Cyllage City

After you go north on the beach of Muraille Coast, you reach Cyllage City, home of the second Gym in Kalos.

Explore Town

Use your Dowsing Machine and go north. There is an Ether hidden on a rock.

Go into the house near the Black Belt. The guy in the kitchen gives you a Sachet. If you trade a Spritzee that is holding a Sachet, it evolves into Aromatisse.

On the hill north of the Black Belt, you find the Pokémon Center. In the Pokémon Center, a purple-haired guy named Farris will give you his Steelix (named Thumper) if you give him a Luvdisc. You can easily catch Luvdisc using the Old Rod, so you might as well make the trade.

In the house to the west of the Pokémon Center, there is a woman who will massage your lead pokémon, increasing its happiness. You can only get one massage from her per day.

The shop east of the Pokémon Center is a bicycle shop. When you enter, the guy behind the counter says that you are the 10,001st customer. You would have gotten a free bicycle if you were the 10,000th, but you can still get a free one if you answer his quiz correctly. He asks if bicycles come in more than one color. Answer: of course! He asks which color of bicycle you want, and says to choose carefully because you'll have that bicycle forever. After you choose your color, he gives you the free bicycle.

North of the bicycle shop, there is a girl selling Soda Pop. You can buy one, or a dozen. Much easier than buying from a vending machine!

There is a clothing boutique north of the Soda Pop girl.

Go into the house west of the clothing boutique. The girl sitting at the table will give you a quiz of two questions. If you answer both questions correctly, she will give you some berries.

Northwest of the boutique is a hotel. There is a guy in the lobby who gives you TM44 Rest. A pokémon that uses Rest in battle will sleep and recover all of its HP and remove any status conditions. The girl next to him gives you TM88 Sleep Talk, which allows a pokémon to attack even if it's asleep. Upstairs in the hotel, a maid gives you a Destiny Knot. Mr. Bonding is in the room on the right. He gives you Prize Money Power.

West of the hotel, you find a café where you can show off your pokémon, but the price changes depending on where you sit.

Northeast from the clothing boutique, you find a Super Potion behind some benches.

Go up on the hill east of the clothing boutique and go up the road. The Cyllage Gym Leader, Grant, will come up to you and say that the bicycle race is already over and he won first place, but he'll give you HM04 Strength as a consolation prize. A pokémon can use Strength to push big square boulders into square-shaped holes in the ground. However, you can't use the HM until you win the Gym Badge from Grant. After you get the badge, be sure to go north from Grant's gym to reach the entrance to Connecting Cave, where you can use Strength to create a shortcut to Rivière Walk.

If you go north from the cave , there is a ramp going downward, with arrows pointing down. Go down the first ramp, then stop and get off of the bicycle. You can get an X Sp. Attack there.

In the northwest of town, you can cross a bridge to reach Route 10: Menhir Trail.

For now, you should go to the Cyllage City Gym. To reach it, go up the hill on the east side of town and go south. Before you go in, to the left of the Gym entrance, go down the ramp to get an X Defense, then go down the other ramp and ride back up to the gym entrance. Then go into the Cyllage City Gym.