Super Training

Super Training is a minigame in Pokémon X and Y that allows you to increase your pokémon's stats at any time. To start Super Training, tap the arrow in the top left of the touch screen or press L, then tap the Play button to view the introductory slide show. After that, a tutorial will begin.

Super Training

To play Super Training, tap the icon in the lower left of the touch screen. A giant pokémon balloon will be inflated. Tap the lower screen to shoot soccer balls into the goals that appear. Try to tap the same spot in the touchscreen where the goal is located in the upper screen.

If the pokémon balloon shoots a black soccer ball at you, use the Circle Pad to move your pokémon out of the way.

After you have done two Super Training tutorials, you will unlock six more training regimens, each of which increases a different statistic.

Core Training

In core training, you can choose a punching bag for your Pokémon to punch. Each type of punching bag increases the Super Training points for a different stat. You can tap the touch screen to make the pokémon punch the punching bag rapidly. If you don't tap the touch screen, your pokémon will still punch the punching bag, but will only punch it once per minute.