Route 5: Versant Road

After you meet with Professor Sycamore and see the enigmatic Lysandre, you should continue to Route 5: Versant Road.

Meet Korrina

As you enter the route, a Lucario runs up to you. Soon after, Korrina comes up to you and says that her Lucario can read auras, and it has taken a liking to you. Then she says that she's the Shalour City Gym Leader. After that, she skates away.

Battle and Catch

You can find Bunnelby, Furfrou, Skiddo, Pancham, Doduo, Gulpin in Route 5. You can also encounter Abra, Minun (Y only), and Plusle (X only), but they are uncommon. You are likely to have horde encounters (where five wild pokémon appear at a time) with Gulpin, Scraggy, and less commonly, Plusle or Minun (both versions).

There is a Super Potion in the northeast corner of the route. Just use your roller skates to skate toward the end of the rail at the upper right of the skate park. You can only hop onto the ends of the rail, not the middle, so be sure to skate toward the end of it. You'll automatically skate along the rail and reach the area with the Super Potion.

If you go up the stairs to the left of the skate park, you are challenged to a double battle by Twins Faith & Joy. They have a level 11 Plusle and level 11 Minun.

If you go south from the twins and walk through the grass, you find a Great Ball.

Go west from the twins and up some stairs to find Tierno and Trevor discussing pokémon hordes. Tierno will challenge you to a battle. Tierno has a level 12 Corphish.

Afterward, Trevor will give you some Honey. Using Honey makes it more likely that pokémon hordes will appear. For horde encounters, Trevor recommends using pokémon that know moves that hit multiple targets.

North of Tierno and Trevor, past the grass, you meet Rising Star Hamish, who battles you with a level 13 Kadabra.

Go north from Rising Star Hamish and skate onto the railing to go down to an area with a Super Potion.

Go west from Rising Star Hamish. Keep going until you find some stairs. Don't go up the stairs, but instead go south. There is a skate rail here. Skate onto the rail and you will end up in front of a tree. Pick up the berry off of the ground. It's an Oran Berry. The tree will drop a berry from time to time.

Go back to the stairs that you ignored earlier and go up them. To the north you find Roller Skater Winnie. She has a level 9 Bunnelby and level 11 Skiddo.

North of her, there is Roller Skater Florin. He has a level 12 Doduo.

West of them, there is a field of purple flowers. There are some skate rails in this area, but they are bent, so in order to skate to the end, you have to approach them very quickly.

Southwest of the two roller skaters is Rising Star Tyson. He has a level 12 Bidoof and a level 10 Oddish.

Go through the flowers south of Rising Star Tyson to find an X Attack in the grass.

If you use the stairs southwest of Rising Star Tyson, you find Backpacker Heike. He has a level 12 Sentret.

In the flowers south of the backpacker, you find Youngster Keita. He has a level 12 Pansage.

Go south from the youngster. There are a couple of prickly trees to the right of the flowers, but you can't cut them down yet. Once you get the HM to teach a pokémon the Cut move, you can find a Sharp Beak in the north path, and Youngster Anthony in the south path. He has a level 10 Carvanha and a level 10 Pancham.

Continue going south, then west, to reach Camphrier Town.