10,000,000 Wealth.story
Professor Layton Returns!Dean DelmonaTalk to Professor Layton in Scotland Yard.story
Criminal on the LooseInspector ChelmeyTalk to Silky (the bearded guy near the dock.)story
Unidentified Fey ObjectDekeAt night, go to Sasha Park and check on the sparkle.story
Fairies Unlikely!DekeGive the Strange Wing to Avogadro.story
Mysterious WingAvogadroTalk to Deke.story
A Gateway to FairylandDekeFind Deke in Sasha Park. Examine the sparkle near the creepy house.story
Mysterious Park LurkerDekeExamine the clothing behind Queen's Bar.story
Scotland Yard on the CaseChelmeyAsk Rodney in City Hall for Don Paolo's address.story
Scotland Yard EscalationChelmeyGo into the room marked ???? in Humble Homes, then report back to Chelmey.story
Shocking! Chelmey Angry!ChelmeyTalk to Crumm.story
Abandoned House GuestsChelmeyTalk to Ilyana in the abandoned house.story
Thesis Suggestions SoughtAvogadroBuy the Strange Cogs from Bruno and give them to Avogadro.story
Thesis Idea AvailableDean DelmonaWhile carrying Delmona's card, talk to Grinko in the museum.story
Researcher in Short PantsLukeEscort Luke to the museum.story
Living History SoughtGrinkoAsk Granny Riddleton about the Queen's Blood.story
Missed ConnectionPuzzletteSearch for the sparkle in the castle.story
Nose NeededKrantzTalk to Bostro in the abandoned house in Sasha Park.story
Valuable Item FoundChelmeyGive the Queen's Blood to Bostro in the casino.story
Accidental Double BluffChelmeyGo to the casino.story
Rebellious YouthLiliTalk to Becky and Belle in the abandoned house.Heart Chairstory
Sabotaged Sleep!PaulyTell Stahngun that his neighbors are complaining.story
Gem Donation SoughtAvogadroGive the Red Marble to Avogadro.story
Campus Open HouseFloraTalk to Layton and Luke at the train station.Suspendersstory
Suspicious ExplorationLukeEscort Luke to the abandoned house.story
Stahngun NeededAvogadroTalk to Don Paolo in Stahngun's room in Humble Homes.story
Answers from RosettaRosettaCheck on the sparkle in the museum, then report back to Rosetta.story
Questions from AvogadroAvogadroGet the sewer key from Rodney in City Hall.story
Missed MessageParcelleGo to the northern part of the park and talk to Luke.story
Hope Arrives by TrainLaytonAfter speaking to Layton, talk to Avogadro. (Layton doesn't follow you.)story
Nuisance ArrestedLaytonTalk to Avogadro to get the sewer key.sewer keystory
Unfortunate TidingsLaytonBring the sewer key and the Queen's Blood. Go into the sewer (the entrance is in the southeast area) and go as far left as you can. Then check on the discolored wall. Go into the room and check on the contraption at the top.(win the game)story
StachensaddenStachenscarfenCatch a Soho Eel for Stachenscarfen.polka pj toprepeatable
Scarfnapped!StachenscarfenCheck the sparkle in front of the university.tartan scarfrepeatable
Stachenparched!StachenscarfenGet some green tea and give it to Stachenscarfen.short scarfrepeatable
Gone FishingInspector ChelmeyTell Barton that Chelmey is looking for him.repeatable
Missing ListingChelmeyFind sparkle in Queen's Bar.Rebel Shortsrepeatable
A Man of LettersChelmeyGive Love Letter to Stachenscarfen.Police Uniformrepeatable
Granny Riddleton--Uncovered!Granny RiddletonFind sparkle in Chess Department Store.skull dressrepeatable
Fungus for a Fun GalGranny RiddletonFind sparkle in the grass in the park.Pau Hula Skirtrepeatable
Helper for RiddletonGranny RiddletonGive To-Do List to Puzzlette.relaxing candlerepeatable
Barton DepressedBartonBuy a New Fishing Rod from Laurel.Police Hatrepeatable
Barton the BotanistBartonGive Barton a Blue Lavender. Find one behind Balsam Grill or in the carpetrepeatable
Strange Barton IllnessBartonTake Barton to the north part of the Cemetery.police trousersrepeatable
Ramon LostRamonTake Ramon to the Crumpet Hotel.layered t-shirtrepeatable
Delivery for RamonRamonGive the Golden Spoon to Matthew in Crumpet Hotel.leaf wallpaperrepeatable
Purchase, PerchanceRamonBuy a Mint Tea from the Cruise Café and give it to Ramon.zebra t-shirtrepeatable
Broken RadioGordonGive the Broken Radio to Hank in the train cleatsrepeatable
Fishnet StalkingGordonGo to Sasha Park and check on the sparkle.White Tableimportant
Seafood CravingsGordonBuy a Smoked Salmon from Vinegar Grill and give it to Gordon.bow tierepeatable
Uncanny HappeningsDekeFind the sparkles near Dupree east of the Royal carpetrepeatable
Tree Cannot Be TrustedDekeTalk to Bruno outside of the abandoned house.fancy carpetrepeatable
Clements BOO-tique!DekeWalk behind Clements Boutique and then go back and talk to Deke.tile floorrepeatable
An Unforeseen DilemmaAgnesBuy a Glass Orb from Horace in Gressenheller University and give it to Agnes.Eye Patchrepeatable
Fortune Not Quite ToldAgnesTell Pauly "forgiveness is for giving."melon shortsrepeatable
Lucky Day for PaulyAgnesGive the Cheap Candle to Paulymelon hatrepeatable
Collection Agent NeededRodneyTalk to Pauly.repeatable
Gangs! In Little London!RodneyAsk Bostro to tell his men to keep the noise down.repeatable
Lost ListRodneyFind the sparkle in Queen's Bar.repeatable
Treasure! And a Map!EmmyShow Grinko the map.Stuffed Animalrepeatable
Extraordinary EggEmmyTake the Strange Egg to Grinko in the museum.detective pantsrepeatable
A Puzzling LetterEmmyTake Emmy to Cruise Cafédetective coatrepeatable
Found White HandkerchiefMatthewGive the handkerchief to Mr. Anderson in the Cruise Café.Nesting Tablesrepeatable
Empty Dinner PlatesMatthewCatch two Thames Trout. They can be caught facing north in the park or facing east in the park, at any time of day.brick wallsrepeatable
An Eye for ArtMatthewGet the Fancy Vase and give it to Matthew.noble mustacherepeatable
Pigeons, Pffft!AdreaMake the pigeon in front of Cruise Café go wallpaperrepeatable
Plant Food, Pffft!AdreaBuy Plant Food from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give it to Adrea.watermelon dressrepeatable
Homework, Pffft!AdreaFind Adrea's School Notebook and give it to her.flounce skirtrepeatable
Sleepless NightsMr. AndersonBuy a pillow from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give it to Mr. Anderson.rose drapesrepeatable
Hardworking ManMr. AndersonBuy an energy drink from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give it to Mr. chairrepeatable
Casino ConundrumMr. AndersonBuy a Toupée and give it to Mr. Andersonmodern carpetrepeatable
Rage Against the ThunderBelugaTell Sammy Thunder that his uncle wants to see him.Railroad Setrepeatable
Yell It With FlowersBelugaBuy a Lovely Bouquet from Laurel.Fireplacerepeatable
Invitation OnlyBelugaGive the Invitation to Ilyana. She is in Royal Rooms during the day and Queen's Bar at night.modern wallpaperrepeatable
Unko MoneybagsSammy ThunderTell Beluga the message from Sammy Thunder.metal blindsrepeatable
Day Off NeededSammy ThunderTell Beluga that Sammy is taking the day off.electric guitarrepeatable
Missing MissiveParcelleFind the letter near City Hall.Soccer Drapesimportant
Postman, PosthasteParcelleGive Crouton the Secret Recipe.Checkered Shortsrepeatable
A Very Special DeliveryParcelleGive the Coin to Rodney in City boxrepeatable
Lunch OrderRemyTalk to Adrea in the Cruise Café.skull t-shirtrepeatable
Intruder at the Museum!RemyTalk to Ray. He is in the shadesrepeatable
So, So SleepyRemyFind Angel Mint in the flower boxes behind Darling Dwellings and give it to Remy.zebra shoesrepeatable
Wanted! Natural BeautyGrinkoFind a Celestial Lotus in the flower box next to the trash can outside of Central Station. It is rare, so it could take a while to find.Samurai Glovesrepeatable
Wanted! Precious PachydermGrinkoBuy a White Elephant from Bruno.Samurai Greavesrepeatable
Wanted! Vessel in a VesselGrinkoBuy a Bottled Boat from Bruno and give it to Grinko.samurai armorrepeatable
Pie ArtisanIngridGo to Sasha Park and check on all of the sparkles to find the Redfruits.repeatable
Unusual HolidayIngridEscort Ingrid to Clements Boutique (requires 45 Formality.)Yellow Carpetrepeatable
Window to the World-WearyIngridTake Ingrid to Chess Dept. Storeberry carpetrepeatable
Pompadour and CircumstanceHankTalk to Sammy Thunder.Coffeerepeatable
Not So Handy Now!HankFind the sparkle in City Hall.surgical maskrepeatable
Sweet ReliefHankGet Strawberry Cake from Cruise Café and give it to Hank.berry costumerepeatable
Ersatz KrantzKrantzTalk to Beluga.metal blindsrepeatable
Dinner on KrantzKrantzCatch a Harrows Salmon by fishing from the east side of the bridge during the day and give it to Krantz.white chairrepeatable
Flower EstrangementKrantzGet a Disco Dahlia from the Bus Terminal flower boxes and give it to bedrepeatable
Teatime!IlyanaGet some Chamomile Tea and give it to pumpsrepeatable
Sweet NothingsIlyanaGet some Tea Candy and give it to heelsrepeatable
Prior ClaimIlyanaGive the Claim Ticket to Natalia in Chess Dept. Storepsychedelic lamprepeatable
Flyer in the OintmentNataliaGive the flyer to Adrea in Cruise Café.sailor skirtrepeatable
Fierce FlowerNataliaGet a Snapdragon from the flower boxes in the park and give it to bowrepeatable
Casualties of ResearchDean DelmonaCheck the sparkles in front of the universitymelon t-shirtrepeatable
Rare Research SpecimenDean DelmonaCheck the sparkles in front of the abandoned houseturtle hatrepeatable
Meeting a MindDean DelmonaTalk to Dr. Schrader in front of the train station, then talk to Dean Delmona.strawberry drapesimportant
Mean StreetsColbyBuy an Adhesive Bandage from Laurel.Zebra Pantsrepeatable
Colby on the Case!ColbyGive the Fake Wealth to Chelmey.yellow wallpaperrepeatable
Polo ShortsColbyGive Sports Shorts to Colbypolice shoesrepeatable
HeartburnBelleBuy Mint Ice Cream from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give it to Bellerepeatable
Sweeter Than KissesBelleBuy Berry Custard from Vinegar Grill and give it to Belle.samurai greavesrepeatable
Flukenapped!BelleCheck the sparkle outside of the Train Station and talk to Belle afterward.kiltrepeatable
Blossoms for the BathBeckyPick three Beautiflowers from the flower box next to the trash can, which is next to the train station. Give them to Becky.rocking chairrepeatable
Calla CalamityBeckyFind Calla Lily in the flower boxes behind Vinegar Grill and Royal Rooms, then give it to Becky.flower basketrepeatable
Bracelet is Brace-LOSTBeckyCheck sparkle in hotel and talk to Becky.relaxing candlerepeatable
Letter for LaytonRosettaGive letter to Layton in the Cruise Café.sailor suitrepeatable
Diva RumorsRosettaTell Natalia in Chess Dept. Store that a big singer is coming.sailor skirtrepeatable
Floral MysteryRosettaPick a Hibiscus from the flower box next to the trash can, which is next to the train station.hula toprepeatable
Guiding BeaconBeaconTake Beacon to City Hall.repeatable
Beacon of HopeBeaconTake Beacon to the carpetrepeatable
Home, Fragrant HomeBeaconPick Irish Saffron from behind Balsam Grill and give it to wallpaperrepeatable
Milk BunnySubject 3Buy Jersey Milk from Cruise Café for Subject 3.Mini Chestrepeatable
Bone for the BoneyardSubject 3Check on the Chronosaur sign in the museum.Gothic Dressrepeatable
Penne PinchingSubject 3Get some Penne Gratin from Balsam Grill and give it to Subject 3.neon signrepeatable
Missing PieceAvogadroGo outside and check on the sparkle in front of the University.Zebra Glovesrepeatable
Mushrooms! For Science!AvogadroFind sparkles in the park and talk to Avogadro chestrepeatable
Experimental DataAvogadroFind sparkle outside of university and talk to Avogadro after.dual deskrepeatable
Restaurant KerfufflePaulyTell Chester that one of his customers has a complaint.Whitewood Floorrepeatable
Pauly Angry AgainPaulyTell Natalia that one of her customers has a complaint.Whitewood Wallsrepeatable
Pauly UpdatePaulyTake Pauly to the museum.Gramophonerepeatable
Shop for the QueenCrummGet a Cafe au Lait and give it to tablerepeatable
Crummy DinnerCrummCatch three Swinefish. They can be caught facing south on the bridge during the day. Give them to Crumm.neon signrepeatable
Friendly CompetitionCrummGive Orange Juice to Crouton in Vinegar chairrepeatable
All Dolled UpLiliFind the sparkle at the dock.Detective Caprepeatable
Drawn to ArtLiliBuy a Sketchbook from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give it to Lilistuffed animalrepeatable
Colorful RequestLiliBuy Watercolors from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give them to Lilistrawberry stoolrepeatable
Lost and Not Yet FoundConradFind the sparkle at Central Station.School Uniformrepeatable
Makeup TestConradGive lipstick to Natalia in Chess Dept. Storegoalie glovesrepeatable
Soup to GoChesterGive the soup to Sammy Thunderleather sofarepeatable
Timely AssistanceChesterGive the watch to Chester in Balsam Grillantique sofarepeatable
Demonic Whisperings!HazelWalk up to the back side of the Casino while outside and you will find a radio.Soccer Tablerepeatable
Demonic Pursuit!HazelFind the sparkle west of Queen's Barantique dresserrepeatable
Cork StoppageHazelFind wine cork for Hazelprincess chairrepeatable
Boss TalkSilkyTell Bostro the "having troubles" message.dark steel wallsrepeatable
Night FishingSilkyCatch a Nightfish. You can catch it at night, facing south from the bridge. Give it to Silky.flower shortsrepeatable
Genuine London RainSilkyBuy London Rain from BrunoTurtle Feetrepeatable
Gressenheller Newsletter 1RosaGive Rosa the Huge Dustpanbubble skirtrepeatable
Gressenheller Newsletter 2RosaGive Stained Wallet to Colby in Scotland Yarda-line dressrepeatable
Gressenheller Newsletter 3RosaBuy a Proper Apple Pie from Balsam Grill and give it to Rosavacuum cleanerrepeatable
Man on the Street 1ProsciuttoGet a Root-Beer Float from Cruise Café and give it to Prosciuttozebra shoesrepeatable
Man on the Street 2ProsciuttoGet a Steak Pie from Balsam Grill and give it to Prosciuttozebra glovesrepeatable
Man on the Street 3ProsciuttoGet a Coffee Pudding from Queen's Bar (open at night) and give it to Prosciuttohammockrepeatable
Antique-Collector Ray 1RayBuy a Scary Mask from Horace.Designer Glovesrepeatable
Antique-Collector Ray 2RayGet a Broken Compass from Bruno and give it to Rayangel togarepeatable
Antique-Collector Ray 3RayGet Purr Jury from Bruno and give it to Raysamurai helmetrepeatable
Long, Lonely WaitRoryGet a Scotch Egg from Vinegar Grill and give it to Rory (standing outside of the train station)concrete wallsrepeatable
Waiting, Table-lessRoryGet Fish and Chips from Vinegar Grill and give it to Rorysoccer ball bedrepeatable
Fed UpRoryPut Breakup Letter into the trash can next to the train station then go back and talk to cabinetrepeatable
Family BusinessBostroTell Silky ""repeatable
Family NutritionistBostroGet a Quality Banana from Cruise Café and give it to phonerepeatable
Family ActivityBostroTo get this request, your happiness must be at least 2,300,000. Check the sparkle on the dock and then talk to Bostro.repeatable
Splinters Spotlight 1SplintersTalk to Chelmey in front of the train station, then go back and talk to Splinters.pinstripe suitrepeatable
Splinters Spotlight 2SplintersTell Silky the "take over" message.slot machinerepeatable
Splinters Spotlight 3SplintersTell Ilyana the message that mentions Bostro.streetlamprepeatable
Blind LoyaltyDolandCheck sparkle in Cemetery, then go talk to Doland.royal chairrepeatable
Cuddly CompanionDolandThis request will become available when your happiness is at least 2,300,000. Talk to Doland in Vinegar Grill, then talk to Lili in Sasha Park. Then go back and talk to Doland.gramophonerepeatable
Trouble BrewingDolandThis request will only occur when your happiness is greater than about 5,000,000. Talk to Doland in Vinegar Grill, then check the flower boxes behind Darling Dwellings (NOT the flower box next to the trash can) to find a Tea Flower. Give it to Doland.modern carpetrepeatable
Painting FunSlateBuy a Simple Toy from Laurel.Chic Signboardrepeatable
Still LifeSlateGet a Lemon Tart from Balsam Grill and give it to Slate.pleated drapesrepeatable
Youth CultureSlateGive the Lovely Paintings to Krantz (behind the counter of Crumpet Hotel)princess chairrepeatable
Alleged RequestMarkFind the casino token outside of Cruise Café.Headphonesrepeatable
Confidential FavorMarkBuy Loaded Dice from Bruno.Retro Jacketrepeatable
Top-Secret MissionMarkBuy Marshmallows from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give them to Markconcrete floorrepeatable
College BoundDupreeEscort Dupree from City Hall to Gressenheller University.UFO Lightsrepeatable
Morning EssentialsDupreeGet Coffee from Vinegar Grill and give it to Dupree.traffic lightrepeatable
Leading and ReadingDupreeEscort Dupree to the Oxshire Museum.repeatable
Rose, a Poem by MishaMishaFind an Ancient Rose in one of the flower boxes north of Vinegar Grill.Berry Wallpaperrepeatable
Photo, a Poem by MishaMishaBuy a Family Photo from Bruno and give it to Misha.cathedral wallsrepeatable
Words, a Poem by MishaMishaBuy a Poem from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's)dusk wallpaperrepeatable
Fan Letter 1DupreeEscort Dupree to Cruise Café.important
Fan Letter 2DupreeGo to Vinegar Grill and talk to Misha, then go back and talk to Dupree.fireplaceimportant
Fan Letter 3MishaTalk to Silky, who is standing outside of Cruise Café, then go talk to Misha.princess chairimportant
A Fluke EventBelleEscort Belle to Granny Riddleton's Shack.aloha shirtimportant
Grating on GrannyGranny RiddletonBuy Berry Custard from Vinegar Grill and give it to Granny.important
Ring the BelleBelleTake Belle to the University.important
No Time for LoveLukeTalk to Belle.strawberry bedimportant
Dolled Up and GoneSlateFind the sparkles in front of the University, then talk to Slate.important
Pride of the PostmanParcelleTalk to Slateimportant
Heartfelt MakeupSlateTalk to Lili.strawberry tableimportant
Goals for GordonGordonTell Rosetta the message about wanting to slim down.running shoesimportant
Money MattersGordonTell Granny Riddleton the message about a potion.important
Something BrewingGranny RiddletonGet three Rose Hips from the flower boxes at the Bus Terminal, then take them to Granny.magic potionimportant
Impatient but RichGordonGive Gordon the Magic Potion.heart cushionimportant
Jinxes StinksesGranny RiddletonTalk to Puzzlette in the Museum, then talk to Granny.heart shaped bedimportant
Missing Spoon ReportMatthewFind the sparkles in front of Clements.rose bouquetimportant
Missing Badge ReportChelmeyFind the sparkles in front of Clements.hammockimportant
Missing Watch ReportLukeTalk to Subject 3 in front of Clements Boutique.neon signimportant
Cottontail ConspiracySubject 3Get Seafood Pasta from Vinegar Grill and give it to Subject 3.important
Animal LoverLukeWalk around in front of Clements Boutique with Luke until he notices Claudia.tourist busimportant
Hazel's HeroismHazelEscort Hazel to Chess Dept. Store.witch dressimportant
Daring DekeDekeGo to Hazel and tell him the message from Deke, then go back and talk to Deke.important
Courage in NumbersDekeAt night, talk to Deke near the museum. Then escort him to the back room of the Castle.important
Mouse ProblemAntonBuy Chamomile Tea from Cruise Café and give it to Anton.vampire bedimportant
A Word from Our SponsorBabetteTell Avogadro the message about a security device.pleated skirtimportant
Security ConcernsAvogadroGive Babette the Strange Device.dark steel floorimportant
Knightly JogBabetteFind the sparkles in the Cemetery.strange deviceimportant
Making Amends and RepairsAvogadroGive the Strange Device to Avogadro.suit of armorimportant
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 1HankTell Sammy Thunder the message about quitting the band.punk rock vestimportant
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 2RoryTell Sammy Thunder the message about quitting the band.punk rock shirtimportant
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 3Sammy ThunderEscort Sammy Thunder to the Cemetery and walk around until he notices the grave.nostalgic albumimportant
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 4BeaconTell Sammy Thunder the message about someone wanting to join the cabinetimportant
Shining RayRayCheck the sparkles in the Cemetery then talk to fieldimportant
Ray of HopeRayGo into Chess Department Store with Ray.striped pj topimportant
Curses!AgnesTell Ray the "was cursed" message.important
Bad Luck BostroBostroCheck the sparkles in the Cemetery, then talk to Bostro.important
Uncursing the StoneAgnesCheck on the Dragon Eye in the Museum. It is a green object in a glass case, north of the dinosaur's tail. Then talk to Agnes.spooky hatimportant
Photo FinishHankGive the Retro Camera to Emmy.dusk wallpaperimportant
Urgent MessageLaytonTell Emmy the message about a request from Layton.saddle shoesimportant
Emmy ArrivesEmmyTake Emmy to the of a shipimportant
Christmas BluesRoryNOTE: This request only occurs on Dec 25 in the game. Pick a Christmas Rose. You can find one in the flower boxes near Lili in the park. This flower will be available only after accepting the Christmas Blues request, and it will disappear a day after you complete the request.plum puddingrepeatable
Happy Birthday!AdreaTalk to Adrea in Cruise Café, then find the sparkle inside of the university.disco ballrepeatable
Happy New Year!RosaNOTE: This request only occurs on Jan 1 in the game. Catch a King Carp. You can get one from the Café Dock at night. Give it to Rosa.fancy drapesrepeatable
Guest RequestMelinaThis request will only appear after you have completed all of the story quests and have talked to Melina on the third floor of Chess Dept. Store. Pick Tropical Fruit. It can be found in the flower boxes north of Royal Rooms. Give it to flying carimportant
A Memorable EveningJaniceThis request only becomes available after you have finished all of the story quests and have talked to Janice on the third floor of Chess Dept. Store. Give Janice the Photo of a Ship that you received from the request "Emmy Arrives."mini cruise shipimportant
Musical IconOswaldTalk to Oswald in the museum. Give him the Nostalgic Album, which is obtained from the request Sammy Thunder Fanzine detragonimportant
Time After TimeFuture LukeThis request only becomes available after you talk to Future Luke in Golden Spires Casino. He appears in town after you have used Segal's Social Clubs a certain number of times. Buy marshmallows from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give them to Future Luke.Slot Machine Gunrepeatable
Not EverythingCelesteThis request only becomes available once Celeste appears on the first floor of Chess Department Store. You must talk to Segal in Sasha Park and do Update Data approximately ten times before Celeste will appear. This requires a connection to the Nintendo WFC. Talk to Celeste, then wait for this request to appear. Then buy Watercolors from Laurel (east of Granny Riddleton's) and give them to Celeste.gentleman hatrepeatable
AftermathAriannaTell Tony to stop the pranks.strawberry artrepeatable
Dessert InequityTonyGet Peach Melba from Balsam Grill and give it to Tony.toy robotrepeatable
Stahngun AlertStahngunFind Stahngun near the museum at night. Give the Clock Face to Avogadro. Then talk to Stahngun again.treasure chestrepeatable
Price of KnowledgeSchraderGive Schrader 100,000 Wealth.turtle hatrepeatable
Friendly RivalryLaytonBuy Archaeo Log from Horace in Avogadro's office in the University and give it to Layton.globerepeatable
Mysterious AbsenceLukeFind Layton in Cruise Café and tell him "There's a big case at Scotland Yard," then go back and talk to Luke.gentleman pantsrepeatable
The Local FloraFloraPick a Gentlestem flower from the flower boxes behind Balsam Grill, and give it to Flora.gentleman coatrepeatable
Royal ShowdownDon PaoloCatch a Thames Kingfin from the Café Dock at night. It's rare, so it will take a while.repeatable
Feline BeelineLady DahliaTalk to Lady Dahlia in Crumpet Hotel, then escort her to Clements.Slanted Skirtrepeatable
A New ShadowDescoleTo get this request, you have to have Anton as a roommate. To keep Anton from moving out, your room must have the Elegant style, with a Decor of 151 or greater (try buying a bunch of Royal Lamps from Clements.) Once Anton is your roommate, Descole will move into the banquet hall of the castle. Talk to Descole. The next day, this request will become available. Find the sparkles in the second room of the sewer (you must carry the Sewer Key to get in) then talk to Descole.Mini Excavatorrepeatable
Earnest PatronageKatiaThis request will only become available after you complete the Casino Conundrum quest. Check on the top left grave in the Cemetery.relaxing candlerepeatable