Pokémon Village

After navigating the changing paths of the Winding Woods, you find Wulfric in the Pokémon Village.

Meet Wulfric

Walk up to Wulfric, who is standing to the left. The pokémon around him run away, and Wulfric explains that this village is a refuge for pokémon who ran away from bad trainers. He tells the pokémon to come back since you're a friend. He'll return to Snowbelle City.

Talk to the Fletchling to get a Pretty Wing. Talk to the Furfrou on the left to get a Chople Berry.

Wild Pokémon

In the flowers of Pokémon Village, you might encounter Ditto, Noctowl, Gothorita, Amoongus, Zoroark, or Jigglypuff. You might also encounter hordes of Poliwag, Lombre, or Foongus. When surfing, you might encounter Poliwhirl or Lombre. If you use the Old Rod, you'll find Poliwag. With other rods, you might encounter Poliwhirl or Basculin. In addition, the shaking trash cans might contain a Garbodor, or (on Thursdays only) Banette. Otherwise, the shaking trash cans might hold items.

Find Items

Go west from the entrance of the village. You'll reach a trellis that you can walk under. Use your Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Honey under the trellis.

Go northwest from the trellis to find a Full Restore.

Now turn on your Dowsing Machine and go southeast from the trellis. You will reach a black stone object. There is a hidden Pretty Wing on it.

Go south from there, then east. Walk up the ramp to find a Max Ether.

Now go west from the ramp. You will find another ramp to the west. Go up it, then use Surf to go northwest in the water. There is an area with flowers to the northwest. Land there, and get the Pixie Plate that is sitting in the middle of the flowers.

Turn on your Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Honey.

Go north from there and surf east to the area across the river. Continue going east to find a person standing in front of a cave entrance. This is the entrance to the Unknown Dungeon, but the guy says that only Pokémon League Champions are allowed to enter. You will have to come back later.

There is one more item in the Pokémon Village, but you can't get it until you can use Waterfall outside of battle to go up the waterfall that you just passed. To use Waterfall outside of battle, you need to defeat Wulfric in the Snowbelle Gym. Use Fly to go back to Snowbelle City, or enter the Winding Woods and go north, north, southeast, east, north, and east. When you're ready, enter the Snowbelle Gym.